TxtBuff now uses QR codes

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sample QR codeTxtBuff now uses QR codes for easier copying of text messages from website to mobile phone. Every text message has an equivalent QR code image that can be captured by a mobile phone and automatically decoded into a text message. To do this, all you need is a Symbian or Windows based mobile phone with camera and Quickmark software.

find QR code image

  1. Go to Quickmark website and install the software on your mobile phone.
    Then, open Quickmark.
    start Quickmark
  2. Aim for the QR code image until it fits the guide box, and make sure the image is clear.
    blurred QR code vs clear QR code
  3. Quickmark software will automatically recognize the image and convert to its equivalent text message. (Note: Most mobile phones can decode automatically without pressing “Enter” key.)
    QR code to text message
  4. Choose “Select”, then “Send via text message” or “Save to notes”.
    text message send or save send text message

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