UMobile, 1st ad-funded mobile service in Asia

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Notice: Umobile was rebranded to Red Mobile on November 2008.

Umobile logoUmobile (ümobile), is an ad-funded mobile service owned by Smart Communications, that will be offering free load to its subscribers that agree to receive advertisements on their cell phones. There was already a similar service in Europe called Blyk, but Umobile is the first and only ad-funded mobile service provider in the Philippines and rest of Asia.

Umobile is targeting the 15 to 35 age bracket or the ‘youth and yuppies’ sector in the Philippines. Customers get P0.50 worth of pre-paid load each time a mobile ad message is received. As of now, membership is by invite only.

Important things to know about ümobile

  • Their prefix number is 0999.
  • They have launched a website that will allow their customers to:
    • Change mobile number anytime, anywhere online. First change in number is FREE. Succeeding changes is only P50.00/change.
    • Send invite codes to friends.
  • They have partnered with fring, a VoIP ( This enables customers to make VOIP calls, chat and interact with friends all over the world from his mobile to another PC and vice-versa. With ümobile, you only have to pay for data minutes.
  • Soon, they will be offering a product that will allow you to make calls and send/receive texts via PC to another ümobile account and vice-versa with ümobile’s virtual phone service.

Subscriber benefits
Customers approved between June 1st and August 31st 2008 will enjoy the following benefits

  • FREE ümobile SIM
  • P100 free load for the very month for the next 6 months
  • Earn rewards for every ad message received
  • Enhanced communication with Fring (mobile VoIP)
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Earn rewards with every ad you see
  • Mobile broadband surfing
  • PC calling with Virtual Phone * (coming soon)

Service Rates

Voice Call

  • ümobile to ümobile P5.00
  • ümobile to other networks P7.00
  • ümobile to landline P7.25
  • IDD P10.00
  • Video Call
  • ümobile to ümobile 6.50

FringTM Call

  • Date Rate P10.00/30mins.


  • ümobile to ümobile P0.15
  • ümobile to other networks P0.75
  • ISMS P8.00


  • ü to ü P0.50
  • IMMS P15.00

FringTM Messaging

  • Date Rate P10.00/30mins.

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