Smart Money – How to Use Smart Money

Posted on July 30, 2008 by Caroline Siñel in Mobile Banking

Smart Money LogoSMART MONEY is a re-loadable payment card that may either be accessed through a Smart mobile phone or a Smart Money MasterCard, similar to a debit/cash card. Smart Money enables Smart subscribers to manage their money from their mobile phones wherever they are, whenever they want.

Smart Money is the world’s first electronic wallet card linked to a mobile phone which won the 2001 GSM Awards for “Most Innovative GSM Wireless Service for Customers”. It was also cited as the “Best Product Innovation” award at the MasterCard Marketing Awards in Australia. [from]

A. Activate Smart Money

  1. Text MONEY to 343
  2. Enter desired W-PIN (6-digits)
  3. Re-enter W-PIN, press OK
  4. Choose ‘Get Account’ press OK
  5. Select BDO
  6. Wait for a confirmation message containing your 16-digit Smart Money Account Number.

    04Nov 1305:Your SMARTMoneyAcct# is 1234123412341234.Ref311250069959

B. Apply for a Smart Money Mastercard. Click here on how to apply.
B. Apply for a Smart Money MasterCard.

  1. Fill up Smart Money MasterCard Application Form.
  2. Wait a call from a Smart representative for validation of your application. You will be asked to choose your preferred Smart Wireless Center for card pick up.
  3. After 7 days, you will receive a text message from Smart informing you that your Smart Money MasterCard is ready for pick up at your preferred Smart Wireless Center.

    1/2 FREE ALERT: You may pick up your SMART Money Card 3 days from today (or 5 days for provincial areas) at your preferred wireless center.

    2/2 Please bring a valid picture ID. Kindly make sure you get it within 60 days from receipt of this message. Thank you.

C. Activate your Smart Money MasterCard.

  1. Call 845-777 (using your landline) or 15177 (using your Smart cellphone) to activate your Smart Money MasterCard.
  2. A Smart representative will activate your card. The phone call will take 3-5 minutes. After the call, wait for 15 minutes before proceeding to the next step.

D. You can now link your Smart Money MasterCard to your mobile phone.
D. Link your Smart Money MasterCard to your mobile phone. Only a maximum of two (2) Smart Money MasterCards/Accounts may be linked. I did not follow the instructions sent on mail because the ATM PIN is always invalid. So here’s what I did:

  1. Go to SMART Menu and select SMART Money
  2. Choose Activate Card
  3. Enter Card No (16-digit)
  4. Enter your preferred Card Name
  5. Enter W-PIN
  6. Wait for the confirmation message

    14Nov 1115:Your SMARTMoneyAcct# is 5299671234567890.Ref320275043429

E. Add funds to your Smart Money MasterCard. Go to your nearest Smart Wireless Center or Smart Money Accredited Outlet to add funds or reload your Smart Money MasterCard.

To start sending Smart Money,

  1. Go to Smart Menu, select Smart Money
  2. Select Transfer, press OK
  3. Select Others, press OK
  4. Enter your beneficiary’s Smart Money Number, press OK
  5. You will receive a prompt message, press OK
  6. Select source of funds, press OK
  7. Enter amount you would like to send, press OK
  8. You will receive a prompt message to confirm your transaction, press OK
  9. Enter W-PIN, press OK
  10. You will receive a confirmation message of your transaction
  11. Beneficiary will also receive a confirmation message instantly

To buy load using Smart Money:

  1. Go to Smart Menu, select Smart Money
  2. Select Reload Buddy, press OK
  3. Select Others, press OK
  4. Enter Mobile Number, press OK
  5. You will receive a prompt message, press OK
  6. Select source of funds, press OK
  7. Select amount, press OK
  8. You will receive a prompt message confirming the transaction, press OK
  9. Enter W-PIN, press OK
  10. You will receive an SMS confirmation for every successful transaction
  11. Beneficiary will also receive an SMS notification instantly

To pay bills using Smart Money:

  1. Go to Smart Menu, select Smart Money
  2. Select Pay Bills, press OK
  3. Select Others, press OK
  4. Enter Biller Code, press OK
  5. Enter Bill Account Number (please refer to your billing statement), press OK
  6. You will receive a prompt message, press OK
  7. Select source of funds, press OK
  8. Enter amount you would like to pay, press OK
  9. You will receive a prompt message confirming the transaction, press OK
  10. Enter W-PIN, press OK
  11. Subscriber will receive an SMS confirmation of his transaction

To purchase at selected establishments using Smart Money, text

<Store Code> <AMOUNT> and send to 270

You can also use your Smart Money MasterCard to pay at any MasterCard establishments worldwide.

