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List of Mobile Number Prefixes (Globe, Smart, and Sun)

Do you want to know which mobile phone number belongs to which network? Below is a list of mobile number prefixes used by Globe, Smart, Sun Cellular, Red Mobile, Talk ‘N Text, and Touch Mobile. This list is useful for those who often subscribe to unlimited text or call services.

0813 Smart
0817 Globe
0905 Globe or Touch Mobile
0906 Globe or Touch Mobile
0907 Smart or Talk N Text
0908 Smart or Talk N Text
0909 Smart or Talk N Text
0910 Smart or Talk N Text
0912 Smart or Talk n Text
0915 Globe or Touch Mobile
0916 Globe or Touch Mobile
0917 Globe
09178 Globe postpaid
0918 Smart
0919 Smart or Talk n Text
0920 Smart, Talk N Text, Addict Mobile
0921 Smart or Talk N Text
0922 Sun Cellular
0923 Sun Cellular
0925 Sun Cellular
0926 Globe or Touch Mobile
0927 Globe or Touch Mobile
0928 Smart or Talk N Text
0929 Smart or Talk N Text
0930 Smart, Talk N Text, Red Mobile
0932 Sun Cellular
0933 Sun Cellular
0934 Sun Cellular
0935 Globe or Touch Mobile
0936 Globe or Touch Mobile
0937 Globe or Touch Mobile
0938 Smart, Talk N Text, Red Mobile
0939 Smart, Talk N Text, Red Mobile
0942 Sun Cellular
0943 Sun Cellular
0946 Talk N Text
0947 Smart
0948 Smart or Talk N Text
0949 Smart or Talk N Text
0973 Extelcom
0974 Extelcom
0977 Next Mobile or Globe?
0979 Next Mobile
0989 Smart or Talk N Text
0994 Globe
0996 Globe or Touch Mobile
0997 Globe or Touch Mobile
0998 Smart
0999 Smart (old Umobile prefix)

Mobile phone area codes in the Philippines are composed of three digits and always start with the number 9. Originally, there were only three prefixes or area codes used for mobile phones: 917 for Globe Telecom, 918 for Smart Communications and 973 for Express Telecom, the three existing mobile companies at the time. As service grew rapidly throughout the 1990s and even until today, existing codes have been exhausted and new codes have been added to fulfill demand. [Source: Wikipedia]

Updates as of March 9, 2012:

added 0813 – Smart
added 0817 – Globe/TM
added 0925 – Globe/TM
added 0934 – Sun Cellular
added 0946 – TNT
added 0947 – Smart
added 0977 – Next Mobile (Nextel)
added 0994 – Globe
added 0998 – Smart

Nov 19, 2012 – Changed 0925 from Globe/TM to Sun Cellular

Dec 1, 2014 – added Globe to 0977

[Source: Symbianize]

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  1. valjul26 says:

    nice list very comprehensive thanks for sharing!

  2. juno says:

    wow, thanks for this… i just knew what subscriber the person was using who keeps on calling me…ugh!

  3. eve says:

    thanks for the list, very useful indeed

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  5. Very Nice List of prefixes….Surely this would be of great help to all cellphone users around the world…GOOD JOB…


  6. marie says:

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  7. kureigu says:

    nyc! very helpful

  8. Mickie says:

    Thank you! Big help for my sideline knowing which cel network I’ll be calling so I can budget it accordingly.

    God bless! :-)

  9. graz says:

    how about 0947? what telecom prefix is it? tnx!

  10. jjastig13 says:

    how about 0946?

  11. bionics23 says:

    This a great way of informing people what number is this network…sometimes we assume a lot and in the end we just realize we don’t have any load or high bill. Thanks a lot.

  12. ManongJanNi says:

    Thank heavens for sharing this list! How about 0944? 0945? It would be a very big help. Thank you very much!

  13. feruthie says:

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  14. Gani says:

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    good work

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    it greatly helped a lot of cell phone users…

  17. luziela says:

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  19. John Paul says:

    Thanks for posting all prefix of different networks
    this is very helpful for me…

  20. caloy says:

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  21. Phoguez says:

    I already bookmarked this site. it’s helpful.

  22. boomboombass says:

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  23. Boom says:

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    daghan salamat

  28. rolly says:

    Thank you! Big help for my sideline knowing which cell network I’ll be calling so I can budget it accordingly.

  29. Kero A. says:

    Para saan yung SMART na 0813 di ko pa ata nakikita yun. Yung 0817 alam ko kasi sa VOIP ng Globe.

  30. jem says:

    thanks it help me a lot i’m making a program that can identify networks

  31. Carlos G. Liao says:

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  32. Jerald says:

    Thank you for posting this very useful guide.

  33. Win says:

    I may have to bookmark this page. Thanks

  34. lt Cruz says:

    Can someone tell me if this number came from globe – 2354090585558. Got a message from this nbr last nyt. tnx.

