How I got a Umobile SIM

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Notice: I cannot send invites anymore as of September 12, 2008

After finding out about ümobile, I found a way how to get a ümobile SIM. Here’s what I did:

First, I sent an email to ümobile Customer Service () and asked for an invite code. (July 2, Wednesday, 4:30pm). Then next morning, ümobile Customer Service sent me an invite code.

Umobile invite code

We’re so happy that you want to be part of our ümobile family! And as requested, here’s your invite code: xxxxxxxxxxx

Now all you have to do is plug in your invite code at and complete the forms. If accepted, we’ll send an email to notify you.

(Email date: July 3, Thursday, 6:41am)
(Email read: July 3, Thursday, 11:45am)

So I signed up right away. I filled out a LONG application form including the first 3 lifestyle questionnaires. Then I immediately got a reply from ümobile:

Umobile invite questionnaires

Thanks for applying and answering the first round of lifestyle questionnaires on the site.

However, there’s another group of lifestyle questionnaires that you left unanswered. Maybe you’d like to go back and complete them so that we can get to know you even better.

(Email date: July 3, Thursday, 12:03 pm)

So I logged in to my ümobile account and answered the remaining set of lifestyle questionnaires. Then I got another email:

Umobile invite thank you

Thanks for applying and finishing the questionnaires!

Your application is being processed. Just sit tight for our email saying that you’ve been approved as a ümobile subscriber.

Then log on to and enter an exciting world of ümobile.

(Email Date: July 3, Thursday, 12:10pm)

After 4 days, my application was approved.

Umobile invite welcome

It’s official! You are now part of the wonderful world of ümobile. As part of the ümobile community, you can call, text, MMS, surf the net, and chat online for free! Well, almost.

Wait for the call from our courier to confirm your SIM delivery details. Upon delivery of your new ümobile SIM, please present 1 valid ID and submit a photocopy of this to the delivery personnel.

(Email Date: July 7, Monday, 9:02pm)

After 3 days, I got a text message from Zip Bus Srvs, the courier hired by Umobile to deliver the SIM. They asked me to call thru landline so we can discuss about the sim delivery. (SMS Date: July 10, Thursday, 4:21pm)

So I called and requested my SIM to be delivered the next day, July 11 at 10am. When she asked for my complete address, I told her that I will send it via text so she won’t have to write it down.

The next day, July 11, Friday, the SIM didn’t arrive at the time I expected, which is 10am. The delivery guy arrived at 2pm. So late! I can’t complain, because it’s just a free sim.

Anyway, here it is, my Umobile SIM!

Umobile SIM pack

Umobile SIM card

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  1. hi. i’ve heard that uMobile is a subsidiary of smart. is it true? if so, what difference does it make with smart sim itself? and how do you load your account with uMobile?


  2. Sorry, I cannot send invites anymore.


  3. please to send me an invitation code naman oh.. pleeze… [email removed by admin]


  4. A pleasant day to you. I learned so much from your site because it’s always up-to-date. Can you send me also an Invitation Code. More power


  5. hey, can i have an invitation too??


  6. tagal nman ng approval nung sa pinsan ko?


  7. can you text me about the invite code of umobile? here is my number [mobile number removed by admin] or just mail me at [email removed by admin]tnx….


  8. can you text me the invitation code at [mobile number removed by admin]


  9. i want to try umobile sim can you give me the invitation code tnx [email removed by admin]


  10. Sorry, I cannot send invites anymore. Umobile closed their “Invite friends” page.


  11. Hi can i have invitation codesend it to [email removed by admin]thanks


  12. I want to have an access code please!THANKS!


  13. hi there.. can i have an invitation too?? im just curioushere’s my email add: [email removed by admin]my # is :[mobile number removed by admin]thanks..i hope you’ll invite me.. thanks again


  14. my code p b?cn u gve me


  15. @Louise, I sent you an invite, kindly check your email.


  16. can i have an invitation code? plsssss.. my email is [email removed by admin] my#is [mobile number removed by admin]


  17. @Jayson, I sent you an email, please check.


  18. @stahn and teddy, before I can generate invite codes, you need to give me your mobile number as required by Umobile.


  19. invitation code, can i hv one pls?? gus2 q lng po subukan.. thanks.Email: [email removed by admin]Mobile # : 09193184503


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  22. i sent you an email. please check.


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