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Delays still hindering new 3rd telco player

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in SMS in Government

The deadline for choosing the 3rd telco player has already passed but still no telco has been chosen yet. Rumors have been circulating in social media particularly in Facebook saying the initiative is already dead. The Department of Communications and Technology (DICT) has debunked those rumors and issued on Saturday that the search for 3rd telco would still push through. Rumors about the [...]

3rd telco needs 2G to compete with PLDT, Globe

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in SMS Industry

The Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) said third telco player needs bandwidth from 2G frequency to be competitive in the industry and to be able to serve the 2G market. PCC Commissioner Johannes Benjamin R. Bernabe explained how some believed that 4G and 5G frequencies are enough to compete in the market since smartphones today are 4G and 5G capable. But 40% of Filipinos still [...]

PLDT finally surrenders CURE frequency for 3rd telco

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in SMS in Government, SMS Industry

PLDT Inc. has officially surrendered its 3G frequency to the government, in compliance with the request from National Telecommunications Commission (NTC). The surrendered frequency is to be allocated to the new player in the telecommunications industry. The 10 MHz 3G frequency was formerly owned by Connectivity Unlimited Resource Enterprises Inc. (CURE), which was returned to NTC as part of [...]

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