GCash Mastercard upgraded with EMV now available

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in Mobile Banking

GCash has upgraded their GCash Mastercard with EMV chip technology. The EMV chip can provide better security by protecting the card against counterfeit frauds or from being replicated. Aside from the EMV upgrade, GCash Mastercard can also be requested to become Beep enabled. GCash has been issuing [...]

Linking Smart Money MasterCard to Paypal

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in Mobile Banking

Smart Money MasterCard can be used to verify your Paypal account. It can also be used as backup funding source in case your Paypal balance is zero. I tested it and it works. Here's how: Apply for a Smart Money MasterCard. Click here and follow steps A to E. Learn about the unlock features of Smart Money [...]

Introduction to Smart Money (SMS version)

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in Mobile Banking

SMART MONEY is a re-loadable payment card that may either be accessed through a Smart mobile phone or a Smart Money MasterCard, similar to a debit/cash card. Smart Money enables Smart subscribers to manage their money from their mobile phones wherever they are, whenever they want. Smart Money [...]

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