Smart Money has a maximum withdrawable amount of Php 20,000 per day. The maximum amount of money you may transfer per day is Php 10,000.

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  1. i can’t withdraw my money using ATM Machine in BDO.
    What account should i pick SAVINGS or CURRENT?
    The Machine says contact your bank

  2. Michael Villamor // April 15, 2009 at 11:51 am //

    my transactions are not processed…what should i do?….when i try also to withdraw in the says transaction was not processed…plzzzzzzzzzz help me…

    After i got my Smart Money Card from the nearest Smart wireless center, i loaded it immediately 900 my current balance is 900 pesos…plz help

  3. merce reyes // August 30, 2009 at 8:10 pm //

    i forgot my pin. what should i do? thanks!

  4. hi.can i use my smart money card for purchasing on international online stores such as victoria’s secret?

  5. sephiroth // October 19, 2009 at 9:04 pm //

    yes you can irezza. you can verify your paypal account using smart m0ney card but there is a limit, you cann0t withdraw or deposit so you must apply for e0n card to do these.

  6. Hi,

    Can i use my smart money mastercard by purchasing tickets online @ cebu pacific airlines? cus ive been trying to purchase an international flight however, it says DECLINED. may i know how to process this thing? just to add up, ive been phoning smart call center but theyre not pretty helpful.
    Please care to reply. Thank you.


  7. Yeah it seems smart money has all the benefits and convenience of a debit card and capabilities of transacting online, I haven’t tried this product to see if it really works especially with transactions online. I will try to activate one account and will leave a feedback soon.

  8. hello.. I have Paypal account but it is not yet verified. I can’t verify my Paypal account now because I don’t have credit card. But I have Smart Money Card bearing with the logo of MasterCard. Can I use it to verify my Paypal account? and as i verify my paypal account using my smart money card it is said that my credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer’s customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card. pls help me… what’s wrong with my smart money card?

  9. hi i can’t activate my smart money card it always say my w-pin is invalid.. where can i see my w-pin? please help me…..

  10. Hi kashee,

    I verified my paypal account using smart money have to unlock your card first before you can use it to verify your can activate your card by going to your smart menu settings on your phone, choose smartmoney and just follow the message prompt till you see the “unlock card” you must bear in mind that smart automatically locks your card so you have to be fast when trying to verify..

    also, the possilbe reason why your card was being denied is you probably lack the funds on your smart money have to load it up at least 200 pesos since paypal will deduct $2 from your card…

  11. hi i can’t activate my smart money card. it always says SIM CARD BUSY

  12. hi,my problem is i already filled up an application for smart money card last friday and the they said that i have to wait 24hrs to 48hrs to activate my account,but until now i can’t still transfer money using my smart money linked to my phone,the message says “generic cards cant transfer” ,so anybody here knows what is the best way to solve my problem..

  13. mercedita a. salvo // March 2, 2010 at 1:36 am //

    hello sa smartmoney personnel,
    i got a problem regarding my account my husband withdrew 5k 3-1-2010 just yesterday but the money didnt go thru pero na debit po. what will i do sa akin po yung card pero nandito ako sa london uk. could you please tell me what should i do to sort out that problem…thanks, hoping for your response

  14. Carloadriancanon // March 3, 2010 at 11:40 am //

    I have a paypal account. I have 300 balance in my smart money card but it still says that This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer’s customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card.

    What’s wrong with my card?

  15. bing

    how do i link my number to my smartmoney card coz if i send money i cant transfer coz the number i used b4 for my smart account was stolen so can you help me how do i link my smartmoney account to my number coz i want my new number to be linked to my smartmoney account so i can transfer money to other account..

    tnx for ur kindness

  16. Daphne // May 2, 2010 at 6:50 am //

    i lost my w-pin someone sent me money thru smartmoney,how will i retrieve my w-pin for i can’t get my money?

  17. hello,
    can i withdraw my smart money balance..and convert it to cash..?? how??? ..thanks in!!