  35. JTN says:

    @ It Cruz– that’s globe…(2354) 0905-globe or TM.. maybe the sender/texter used an online service/chikka,etc…

  36. Darwin Jay says:

    This post is very helpful thanks to this im not gonna get confused +1 .

  37. Kristine says:

    I am a new sun postpaid subscriber and my prefix is 0925. Just fyi.

  38. Mario V. says:

    TAMA BA YUNG 0925 eh GLOBE/TM? kasi ako 0925 ang sa akin pero suncellular ang network?

  39. Romeo P. Ompoc says:

    I would like to know what company does prefix 924 belong.

  40. James A says:

    Thanks for this. It’s very helpful for people who use the internet to load phone numbers. You know, you are required to choose the carrier first before making a payment.

    With this list, all you need to worry about is where you’re gonna get the money to load the phone.

  41. brian says:

    Hay salamat…alam ko narin kung anong network ang mga prefix…good job sa nag post

  42. kate says:

    thank you! now i can try and contact my cousin <3

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  44. Juan Magsalin says:

    Vonage has free international calls to Globe phone numbers. This list is very useful when you want to make sure you’re calls are free.

  45. thnx, sa nag post ,, laking 2lung ni2 , sken ,,, dhil sa ,, strangers m,,, na nag titext sa ken , ehh ,,,,, thnx ,, for , post ,

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  47. Xuileng says:

    Big Big Thanks.. I bookmarked it too para hindi maubos ang load ko.. :) Thumbs up..

  48. brian says:

    I think di lang 09178 ang Globe postpaid kasi postpaid din ako pero 09176 ang starting ng sa akin

  49. shieva says:

    Thanks girl.

  50. arceli says:

    what is this number , anong network ito? 2814006504367, nag appear sa inbox ko, someone texted me by using this number,pls….

  51. rolly says:

    thanks it help me a lot i’m making a program that can identify networks

  52. josh says:

    if the number is 0935518……where is supposed to be the place of this numbers? thanks..

  53. smile says:

    Very helpful indeed.. Thanks a lot..

  54. Dennis Elias says:

    atty ales d. mindez daw from PAGCOR ito # nia 09359082410 please kaylangan ng action agad kasi bukas daw ng umaga papadala nia ang pera pag nakabili na daw ako ng smart prepaid card na 5pcs tas itx ko lng daw ang mga # ng card pra ma activate pra mkuha ko daw agad bukas ang pera sa western

  55. James M. says:

    @arceli, it’s probably from chikka or some similar online sms service.

  56. a.g. says:

    thank you.. ^ ^

  57. AMB says:

    i have to comment for the effort! thanks.. very helpful… sana ma update to from time to time…

  58. Juan says:

    pano ung 0945 please help

  59. Nathan P. says:

    i am really looking for the details. been asking the stall owner but cannot give the full listings. just so happen that i got this one thru your effort in posting all the list. thank you very much whoever you are.

  60. Mar says:

    Pls check the new added/updates prefix number, 0925 is Globe/TM, while in the upper list, 0925 is Sun Cellular. Which is which? Thanks

  61. Jude says:

    Thank you for the details. very informative. kudos!

  62. Jem says:

    Thanks for the info… very useful.

    “Dennis Elias “: that txt about an atty. is a scam. I have received a lot of that. Just reply: “weh…”

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  65. koala says:

    ayos galing nitong chart meron na palang 08 ang simula ng phone no. dto sa Philippines.

  66. edmond says:

    maganda pla tuh nuh….!

  67. Joel France says:

    At last you gave the right information. My prefix is 0925 and I am a Sun Cellular subscriber. Most would say that this is Globe or TM.

    Thanks for posting.

  68. rose says:

    salamat sa pag post ng mga listahan na ito, very useful po talaga..

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    Ayun naging sun na pala yung 0925. Paano yung mga Globe dati na 0925? Globe parin syempre diba. O_O

  75. KD says:

    san makaka bili ng 0921 na Sim??

    bibili sana ako.. rush!

  76. SM Villegas says:

    good,, pero may number ba talagang nag start sa 08..?

  77. John Peñaflor says:

    wait, 0998 ako pero smart buddy ako hindi globe/tm.

  78. Daisy Gallardo says:

    Many thanks sa nakaisip nito.. hindi na magsusuffer ang postpaid network ko…malaking bawas sa bill..thanks!

  79. rea gonzalvo says:

    kailangan ko lng malaman ung cel no nya kc ung last 3 digit lng alam ko, 146,smart po un o tnt, kailangan ko lng immediately,plssssssssssssss

  80. rea gonzalvo says:

    maari nyo po b ko bigyan ng mga list ng numbers, ending po s 146, smart po sya or talk @txt, ilang araw na kc po akong d mkatulog kailangan ko lng po tlg sya mkontak, plss, pls, plss.

