Ederlyn, the first fictional character to gain fame on SMS

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These days people from the texting community are fascinated by the jokes of Inday. But are you aware of the fact that before Inday, there was another fictional character, by the name of Ederlyn that was already famous in several SMS jokes?

The first Ederlyn text joke consists of an invitation for her birthday party.

Ui, invited tau s bday party
ni ederlyn 2m ng 6pm.

CnO b un? Kilala m b?
FinOrward lng skn e.
Hahahahahaha. Kulet. 🙂

On reading the message for the first time, it may not sound like a joke but rather a missent text message. Some may even delete it. But once the second message arrives,

Uy asan ka na? D2 n kaming
lahat ikaw n lng wla.
Nklimutan mo na ba
birthday ko? =c

-ederlyn (wahaha part 2)

…you will be able to make out the total essence of the message and understand that it is a joke! Its relation to the first message is what makes it funny. These first two Ederlyn SMS jokes started the fame of Ederlyn.

As you receive more messages about Ederlyn, your knowledge of this character increases. Ederlyn text jokes were too much fun that made people forward the jokes, leading to the increase in the fame of her character. People receiving these jokes not only forwarded them, but also added new jokes, increasing the interest in the story of Ederlyn. As the story progressed newer characters were introduced, like Arman who is the suitor of Ederlyn and Chona Mae, who is jealous of the popularity of Ederlyn. All this resulted into creation of some sort of SMS teleserye.

Given below is another SMS joke, in which Ederlyn is announcing her plans to participate in Lovapalooza (a famous event, which is a traditional form of Valentine ’s Day celebration that bid for creating a Guinness World Record of maximum number of couples kissing simultaneously for ten seconds).

mga peeps, kita-kits tayo sa
mall of asia sa feb 10. let us
break the record again!
-arman and ederlyn

Ederlyn even invited her friends and fans to add her friendster account.

Eiya..add nyo naman ako s
friendster nyo. Kainis kyo,di
nyo manlang ako ina-add.
Tampo nko. Seryoso ako!


The text messages about Ederlyn went on and on. I guess it was due to the unlimited texting promo of a telecommunications company. But, as they increased the prices of the unlimited texts, texts jokes about Ederlyn were affected and her fame wore off.

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  1. gawain lang yan ng mga taong wlang magawa sa buhay..ndi dapat inaabuso ang unlimited text promos.. ^_^


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