  18. Hi Guys,

    Hope this helps on your concerns:

    1.) Smart money can be linked to your Paypal Account
    2.) Your electronic money can be converted to cash by withdrawning at any BDO or Bancnet ATMs or by asking a friend if he/she can give you cash in exchange of transferring the same amount to your friend’s account using your smart money
    3.) If you want to connect your new number to your smart money card, simply go to any Smart Wireless Center for assistance
    4.) When you withdraw in BDO, you dont have to choose between current or savings option… there’s a new option “smart money” option to avoid confusion
    5.) It’s partnered with Mastercard, which means you could pay for your shopping, coffee drinks, restaurants, and many more by simply swiping the card. Take note, you should have enough balance in your card to pay for what you got and make sure the store accepts Mastercard.
    6.) In case you card got stolen, you can easily block it using with one click from your cellphone
    7.) Any withdrawal, transfer and deposit you make in your smart money sends an alert to your number for your reference.
    8.) If you have more questions, please call the hotline… if they can’t answer you go to Smart Wireless centers…

  19. I can’t link my BDO cash card to my smart money card I want to transfer an amount of money from BDO cash card to my Smart money Card. I can’t Enroll my BDO CASH card ATM to smart money – mobile Banking Tell me what to do

  20. me too the same with Lendie lol is that possible?

  21. James Carl // July 13, 2010 at 11:34 am //

    I already activated my smart money account. Where should I get the smart money card? Should I go to any smart outlets for me to get my card?

  22. what is the use of smart money??

  23. can i deposit to my smart money even if didn’t get my smart money card??

  24. hello,
    i want to transfer or withdraw my money from my smartmoney but they said that the request is not processed. what will i do?i need the money… pls help me guyz

  25. how will i know my smart money number i wanted it kasi to load money pero sabi nung retailer kailngn ng smart money number pero nakalimutan ko na wpin lang alam ko.hope ul help me

  26. bkit ganun twag ako ng tawag sa customer hotline ng smart money wala sumasagot ilang beses na.. patay na yata mga operator nila eh mabilis lang sila magkaltas ng load, tas ilang beses din ako di ma link yun card ko transaction not processed paulit ulit… bullshit ang bagal bagal parang sarap itapon nalang wlang kwenta smart money mahihirapan lang kayo kc mbagal ang processing nila…kaya yun sa mga gusto sumubok wag nalang gagaguhin lang kayo ng smart mag eon debit card nalng kayo instead worth 1000 pesos ok na lahat lahat di mo na kailangan mag activate pa sa sim card tulad ng smart kailangan tawagan mo pa sila para e activate ka nila andami process tas di ka namn sasagutin puro oo wala nman.. (SCAMMER ANG SMART)

  27. read the Smart Money FAQ’s

    or look for information at their home page

  28. I have a Smart Money Card that I tried to link to my Paypal account, I had over 1,000p on the card, unlocked w/ my pin, it was declined.

    I attempted to purchase online an item at my Smart Money Card was declined.

    I tried to pay for webhosting charges my Smart Money card was declined.

    I used scissors to cut the card in half and throw in the garbage… worked just fine.

  29. @ Jocelyn…Lol!

  30. when can i get my smart money card? can i get it rushed?

  31. smart money card is blocked..what will i do..i need your answer now..i really nid to widraw my money..

  32. I forgot my w-pin code what should i do plz help me. dko kasi ma trnsfer ung load ko

  33. I have a Smart Money card but I can’t link it to PayPal. It always says card has been denied though I tried to unlock it first and it has P2,000. This is so frustrating!

  34. I’m having trouble transferring money to other accounts: it says “generic card not allowed to transfer”, lol I have only one virtual account and I’ve been doing transfer transaction for 5 yrs, whats going on?.. this sucks!!

  35. how do i link my number to my smart moneycard coz if i send money i cant transfer coz the number i used b4 for my smart account was stolen so can you help me how i do link it again ..and i always receive a message that my request is not the customer hotline no. on your card… but we dont know that number….. plsss help me pls…

  36. For Paypal verification. You must open your smart money account to internet transactions. Send INTERNET to 343.. go to your smart menu pick a Internet Txns and pick unlock. Immediately click the verify on paypal because Smart automaticaly locks internet transaction in a minute or two.

  37. Generic cards cannot transfer or withdraw funds. You have to go to a Smart Wireless Center to get a personalized card. You have to fill up a form and pay P120. Your card will be available in a few hours. If you already have a generic account, you can get a personalized card by applying online at
    You will receive a call from Smart to verify your identity. Your card will be available for pick-up in a few days at a Smart Wireless Center of your choice. Bring your id and payment of P100. To be able to purchase online, make sure that the Smart Money menu on your phone contains the Internet Txns option. If you do not see this on your phone, just text INTERNET and send to 343.For all your concerns, call 15177 for free on your Smart phone.

