BPI Mobile Banking on Smart (SMS-based)

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The SMS-based BPI Express Mobile in SMART Menu allows Smart users to enjoy the convenience of doing wide range of bank transactions such as balance inquiry, fund transfers, bills payment, SMART prepaid airtime reloading and SMART Money reloading through their mobile phones. The SMS-based works with the text messaging facility of Smart, even without connecting to the internet. BPI Express Mobile was made available to Smart subscribers on September 2009.

BPI-SmartBPI Express Mobile also comes in another variant — Internet-based. With Internet-based BPI Express Mobile, you can do the same transactions as SMS-based and more except Smart Money related transactions. To learn more about Internet-based BPI Express Mobile, click here.

Here’s how to setup and use SMS-based BPI Express Mobile on your Smart cellphone.

A. Register for BPI Express Mobile

  1. Register your cellphone and account number.

    Text ENROLL <Account Number> <Joint Account Indicator> and send to 3274.

    *The Joint Account Indicator is the 2-digit number in the lower right portion of your ATM card.
    BPI-Smart Registration
  2. Activate your enrollment through any of BPI’s ATMs nationwide.
    1. Insert Express Teller ATM Card
    2. Key-in your Pesonal Identification Number (PIN)
    3. Choose Special Services. Choose Activate Enrollment
    4. Choose EConnect – SMS Enrollment
    5. BPI will send a text message containing your initial Mobile PIN (MPIN) after (1) banking day

    BPI-Smart Registration 2

    Your initial MPIN is 157362. CHG your MPIN now! Send CHG oldMPIN newMPIN to 3274. Ref#111608314976

  3. Change the initial MPIN to your own MPIN.

    CHG <Initial MPIN> <Own MPIN> send to 3274

    BPI-Smart Registration 3
    BPI will send a confirmation message.

    You have successfully changed your MPIN. Access your accounts anytime, anywhere with BPI Express Mobile. Go to Smart Menu > Mobile Banking > Activate Bank > enter BPI > enter MPIN. P2.5/txn Ref#06670345

B. Activate Mobile Banking Menu in your cellphone

  1. Choose Mobile Banking in SMART Menu.
  2. Choose Activate. If you already have an active bank, proceed to step 4.
  3. Smart will send a text message confirming activation
  4. Choose Activate Bank
  5. Choose m-Pin
  6. Enter BPI as Bank Code
  7. Press OK to confirm
  8. Enter m-Pin
  9. Smart will send text messages confirming activation. BPI should now appear under Mobile Banking

Smart-BPI Setup 1
Smart-BPI Setup 2
Now, you are ready to use BPI Express Mobile!

C. Use BPI Express Mobile

  1. Balance Inquiry for Deposit Accounts (Savings or Checking)

    BAL <MPIN> <AccountKey> send to 3274

    Account Key is composed of 2-letter Account Type and last 4 digits of your account number. Account Type; SA = Savings Account, CA = Checking Account. (e.g. SA1234). Balance Inquiry is also available in your Smart Menu.
  2. Fund Transfer (to own enrolled deposit accounts only)
    1. Choose BPI from Mobile Banking Menu
    2. Choose Transfer
    3. Select Recipient Bank Account
    4. Select Source Bank Account
    5. Select Currency
    6. Enter amount to be transferred. Use either # or * if decimal point is not available.
    7. Enter M-PIN
    8. Smart MBS will send a text message containing the details of the fund transfer
    BPI-Smart Fund Transfer 1
    BPI-Smart Fund Transfer 2
  3. BPI to Smart Money Transfer. Transaction fee is Php 15 to be deducted from your BPI account. If you want to transfer Php 8,000 to your Smart Money, you will be charged Php 8,015 from your BPI account.
    1. Choose Smart Money from Smart Menu
    2. Choose Reload Money
    3. Select the Smart Money Card to be reloaded
    4. Choose BPI
    5. Select Source Bank Account
    6. Enter amount to be transferred
    7. Enter M-PIN
    8. Smart MBS will send a text message containing details of Smart Money reload
    BPI to Smart Money 1
    BPI to Smart Money 2
  4. Smart Money to BPI Transfer. I tried it, it’s not working. I called Smart and they told me this is not possible. I’ll just write this down in case they implement this in the future.
    1. Choose Smart Money from Smart Menu
    2. Choose Transfer
    3. Choose Bank
    4. Choose BPI
    5. Select Recipient Bank Account
    6. Select Smart Money Card to be debited from
    7. Enter the amount to be transferred
    8. Enter W-PIN
  5. Smart/TNT Prepaid Reload
    1. Choose BPI from Mobile Banking Menu
    2. Choose Reload Prepaid
    3. Choose Buddy/TNT or Smart Bro
    4. Choose My Buddies (see Personalized Lists C6 to add Buddies) or Others.
    5. Select or Enter Mobile number
    6. Select Source Bank Account
    7. Select the amount to be reloaded
    8. Enter M-PIN
    9. Smart MBS will send a text message containing details of the reload
    BPI Smart Prepaid Reload 1
    BPI Smart Prepaid Reload 2
  6. Bills Payment. Requires BPI-Smart Biller Codes.
    1. Choose BPI from Mobile Banking Menu
    2. Choose Pay Bills
    3. Enter Biller Code (valid length: 2-5 digits)
    4. Enter Bill Account Number (valid length: 1-20 digits)
    5. Select Source Bank Account
    6. Enter amount
    7. Enter M-PIN
    8. Smart will send a text message containing details of payment transaction
  7. Personalize Lists (for My Buddies and My Bills).
    1. Go to Smart Money > Personalize > My Lists > Add
    2. Choose My Buddies to add Buddies or choose My Bills to add billing accounts. Only Smart Money Biller Codes can be saved in “My Bills” list.

For other transactions, visit BPI Express Mobile for Smart.

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8 Comments on BPI Mobile Banking on Smart (SMS-based)

  1. Junairah C. Macadato October 5, 2012 at 6:08 pm

    How can I pay my bills through my mobile banking? I don’t know what shall I put in the Biller Code. Thanks


  2. nag activate na ko bpi atm machine bat wala pa din ako MPIN? thank you


  3. Same Problem here.., nag activate na ako pero wala pa ring MPIN


  4. same here…. :( called bpi and smart. still no answer. sabi bpi dapat 8am the next day meron na. and sa system ng bpi activated na.


  5. Ed p.
    Wala pa rin yung mpin, 6 days ago na ng mag enroll ako.why?


  6. Guys, if ‘di kayo nakareceive ng MPIN, tawagan nyo lang yong BPI. Hindi rin ako naka receive ng MPIN after a week pero nung tumawag ako, naka-receive na ako ng MPIN.


  7. Kailangan niyo mag send tru text: SENDMPIN to 3274.


  8. Folks, puwede kaya i-link/enroll yung deposit account ng BPI Easy Saver?