List of mobile frequency bands in the Philippines

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in GSM/SMS Technology

Do you want to know how much frequency bandwidth is allocated to each network provider? Below is a list of GSM, UMTS and LTE frequency bands allocated to Smart, Globe, Sun Cellular, Bayantel and Extelcom. This list is useful for those who want to know if their handset/device is compatible with their chosen  [...]

Explaining 3G technology and UMTS bands

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in GSM/SMS Technology

Note: This article discusses how 3G/UMTS technology works. For an updated list of frequency bands, please go to List of mobile frequency bands 3G, also known as third generation mobile telecommunication, allowed us to make video calls, watch mobile TV, connect to the internet via high-speed 3G/HSDPA. In order for 3G services to become available in the country, a telco must obtain a 3G license and must operate within the UMTS frequency band/s [...]

Introducing Red Mobile

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in SMS Industry

Red Mobile is the new brand name replacing Umobile owned by CURE telecom that uses 3G network to make calls and send text messages. CURE is owned by Smart Communications. Important things to know about Red Mobile: Red Mobile SIM is now available on selected retail outlets for P 39. Prefix number is 0938. [...]

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