  38. joann agao // November 2, 2010 at 9:35 pm //

    MY PERA KC AKO SA isa kong atm visa card yun at gusto ko itransfer sa SMARTMONEY CARD ko,,, kaso tinatanong skin kung what yung IBAN tska swiftcode nng bank pwede ko bng mlaman kung pwede itransfer yung money ko sa smartmoney card ko kc master card yun dba dollar account po kc yung nsa visa card ko plssss respond plsssss

  39. hi. bat walang sumasagot na operator sa 15177 para i activate yng smart money k, nakalagay kasi dun sa smart money card k “dial tchubatchutchu using your smart cellphone to activate your smart money, until now wlang sumasagot…. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh…

  40. I have 6,000 pesos in my smart money,i have been trying to purchase online but it is always denied,i unlocked it bcuz i recieved the sms that it is ready to use yet when i am trying to use it …sms said its locked! Can i use my card purchasing online via paypal? I am verified user but when i tired to link my smart money card to paypal its denied…what is wrong with it? THANKS!

  41. @ eloi i know the feeling. 30 minutes na akong nag-aantay na may sumagot sakin.

    ang prob ko nmn. d daw ako authorized na mag link ng smart money account ko sa smart mobile number ko. nkakainis tuloy… it’s so frustrating

  42. Natandaan ko kung anong pincode ko para sa smart money card na in apply ko sa Smart wIRELess center sa SM Fairview. Nung magkapera yung Smart Account ko at gusto ko loadan yung Number ko which is Smart also (of course) Mali daw yung pin. Invalid daw. Tsaka ang dami nag popost dito. Wala namang taga Smart na sumasagot. ANo bang silbi nitong mga post eh wala naamng sumasagot sa mga tanong natin. Okay sila sa advertisement na ganito ganun pero pagdating sa customer care, WALA? Do you agree guys?

  43. msfrustrated // December 4, 2010 at 7:10 pm //

    hay naku guys..nakakabwisit.. after waiting forever for my smart money card..kala ko tapos na problema..grabe di na pala accepted ngayun ang smart money card ng paypal, nag load pa naman ako ng 500 pesos sa smart money kasi yun ang minimum..kaya i suggest kumuha nalang kayo ng EON visa card 350 lang yung annual fee sigurado pa ma verified kayo..

  44. what if my smart money acct. got 0 balance???na withdraw q kc lahat…nag 0 bal. na xa! ma closed acct. kaya un???pls i realy need ans. poh tagal kc ma contact sa phone eh!

  45. It is possible to have 2 smart money card linked to one sim?

  46. Thanks Smart Money MC, nakakabili na ako ng airline ticket using my Smart Money MC, walang kaprobleproblema at safe pa gamitin sa mga online.. more power SMMC.

  47. miriam v.piaca // December 27, 2010 at 10:35 pm //

    I forgot my pin what should i do?pls help me

  48. pag may maghulog bah sa SMARTMONEY ACCOUNT mo pwedi pa ba yan makuha sa susunod na araw? halimbawa ngayun petsa niya ihulog pwedi ko pa ba yan kunin sa january 3?

  49. I am greatly discourage by the services of smart money. There is no proper accommodation on answering the doubts and questions of their customers / subscribers. The hotline (tel numbers) that they’d given are non- functional and inefficient in dealing with their consumers


  51. Arnolia T Nagel // January 24, 2011 at 6:21 pm //

    On saturday january 22 2011 i withdrew the amount php 600 pesos but no money came out but it was already deducted from my smart money card today i was in the bank where i made the withdrawal but she told me the bank where i made the withdrawal is balancing so i went to BDO the same day saturday i also withdrew in Bdo but cannot process my transaction when i got home i got a message withdraw 600 this is small amount but this cost of money now my husband who is abroad dont want to send to my smart money card until i recoverd the php 600 i went to BDO where i made the last transaction but the teller told me to call smart money hotline i tried many times i cannot reach the hotline i hope the 600 pesos can be returned to my account in smart money card

  52. Arnolia T Nagel // January 24, 2011 at 6:27 pm //

    This is the message from my smart money card (22 jan 1052;You have withdrawnP600.00from card Nagel all my transaction goes to my cellhpone this is my first time it happened thats why today im so disappointed for this smart money card

  53. Arnolia T Nagel // January 26, 2011 at 5:21 am //

    Thanks that the money i withdrew last january 22 was returned yesterday in my account i was there in smart money center

  54. May problema din ako sa aking smartmoney card. I’ved Linked it to entropay pero d nmn mka transfer ng funds kahit nka unlock na.

