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USSD codes explained

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in GSM/SMS Technology

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) codes are codes used to communicate with the network provider or to connect to an application. Most USSD codes start with an asterisk (*) followed by a few digits, then end with a number sign (#). When the <SEND> key is pressed, the USSD code is sent  [...]

GCash Mastercard upgraded with EMV now available

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in Mobile Banking

GCash has upgraded their GCash Mastercard with EMV chip technology. The EMV chip can provide better security by protecting the card against counterfeit frauds or from being replicated. Aside from the EMV upgrade, GCash Mastercard can also be requested to become Beep enabled. GCash has been issuing [...]

List of mobile frequency bands in the Philippines

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in GSM/SMS Technology

Do you want to know how much frequency bandwidth is allocated to each network provider? Below is a list of GSM, UMTS and LTE frequency bands allocated to Smart, Globe, Sun Cellular, Bayantel and Extelcom. This list is useful for those who want to know if their handset/device is compatible with their chosen  [...]

Vince and Kath textserye now has a movie

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in Texting Culture

The first textserye, Vince and Kath, which became viral earlier this year has been made into a movie. It is entitled Vince & Kath & James and it will be shown in cinemas on December 25, 2016 starring Joshua Garcia as Vince, Julia Barretto as Kath and Ronnie Alonte as James. It is directed by Theodore Boborol  [...]

TxtBuff News has a new WordPress theme!

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in TxtBuff Updates

TxtBuff News has a new theme. It now has an About page, finally! It still has the same layout but the color scheme was changed from maroon/lime green to pastel blue and green. The new theme is also responsive (mobile friendly). The logo was revised. Blog posts about SMS applications that no longer work will  [...]

Globe, Smart signals cut during Papal visit

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in Cellular Coverage

Globe and Smart sent text messages to its subscribers warning them of possible loss of signal during Pope Francis' visit. Telecommunication companies started sending text advisories three days ago before the arrival of Pope Francis. According to the said text messages, it was ordered by the National [...]

How to update Facebook status via text

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in SMS Services

Do you want to learn how to update your Facebook status via SMS? You don't even need to login to Facebook. You can instantly post your status on your Facebook timeline using any phone that supports text messaging. Here's how: Register For Globe/Touch Mobile, send F to 2933. For Smart/Talk N Text, send F to 3404. [...]

Telcos provide Libreng Tawag and Charging stations for Yolanda survivors

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in Cellular Coverage

Globe, Smart and Sun Cellular continue to provide free calls and charging services by setting up Libreng Tawag and Libreng Charging stations in Visayas. Below is a compiled list of Libreng Tawag and Libreng Charging stations from Globe, Smart and Sun Cellular. T - Libreng Tawag C - Libreng Charging Both [...]

Telcos restore communcations after Yolanda typhoon

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in Cellular Coverage

Philippine telecommunication companies, Globe and Smart, have partially restored services and are offering free services to help citizens after typhoon Yolanda hit Visayas Friday morning. According to Smart, This morning, network services have been restored in the following areas: Cabulihan, Maasin in [...]

Shop online using Globe GCash Amex Virtual Pay

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in SMS Services

GCash American Express (Amex) Virtual Pay is a prepaid virtual card linked to a GCash mobile wallet. This enables users to shop conveniently online, both from local and international sites that accepts American Express. It also provides added security in the form of a card that won’t get stolen, and a security code  [...]

Check SSS contributions and loans using Text-SSS

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in SMS Services

Note: This article discusses Text-SSS SMS application for checking contributions or loans. For other concerns, you may call SSS at 920-6446 to 55. Social Security System (SSS) Text-SSS service allows SSS members to check their contributions, loan status, loan balance, status of loan applications, and get updates on their claims using a mobile phone. Using this service, members can now avoid long lines at SSS branches. This service was launched in February  [...]

Donate to Philippine Red Cross via SMS

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in SMS Services

Donate to Philippine Red Cross via SMS using GCASH, Smart Money or your cellphone load. The Philippine Red Cross helps people affected by natural disasters such as typhoons, floods, and earthquakes. They have been accepting donations via SMS since September 2008. The following are the different ways [...]

Meralco to use SMS in prepaid electricity service

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in SMS Industry

Manila Electric Company has urged the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) to allow the use of SMS, instead of an in-home display (IHD), for consumer monitoring of electricity under the prepaid retail electricity service (PRES). This will allow consumers to track electricity use by doing SMS commands such as [...]

TACS Alarm, GSM controlled anti-carjacking device

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in SMS Applications

TACS Alarm is an anti-carjacking device that can be controlled using a GSM mobile phone. It can be installed on motor vehicles such as sedans, SUVs, trucks and even on motorcycles. TACS Alarm was invented in 2006 by Gilbert Sta. Rita. Then, it was patented in the Philippines in 2008. This device features two [...]

iPhone iOS bug makes iPhone open to SMS spoofing

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in SMS Misuse

A bug in the iPhone IOS has been recently discovered by a hacker named, pod2g, that makes iPhone's text messages vulnerable to SMS spoofing. This bug allows anyone to send a text message and make it appear as if it came from anybody (e.g. a friend, your crush, the president, your mom, the lottery, the bank, or any [...]

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