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Notice: This service is no longer available.

BDO-Smart SMS mobile bankingBDO Mobile Banking allows instant access to own BDO deposit accounts (Checking and Savings Account) using a SMART or Talk ‘N Text mobile phone. It can be used to view the actual balance of enrolled Checking or Savings Account (CA/SA), transfer money to own enrolled BDO bank accounts, reload prepaid (SMART, Talk ‘N Text, Globe and TM) and reload SMART Money Card (for SMART and selected Talk ‘N Text mobile phones).

Here’s how to setup and use BDO Mobile Banking on your Smart cellphone.

A. Enroll in BDO Internet Banking. A Checking or Savings Account must be first enrolled in BDO Internet Banking.

BDO-Smart SMS enrollmentB. Enroll in BDO Mobile Banking

  1. Login to BDO Internet Banking with your existing user ID and password
  2. Go to Enrollment Services > Mobile Banking > Enroll
  3. Enter your mobile banking number (mobile number) and nominate your Mobile PIN (m-PIN)
  4. Click Submit

C. Activate Mobile Banking on your mobile phone (do this 1 banking day after online enrollment)

  1. Go to SMART Menu and choose Mobile Banking
  2. Choose Activate Bank
  3. Choose m-PIN
  4. Enter BDO when asked for the Bank Code
  5. Enter m-PIN
  6. Smart will send text messages confirming activation
  7. BDO will then be conveniently displayed in your Mobile Banking submenu for easy access

BDO-Smart SMS activate
D. Use BDO Mobile Banking
Deposit accounts are represented by 2-letter Account Type and last 4 digits of your account number. Account Type; SA = Savings Account, CA = Checking Account. (e.g. SA1234)

  1. Balance Inquiry for Checking or Savings account
    1. Go to SMART Menu and choose Mobile Banking
    2. Choose BDO
    3. Choose Balance
    4. Choose Account
    5. Select the Account you wish to view
    6. Press OK to confirm
    7. Enter m-PIN
    8. Smart will send a text message containing the latest and available balance of your account

    BDO-Smart SMS balance inquiry

  2. Fund Transfer (to own enrolled deposit accounts only)
    1. Go to SMART MENU and choose Mobile Banking
    2. Choose BDO
    3. Choose Transfer
    4. Press OK to continue with the transaction
    5. Select the account where you wish to send your money to
    6. Press OK to continue with the transaction
    7. Select the account where the money will come from
    8. Select the currency of the account
    9. Enter the amount to be transferred, press OK. Use either # or * if decimal point is not available.
    10. Check the details, then press OK to confirm transfer
    11. Enter m-PIN
    12. Smart will send a text message confirming successful transfer of funds

    BDO-Smart SMS fund transfer 1BDO-Smart SMS fund transfer 2BDO-Smart SMS fund transfer 3

  3. BDO to Smart Money Transfer. No transaction fees.
    1. Go to SMART Menu and choose Smart Money
    2. Choose Reload Money
    3. Press OK to continue with the transaction
    4. Select the Smart Money Card to be reloaded
    5. Press OK to continue with the transaction
    6. Choose BDO
    7. Select the account where the reload amount will come from
    8. Enter the amount to be reloaded
    9. Check the details, then press OK to confirm the transaction
    10. Enter m-PIN
    11. Smart will send a text confirming the Smart Money reload transaction

    BDO-Smart SMS Smart Money reload 1BDO-Smart SMS Smart Money reload 2BDO-Smart SMS Smart Money reload 3

  4. Smart Money to BDO Transfer. This doesn’t work.
  5. Reload prepaid (Smart, Talk ‘N Text, Globe and Touch Mobile)
    1. Go to SMART Menu and choose Mobile Banking
    2. Choose BDO
    3. Choose Reload Buddy
    4. Choose Others
    5. Key in the mobile number of the recipient
    6. Press OK to continue with the transaction
    7. Choose BDO
    8. Select the account where load will come from
    9. Select from the listed reload amounts
    10. Check the details, then press OK to confirm reload
    11. Enter m-PIN
    12. Smart will send a text message confirming successful reload of prepaid mobile phone

    BDO-Smart SMS prepaid reload 1BDO-Smart SMS prepaid reload 2BDO-Smart SMS prepaid reload 3

For more information, visit BDO Mobile Banking.

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9 Comments on BDO mobile banking on Smart (SMS-based)

  1. what to do if error in plugin data in smart mobile banking?


  2. avelino garcia jr July 26, 2015 at 3:54 am

    ask ko lng po mababawi ko pa po ba ung pera na pinadala sa smart money na pambayad ko po sa order ko na cellphone dhil sa olx kso hnd po naibigay ung cellphone ng taong ka transaction ko na nag post sa olx po pero hnd ko pa naibigay sa knya ung reference number na pinagbayaran ko po galing sa bdo po? ano po ba maganda gawin para mabawi ko ung pera na po iyon?


  3. How will i change my savings account no.


  4. I would like to ask, how BDO will appear on my smart money menu on Reload from??? mine says: “No Entries”


  5. Good day! I would like to ask why i can’t inquire my balance in smartmoney? I wanna know because my friend sent me money through bdo bank to my smartmoney account… Please let me know what is happening… I tried so many times to inquire my balance and i try to reload my mobile just to see my balance…


  6. From now on. BDO Mobile Banking on SMART. Is Temporarily Under Maintenance. Theres no issued date to be operated it again


  7. Same lang ba charges pag BPI ginamit for Smart Money? BDO Mobile Banking registration is not working anymore.


  8. i have a question. i tried to activate my smart money but there was no option that came out to select the bank which as sampled is BDO. After I put the Wpin, nothing followed and it just sent me a text message w/ the acct it automatically set up with BDO? Do i need to worry?


  9. Please do assist me.. Is there something wrong with the BDO system at the moment? I transferred money to the smart money account of my relative in the province but they didn’t still received the amount yet.. I need feedback from you guys asap…Help pls… thanks


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