  55. panu po i cancel yun inaplayan ko

  56. I just applied for a personalised card.

    In everyone’s experience, how long did it take to get your card?

  57. helo kelb..
    basi sa pgaply ku ng personalized smart money card ay ngwait aku ng 7working days…
    tsaka my text din na galing sa smart na pwedi muna pick up ung card mu kung san ung prefered wireless center ang cnbi mu ng twagan k nila for comfrmtion……
    skin nga sa sm mega mall ku lng pinick up…..

  58. please i need the swift code in smart money card sir/ madam can i have that..bcos i need swift code to transfer my money to my ATM card of smart money..thnks

  59. how can i reload my load wallet (retailer sim) using smart money? i want to sell eload and earn some money.

  60. DAMN SMART MONEY.. tagal sumagot ng CS nila mag w8 ka ng 30mins to 50min bago sagutin..

    my smart money mc ako. sabi nila activated na. tapos pag nag try ko ilink ung smart money card ko to mobile. laging sinasabi na ” REQUEST NOT BE PROCESSED.. 100 msg na ganyan natangap ko. pag ka tawag ko sa CS NILA. sabi mag wait ng 24 hours after 24hours tumawag ako at sabi nanamn nila mag wait ng another 24 hours. 5x nila renifresh ang smart money ko pero wala parin.. DAMN DAMN DAMN……. nakakainit ng ulo tapos sabi activated na siya. tapos nag punta me sa malapit na store d2 para ma fundan ko ung smart money ko pero. di nila ma fundan ung smart money ko… ano ba yan MGA TAGA SMART WALA KAU GINAGAWA … KAYA ANONG SILBE NGAUN NITONG SMART MONEY KO>? tskk tskk PARANG INISCAM NIYO LANG UNG BINAYRAN KO SA CARD EHH DI KO NAMN MAGAMIT UNG CARD.. DAMN DAMN DAMN.,,,

  61. hello .. ask ko lang bket d po aq mkapag withdraw ??? the machine say’s that my transaction is not processed .. anu po problema ??? please reply ASAP !!!!!

  62. Pls. advise what to do for me to withdraw my money from an atm. If I cannot do this, Smart money card has no other use other than purchasing and loading (stocking) money and sure not giving me any options. Pls. advise.

  63. how can i know my smartmoney account?

  64. i forgot my w-pin.., what should i do.!:(

  65. how much is smart money card??

  66. kainis amn t0ng smart money eh, d ak0 mkapag purchase online gnwa k na lhat ni loadan k na ng 1000 php sa card k, inunlock k na ,, nagpaload nak0 ng 30 sa smart?? wala pa rin ansabi

    “transaction for your card (card name) was not processed please select call smart to contact smart money hotline”

    ??? how stupid is that, khit paypal ayaw??? help anyone…

  67. how will i know that there is money already in my account?…

  68. hi i want to know if its possible to receive payment from any master card credit card to my smart money account/card??please enlighten me.ty

  69. Does it mean you have to always unlock the smart money card if you are going to verify your paypal account and purchase online?..

  70. marie cris // August 10, 2011 at 4:34 pm //

    why i can’t use my smart money card with paypal . . . i tried to call the customer hotline and it says di pa daw pwedeng magamit ang card na smart money para ma-verify ang account ko sa paypal . . pwede pakisagot din po mga katanungan ng mga costumers .. my card is being denied .. zero balance po ung account ko , gusto kong magreload para malagyan pero how can i assure na maproproseso ang transaction na gnagawa ko with paypal????????? pls help

  71. Hi, i want to get a smart money master card so that i can verify my paypal account. Do i need to have a BDO account to get a smart money master card? And what are the requirements for BDO and Smart money? Thank you and have a nice day!

  72. You can visit Smart wireless center and let them do the activation of your Smart Money. Once it is activated, you can apply for a Smart Money card from them. You only need to fill up form, bring 2 valid IDs and pay 250 pesos for the Smart Money Card.

    You’ll be back after 7 to 14 days to claim your card. Then, call the Smart customer service hotline for them to connect your card to your smart money account number on your cp. In that case, all transactions being made will be sent to you via text message.

    You can also change WPIN (phone transactions pin) and ATM PIN (card pin) through text messaging.

