Different types of texters in the Philippines

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We have different types of texters here in the Philippines. Some are active, some are passive and some are just actively forwarding text quotes. Below are the different types of texters in the Philippines based on how often they text and the kinds of text messages they send.

  1. Energetic Texters – those who are very active in texting. They make the most out of their unlimited texting packages and text under the table, in the car, under the tree, anywhere, everyday. They can talk about anything and everything under the sun. They chat, they flirt, they debate. These kinds of texters are mostly teenagers, couples, or yuppies.
  2. Passive Texters – those who text only when you text them and reply only when they really have to.
  3. The Forwarders– those who are fond of forwarding text messages that they feel are worth forwarding.
    1. Funny Forwarders – those who forward funny text messages.
    2. Love Forwarders – those who forward love text messages.
    3. Religious Forwarders – those who forward religious text messages.
    4. Seasonal Forwarders – those who send messages only on special occasions like christmas text messages, valentines text messages, lenten text messages.
    Tip: Send the right text messages to the right people. You wouldn’t send a Christmas text message on lent, right? Or would you send a Ramadan greeting to a Buddhist who don’t celebrate Ramadan?
  4. Blog Texters – those who send text messages to tell how their day was as they would in blogging, and forward them to all their friends.
  5. Extinct Texters – those who’s mobile phones have turned to beepers. They read messages, but they will reply only when they want to.
  6. Marketing Texters – those who text to promote an event, a product, or a job posting. Its like its part of their job or just helping a friend to promote something.

Just so you know, I am a funny forwarder to my funny forwarder friends. I maybe an extinct texter to some people. But to the rest of my contacts, I am a passive texter.

So what kind of texter are you?

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4 Comments on Different types of texters in the Philippines

  1. @nicole, hahaha! Do you also forward text messages?


  2. I’m an Energetic texter! I laughed when I was reading the lines “they make the most out of their unlimited texting packages and text under the table…they chat, they flirt, they debate…”Soo true! haha.. 😀


  3. i’d rather be an extinct texter as I rather call.


  4. muy bien!


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