  81. Rips says:

    THanks ng marami poh.. super helpful talagha…. God Bless you poh..

  82. michael angelo e. panga says:

    thank u very much. i was thinking about some of the numbers in my phonebooks. then i googled it then found ur list
    very helpful. salamat n marami!

  83. bong says:

    I would like to know if one could know the location of message sender, calling or sending text through codes imbedded at the cp numbers or message center.., aside from gps.

    are there area codes per municipality from smart company?

  84. Ryan says:

    This is a very useful list. Thank you! :)

  85. Cris says:

    Thanks for this information. Used this as a source of my post as well regarding mobile phone prefixes. Thanks.

  86. mick says:

    would be nice if you could print list only and not have to print 27 pages of replies has well.??

  87. fred says:

    ayus yan………salamat

  88. janbu says:

    Thanks… Buti nalang may list

  89. Erdy says:

    @mick: select the contents of the table and paste into your microsoft excel of any spreadsheet program then print.

  90. jp ha'ar says:

    Very useful keep up the good work..many thanks

  91. rob says:

    ayos katol! thank you..

  92. Sexmaniac says:

    How about 0964 ***

  93. jayson says:

    got coon fused on this

    0925 Sun Cellular
    this is listed on the upper part


    Updates as of March 9, 2012:

    added 0925 – Globe/TM

  94. jayson says:

    got it..

    Nov 19, 2012 – Changed 0925 from Globe/TM to Sun Cellular

  95. Kontaks says:

    If you are using android phone, your problem is already solved. Download Kontaks in google play store and this application will be the one to filter your contact list. for more information.

  96. @Kontaks, galing! :)

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  107. Audie says:

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  108. trojan greg says:

    may jud may jud!

  109. jhe says:

    why is 0925 stated as sun and globe

  110. Korn says:

    is Kontaks just for android? no love for iphone? tnx

  111. @jhe, 0925 was changed from Globe/TM to Sun Cellular. My copy was wrong that’s why I changed it.

  112. SAMSON ECHANE says:


  113. Nikki V. says:

    Sang network yung 0975?

  114. jatcool says:

    this is great. thanks!

  115. Audie says:

    09173 globe postpaid
    09175 Globe postpaid

    list should be updated

  116. Abel says:

    What network is 367232322218157649761234? i receive a text message from that number.

  117. Winwin says:

    Thanks for the useful information!

    Trip down memory lane din siya kasi nakalista pa sina Red, Addict Mobile, Nextel, etc.

  118. Nice says:

    0925 – Sun Postpaid

  119. christian mendez says:

    san lugar nakatira ang taong gumagamit ng numerong 09094642781

  120. jhoana suarez says:

    How about 0975? Saang network po sya belong?

  121. rafaelito bendana says:

    thank you so much for sharing this very helpful information…

  122. Lalaland says:

    may nadagdag sa globe, 0977

  123. Khen says:

    Nice one! such a great help for Network to Network unlimited call :). I thought 0935 is a SMART network buti na lang!

  124. Bryan says:

    How about 0981, what kind of mobile number is it? Thank you.

  125. meng says:

    0925 sun or globe ???

  126. Red says:

    Nice One :)Hindi na ako manghuhula pa ulit kung smart or globe hahaha :D THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!

  127. Jell says:

    thanks for sharing!But this should be updated. 0947 is also Sun prefix.

  128. Ej says:

    0925 followed by 3,5,6,7 or 8 are Globe post paid plans
    pls add

  129. Christine Aldeguer says:

    Can you please make your posts accurate? The number 0937 is not a globe number

  130. Gerard Palompo says:

    Thank you for posting this useful reference code.

  131. mause says:

    Thanks for this information. We the users are well informed for the network numbers.

  132. Admin says:

    Hi Ej, please be informed that 0923 is a Sun prefix.. Thank you.

  133. Toby says:

    how about 0975? what network is that?

  134. Earlvic says:

    0975 po ay sa TM, yan po yung number ko dati pa. Pero hanggang ngayon bawal pa din sa Yahoo Mail

  135. fely says:

    anong network ang 0937, sabi ni Christine its not a globe number

  136. laxus says:

    Just to confirm 0977 is Globe, :)

  137. avon says:

    ano network po ang 09589206583

  138. avon says:

    bakit po may incoming calls pero no number tpos d nag register sa receive calls ko ang tym ng call?

  139. Jayson says:

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  140. Jose says:

    Thanks for this list. It is very useful.

  141. Kai says:

    Sun postpaid yung 0925. 0977 is Globe.

  142. jo says:

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  143. Skee says:

    0912 is so difficult to text. I always get a “message not sent” reply. I am with globe. Sa 0912 ako nagkaka problema lang naman.


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