    Good Luck! :)

  73. hi.. please help me how to locate the account number na pinadalhan ko ng pera. all i have here is the account number and no mobile number of that user.. tnx

  74. jane smith // October 14, 2011 at 9:37 am //

    required po bang kumuha ng smartmoney mastercard para magamit ang smartmoney services lalo na yung pag-withdraw from smartmoney. Ano po ba ang pinagka-iba ng smartmoney sa mobile lng at ng smartmoney mastercard when it comes to fees, charges and maintenance in withdrawing money. Please explain to me further.

  75. Hello po,
    I have a smart money card and I recieved 5000 from other smart money account and then when i went to atm it says ”temporarily unable..then I went to smart the teller says i have to call the hotline and I one answered..I already activated my account and it has balance but I can’t withdraw my i transferred it to my friend’s account and she said she didn’t recieve it…but the 5000 was can i get it back?

  76. Ramil Mangente // October 15, 2011 at 5:40 pm //

    Two years na akong nagpapadala ng pera sa smart money through smart center robinsons galleria branch even if I dont have smart money account, and now naassign ako dito sa cebu, two smart centers pinuntaha ko to send money. First at Metro Gaisano Branch pero offline daw and tinuro nila ako sa SM Cebu Branch kea nagmadali akong pumunta kasi ’emergency’ money ung ipapadala ko. Unfortunately 2 months na daw silang offline, the service assistant said, peru online daw kapag mag open ng smart money card. Pa’no nagyari un, offline na online? Ibig sabihin online lng sila kung may smart money account ka!I understand na marketing strategy nila un to get more smart money accountholders, peru bakit sa ibang branches pwede ka makapagpadala ng pera kahit hindi ka account holder? Iba-iba ba ang regulation ng smart center? Calling the attention ng mga concerned persons dito. Pakisagot naman ng tanong ko…

  77. Elfe Cabanas // November 8, 2011 at 11:55 am //


    If you are using smartmoney for online transactions, like verifying your paypal account, dapat my laman ang smartmoney mo by at least 200 pesos, anyway marerefund nmn yun, if transaction denied/declined and ang prompt is “denied by the bank that issued your credit card”, then kailangan mong iactivate yung card the hotline number and wait for someone to pick up the phone and talk to you. SOmetimes you have to be patient enough before ka magtatatalak or else, masasayang lang ang smartmoney mo dhil hindi mo nmn nagamit.I can assure you na kayang iverify ng smartmoney ang paypal account but as of the moment hindi pa pwedeng ilink ang smartmoney sa paypal for withdrawal purpose, only for account verification. I dont promote smart and its services, I would just like to help others who are experiencing the same troubles with smartmoney that i have experienced in the past.

    For ATM Withdrawals with “not processed” prompt

    In this case, you pressed on with the wrong tab. At the lower left side of the ATM machine screen, you will see smartmoney. THis is where you can withdraw your money from your account.

    I hope I had been a help.

  78. bakit po ganun hindi po ako maka withdraw ng pera ko using my smart money card,, lagi lumilitaw sa machine excceeded pin entry.. pero tama naman po yung pinipindot kong atm pin ko.. hayyy kakabdtrip tlga,, help namn po

  79. I just read from the official website of smart na pag ang start ng smartmoney card is 5571, hindi pwedeng gamitin to purchase online

  80. geraldine // December 8, 2011 at 3:31 pm //

    hello pwede ko po ba mgamit ang aking smart money card for online booking pra sa plane


  82. hi, gusto ko sana i verify yung paypal ko using smartmoney and proceed to online shopping pero laging denied.. i unlocked it many times and top it with 7k. pero hindi parin, even if i directly use it as a mastercard credit card while shopping laging denied.. is it really true na pwede tong gamitin? dahil kung hindi syang nung nilagay ko.. kukunin ko nnman ulit,

  83. Happy New Year! I have a problem with my Smart Money card. I wanted to buy some items online. But, after I finished all that I needed to be fill up, an error message like this
    Reason: [DECLINED] SGS-000001: D:DeclinedXXSP:Code [] :: (AuthResponse: 107) (Message: DECLINED)

    was shown in the screen.. Can you help me with this, pls. Thanks

  84. hello hindi poh ba masira ung atm smart money card ko or ma cancel kapag ilang buwan na hindi ko maloadan ng money or ma check balance ?

    need ur response poh

  85. Shan Txian // January 14, 2012 at 9:40 am //


  86. Shan Txian // January 14, 2012 at 9:43 am //


  87. hello poh paano magdeposit ng BDO smartmoney sa abroad? gusto ko sana lagyan ang smartmoney ko pero ang sabi dito magpagawa daw ako ng bago na account? paano na ang previous na account ko e cancel ba nila yun?

    please help!!!

