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Mahal Kita Kasi by Nicole Hyala (with lyrics)

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in Texting Culture

Have you been receiving cheesy love text messages like, "Bangin ka ba, kasi nahuhulog na ako sayo"? You might probably be hearing more of these anytime soon from a new song entitled "Mahal Kita Kasi" by Nicole Hyala, which is made up mostly of pick up lines that originated from text messages. You can find [...]

Christmas Text Messages

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in Texting Culture

It's Christmas once again and it's the time of the year when we send the most number of text messages for greetings and wishes. Here are some of the Christmas text messages we can send to family and friends! Greetings (Text Message #182) May the season of Love & Peace Joy & Laughter Care & [...]

Textspeak in the Philippines

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in Texting Culture

Textspeak is a kind of language commonly used in text messaging where the words are abbreviated to fit the 160-character limit. In the Philippines, textspeak is done by disregarding vowels, retaining some consonants and replacing syllables with numerals. Many people today find it convenient to use textspeak when [...]

TxtBuff now uses QR codes

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in TxtBuff Updates

TxtBuff now uses QR codes for easier copying of text messages from website to mobile phone. Every text message has an equivalent QR code image that can be captured by a mobile phone and automatically decoded into a text message. To do this, all you need is a Symbian or Windows based mobile phone with [...]

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