What is Mobile Number Portability?

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Mobile Number Portability (MNP) allows customers to retain their mobile phone numbers even after switching network providers or changing subscriptions from postpaid to prepaid and vice versa. MNP is being implemented by TCI or Telecommunications Connectivity Inc. (TCI), a joint venture formed by DITO, Globe, and Smart to enable number porting services in the Philippines in compliance with Republic Act No. 11202 or the Mobile Number Portability Act.

The number porting services are classified into two categories:
1) Internal Porting – changing subscriptions from postpaid to prepaid and vice versa
2) External Porting – switching from one mobile phone network to the other

Globe started implementing its internal porting service earlier this year Apr 21, while Smart started July 21. The external porting service, on the other hand, was initially tested among three networks, Globe, Smart, and DITO on July 14 and has just been implemented on Sept 30.

In order for MNP to be seamless and smooth as possible, Globe, PLDT/Smart, and DITO, in cooperation with NTC, have chosen Syniverse Technologies as their mobile number portability service provider (MNPSP). Syniverse Technologies will provide the technical infrastructure and serve as the bridging company between mobile networks regarding porting. However, porting requests should still be submitted to the original network provider.

Kindly visit your original network provider for MNP eligibility and to learn more about the complete requirements:

  1. DITO – https://dito.ph/mobile-number-portability
  2. Globe – https://www.globe.com.ph/mobile-number-portability.html
  3. Smart – https://smart.com.ph/Pages/mobilenumberportability
[Source: Yugatech, CNN]

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