  88. Bakit ganun , pag nag ta transfer ako ng pera ang tagal tagal dumating ng confirmation? pero pag nag load ako sa cp ko, dumarating na ang smart money message.

    Kaylangan ba lagi ko loloadan ang cp ko pag mag ta transfer ako ng funds?

  89. gud morning… kailangan pa ba na i-activate sa mobile phone ang smartmoney mastercard after na ma-activate na ng smart representative ung card? ksi kahit sinabi nila na activated na hindi pa rin ako makapag widraw sa atm machine,laging cannot process…hanggang sa na blocked na accnt ko dahil umabot na ako sa pin tries limit…. hay naku…ngaun pinabalik ko na lang sa default ang pin ko….pls respond…..thanks..

  90. Hi,kaka pick up kulang po ng smart money card ko this morning, tataka lang ako bakit hindi ako siningil ng P120 for that card processing? then umalis nako, then later on I tried to activate my card by calling 15177, bakit hindi ako maka contact? puro tutut then call ended?? sira ba operator line nila? o hindi kaya binlock yung number ko dhil baka nkalimutan ako singilin ng 120?

    respond naman po.. thanks

  91. hi!
    how do i unlock my smartmoney card when i have to add it to my paypal account?

    i found something from the net how to unlock and it says I have to go to the menu of my fone which is INTERNET TXN then choose unlock, unfortunately i dont have it. only TXN SUMMARY.

    pls advise,

  92. Jiro

    Try mong tumawag gamit ang ibang cellphone na smart

  93. I forgot my ATM PIN of my smartmoney card..Please help me!

  94. Researcher // March 13, 2012 at 12:31 pm //


    Link your card to your smart sim.. ( see previous instructions.)

    then atm pin can be nominated using ur smart sim via smart menu.

    if you’re having difficulty.. try to call 845-7777 smartmoney hotline

  95. what is the difference between smart money and smart padala?

  96. first time ko pang gumamit ng smartmoney card pero nakakabadtrip lang pla abala sa trabaho lang hindi mo pa alam panu makukuha ang pera kasi pati customer service nila wala ring mga kwenta hindi nakakapagbigay ng malinaw na instruction panu i solve problem about sa smart money ko. ang tagal March 28 pa ang pera dun pero till now di ko alam panu makuha yun kapag sa smart center kami nagpapatulong isa lang sasabihin nila maam call kayo sa customer service may instruction sila dun after ko naman call ang customer representative nila ito lang din ang sasabihin maam hindi po kasi namin maipasok ang card nyo., ang tagal pa nila sumagot wala pang kwenta ang mga sagot so panu ngayon niyan parang pinapamigay lang natin ang pera sa kanila.,hindi ko alam panu makukuha ang pera ko sa lahat ng pinupuntahan ko wala rin masabing sagot. BADTRIP

  97. dapat po lahat ng smartcenter nyo alam kung panu makukuha ang pera kapag nagkaproblema ang card hindi yung kailangan mo pa maghintay ng matagal na panahon para lang sa wala. maraming pd pagpadalhan ng pera pero sinubukan ko tong sabi na maganda DAW ang smarmoney mas mabilis un pala maalanganin pa ang pera na pinapadala. at saka ung mga CSR nyo inaantok pa yata kasi di marunong sumagot

  98. is it possible to send regular load to my smart money account?

  99. Hi. Can I avail smart money card with a Talk ‘n Text sim? Thanks! :))

  100. mai aldecoa // July 2, 2012 at 4:33 pm //

    Is my smart money pin number also the same pin whenever im going to widraw from an atm machine?

  101. i deposited 12k in my smart money july 2, till now wala post s card, sb skin s smart mga 3 days p posting, den may lock & unlock, evrytime ggmitin mo , u nid to unlock , after 30 min , lock ulit, 2.50 / unlocking nkkinis , i thought mppdali transactions on line using smart money NAGKAMALI AQ , d ko n p renew

  102. katherine // July 7, 2012 at 11:11 am //

    helow…panu ko po ulit ilink or iactivate ung smart money ko kasi nagpalit ako ng sim..panu po yon

  103. ako may smart money card na for pickup nalang kaso nagdadalawang isip ako kung kukunin ko pa ba kc puro negative nababasa ko.ok lng ba kahit di ko na kunin yun? sayang din kc efort ko at 120 pesos na fee kung di ko naman magagmit nang maayos yung card. o bka naman may penalty pa ko pag di ko kinuha yun? aproved na sya, na confirm via txt msg na kukunin ko nalang daw sa sm yung card, pls advise. thnx

