TxtBuff News is a blog that covers topics related to text messaging, starting from GSM and SMS technology (e.g. USSD codes, frequency bands) up to its impact on culture, commerce, and government.

TxtBuff News started in 2007 where text messaging was still rampant and famous characters like Ederlyn and Inday still dominate the text messaging community. Then text messaging provided an alternative way of using various applications such as Yahoo Messenger, Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, etc. without connecting to the internet. Text messaging was also used in Info-text services such as LTO’s Info-text, Text-SSS and others. Then SMS was able to make mobile banking possible with GCash and Smart Money. Text messaging was used in so many ways, but text scams became rampant for years despite DTI’s warnings on how to detect them. The government made several attempts on taxing text messaging but TxtPower has always been there to defend the public’s interest.

Today in 2016, text messaging may not be rampant anymore but TxtBuff News will continue to report telecom’s expansion and/or loss of cellular coverage, increase/decrease of text prices and promos, text scam alerts, and anything related to text messaging.

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