Globe Telecom tops NTC performance study

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The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has picked Globe Telecom Inc. as the most reliable and efficient mobile phone service provider in Metro Manila, based on their benchmarking study.

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Tests were conducted last year (Sept. 17 to Oct. 6, 2008) by NTC engineers on three cellular service operators, namely Smart Communications, Globe Telecom, and Sun Cellular to measure the quality of services rendered. They made 2,475 network-to-network calls per operator in 13 Metro Manila cities, as part of the tests.

Three areas were reviewed namely network accessibility (circuit switch), service accessibility (telephony), and call completion rate circuit switch (telephony), to measure the quality of service indicators.

Network accessibility (Circuit Switch). All three got perfect scores.
Globe 100%
Smart 100%
Sun 100%

Service Accessibility (Telephony). Globe got the highest mark.
Globe 97.98%
Smart 96.24%
Sun 83.02%

Call Completion Rate Circuit Switch (Telephony). Globe and Smart tied at 98.55%.
Globe 98.55%
Smart 98.55%
Sun 97.65%

Signal Strength
Smart 91.81%
Globe 86.58%
Sun 84.48%

Signal Quality
Globe 93.79%
Smart 93%
Sun 84.47%

Hand Over Success Rate
Smart 99.03%
Globe 98.27%
Sun 96.72%

Call Set-up Time (based on the 2,475 sample calls)
Globe 97.29%
Smart 95.76%
Sun 80.12%

In terms of blocked and dropped calls, a lower percentage is desirable to ensure higher quality of service and therefore, the operator with a lower percentage was given a higher ranking.

Blocked Calls (based on the 2,475 sample calls). Blocked calls are failed connection to the network due to unavailability of signal.
Globe 49 (1.99%)
Smart 93 (3.79%)
Sun 779 (17.05%)

Dropped Calls (based on the 2,475 sample calls). A call is considered dropped when the signal has been cut just a few seconds upon connection.
Globe 35 (1.42%)
Smart 35 (1.42%)
Sun 48 (1.95%)

Under the NTC’s circular on service performance standards for CMTS, the allowable drop call rate is 5 percent. NTC also noted that blocked and dropped calls are caused by network congestion and system failure.

[Source: Philstar]

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  1. I just want to know if Globe and TM were both sharing one signal . I’m a TM subscriber so i don’t know if its right to ask you about this. I’m having difficulty in sending text messages to my friends. I kept on txting them but they told me that they didn’t receive any of my messages. I just want to know if there is something wrong with the network. And if ever you can’t answer my question please tell me what could be the reason why its hard to receive a message on time..?pls send an email to me.


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