Globe Telecom Brings Back UNLITXT All Day 20

Posted on December 20, 2007 by Caroline Siñel in SMS Industry

Globe brings back its unlimited texting service, UNLITXT. TXTPower filed a letter-complaint to NTC (National Telecommunications Commission) to bring back UNLITXT when Globe ended UNLITXT three days ago. But Globe only offered UNLITXT20. No more UNLITXT40 and UNLITXT80 according to 2977 text advisory:

Globe Advisory: Ang Globe Unlitxt All Day 20 ay available na! Enjoy 1 day unlimited texting for only P20. Just text UNLITXT20 to 2870 to register. Til 1/20/08. No free advisory? Reply STOP

15 Comments on Globe Telecom Brings Back UNLITXT All Day 20

  1. They do have this new 20/20 promo thing. Better than text, most definitely.

  2. panu po ba i stop yung unlitxt?

  3. anonymous // January 2, 2009 at 8:11 pm //

    shocks wala na palang unlitxt40!
    Unfair sana nagbibigay na lang ng notification ang globe na wala ng ganun hindi yung katulad ng nangyari sa akin kinain ang 40 peso-load ko!
    Nakakainis, ang dami ng nahuhuthot na load sa akin ng globe!

  4. xuwa amn…bat gnun pag ininsert ko ung sim not valid daw?

  5. mga magna2kaw ng LOAD ANIMAL KYU???

  6. mga GAGO kyung GLOBE company????MAGNA2kaw NG LOAD GAG kyu,,,mga hangal,,,IBAGSAK ANG GLOBE

  7. pOTEK PANO B MG UnlI ???

  8. Buti na lang may Unli na ulit, akala ko wala na. sana ibalik ang Immortal.

  9. pulubi ang globe nangangain ng load

  10. Pag naka unlitxt 20, 40, or 80 ka, ksama b dun ung mms? tnx. paki mail nlng sa akin kung pwede.

  11. i really love globe;) especially the immortal text;)

  12. pano magSTOP ng unlitxt20?

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  14. Jheannvys // April 7, 2011 at 12:32 pm //

    how to stop UNLI20?so i can register to SUPER25?please help me know..:-)

  15. it’s not as unlimited as you’d think. send enough text messages and you get the ff message.

    “your number has been detected to be sending a high volume of text messages. As a precaution your Unlitxt/Supertxt registration is temporarily blocked. You may retry on…”

    they shouldn’t have named and promoted as Unlitxt if there are restrictions. Whatever happened to truth in advertising? you’d think companies as big as the ayala group of companies have palabra de honor. but then again, these days, principles often give way to the bottomline. you’d think tho with the profits telecom companies are raking in these days, that they’d somehow keep some semblance of integrity. but i might as well wish to find a pot of gold at the end the rainbow.

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