Globe stops unlimited texting service again

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in SMS Industry

Globe’s unlimited texting service called UNLITXT has ended. A friend just told me this morning about the news so I went to TxtPower‘s website to find out if it is true. According to the website:

For the second time this year, Globe Telecom stopped its unlimited texting service without any public announcement.

At a time when we expect a deluge of Christmas greetings through text, subscribers are now forced to avail of a so-called Sulitxt15 service that gives 100 text messages for P15.

TxtPower is planning to send a letter-complaint to NTC this week to find out why it allowed Globe to stop the service without informing its subscribers.

UNLITXT and SULITXT are Globe’s text promos with the following denominations:

UNLITXT20 Php 20 – unlimited texting for 1 day
UNLITXT40 Php 40 – unlimited texting for 2 days
UNLITXT80 Php 80 – unlimited texting for 4 days
SULITXT15 Php 15 – allows sending of 100 Globe-to-Globe text messages.

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2 Comments on Globe stops unlimited texting service again

  1. i’ve been a user of this for almost a year na. for me it’s super sulit! i’m using this to communicate to my hubby in the middle east. at least i dont have to be online using a computer. =)


  2. jean france tayone May 14, 2009 at 9:11 am

    hi good morning!globe and tm is very affordable than other networks..but the problem is when u make a call using 15.00 @ 15 mins, it stops less than 15 mins.hope u consider my comment.hope it will not be a problem anymore with us tm users. it is also the problem of my friends who use tm too. godbless tm and globe more power…thanks for the new promos


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