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Notice: Yahoo Messenger stopped its services on July 2018

Yahoo Messenger, an instant-messaging application also known as “YM”, can now be accessed via SMS using Yahoo SMS Messenger. Once logged in using Yahoo SMS Messenger, YM status changes to “Im on SMS”. This particular Yahoo service started somewhere between late 2003 and early 2004, but its only now that I’m starting to appreciate it.

YM status showing I'm on SMSI’ve been a regular YM user for around 4 years now. Everyday, I’m automatically logged in to YM whenever I’m at my office. But recently, I noticed some of my YM buddies when they logout, their status changes to “Im on SMS”. That’s when I started tinkering with Yahoo SMS Messenger. And this is how its done:

How to use Yahoo SMS Messenger

To login, type

in [yahooid] [password]

and send to 62580 (for SMART subscribers, Php 2/text), 2258 (for GLOBE subscribers, Php 2.50/text).

If sign in is successful, Yahoo! will send a text message with a list of online friends with their corresponding number IDs.

myyahooid has 30
friends online
(11 of 30)
101: jun
102: marlon
103: sarah

To send a message

to [friendnumberid] [message]

To reply, just reply the way you would normally reply to an SMS.

To add a friend

add [friendyahooid]

To logout


That’s it! Now, even when you’re away and someone messaged you on YM, you can receive their messages and reply to them too, right on your mobile phone!

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