  104. Dee Vega // July 26, 2012 at 9:35 pm //

    I cant withdraw ung funds q khit sa anung atm,pmnta q sa wireless center kng san ako ng avail nito sbi lang nila try q daw twgan ung hotline so I did. Then i was told by the CSR that my card is generic daw and i am not able to withdraw daw anything lower than 50k????i was so upset kc wla s SmartMoney handbook nila na generic card lang pla to and that i have to personalize pa ung card before i can withdraw. I activated this card with their representative,
    But she never told me anything about my card being generic
    Or anything.and na activate q n tong card 2 wks ago, pnu
    Ngyari na hnd p nila na update ung status ng card q to personalized. Grabe svc ng Smart Money. Very misleading!!!!

  105. Dee Vega // July 28, 2012 at 4:27 am //

    So panu yan @Alona? did u ever get to withdraw ur funds ba?kc same thing happened to me. pina reset to default q nlang ung atm pin ko kc hnd aq mka withdraw and mali daw ung pin q eh default lang nman nilagay q dun wla p aqng pinalitan na kahit na ano now hnd q p alam if mawwithdraw q pa money q…pls help!!!share nyu naman what happened..

  106. hi maybe the reason why u cant use your card on withdrawing and purchasing online its because your card is not yet lift or u dont unlock it go to smart center and tell them the problem or call the hotline

  107. I have transferred my paypal funds to my smart money BDO account… but it didn’t appear in my balance. how will i withdraw that money? somebody help! plz!

  108. joseph jaralve // August 8, 2012 at 11:17 pm //

    goodevening .. i just wanted to follow up if when i am able to get my smart money card bcos its been a long time since i applied .. its almost 15 days and i havent received any email from them

  109. Hi. Can i use my husband’s smart number to register with smartmoney under my account? Thank you!

  110. I can’t withdraw any cash from the card, it say’s “It cannot be processed”.. how will i be able to get the money from it? thanks.

  111. that was the problem of smartmoney users.problema talaga bagal pa.bkit pa nag open cla ng smartmoney kng ganito daming reklamo since bfor until now..inis ako!emergency pagagamitan ko pero dko maasahan smartmoney! dami ko transctions and business online step by step ako sumunod pero daming arte ng smartmoney.i have my card and twas actvated already,i wana link tru online trnsctn even trnsfr to othr pero tatawag kpa sa hotline para maging succesfuly trnsct..sana magawan ng paraan.hav u read daming ngreklamo sa nu til this day.tsk.badtrip!

  112. i tried linking to paypal khit my laman smartmoney ko pero declined.naku sana gawan nyo paraan. thanku!

  113. lahat ng reklamo dto naxperience ko kaya di na ako nag smartmoney.wasted time,effort and load!

  114. jandy patotoy // September 19, 2012 at 1:04 pm //

    bakit transaction is unable to process????

  115. I have been using Smart Money to buy stuff in the Internet. And super like ko sya! Never akong nagkaroon ng problems. Laging naaaccept yung payment ko and dumadating on-time mga orders ko from other countries. Recently, tin-ry kong i-link ang Smart Money ko sa PayPal and wala akong naging problem. If you want to link your Smart Money sa PayPal, make sure na may load ang Smart sim card mo. Then you have to unlock it for Internet transactions. Kailangan mabilis ang pagclick mo kasi nagautomatic unlock ang Smart Money within 10 mins. Two days ago, tinry kong magwithdraw ng Paypal funds ko sa Smart Money. I’m still waiting for the transfer. I am expecting to receive the money by tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

  116. why i cant withdraw in all atm machines almost 3 weeks now…its says temporarily unable to process your transactions…pls help me …:(:(

    i really need the money but i cant withdraw..huhuhhuu help help plzzzzzzz…

  117. Pano po transaction from
    My smart money transfer to smart padala?pwede po ba yun or vice versa smart padala transfer to smart money?need your reply.tnx

  118. I’ve been using smart money and so far walang problems. What I really like about it is for every purchase made you receive an SMS advice. So for pranings like me, assured ka na ma alert immediately kung me fraudulent transaction. Added safety pa yung kelangan i unlock mo siya for Internet transaction.

    Plus, accepted siya sa internet sites where other debit cards get rejected for example Airphil express to buy tickets. And there’s also no charge for loading it up in any Bdo branch. So para sa akin, I’ve entirely replaced my other cards with this one.

  119. Gabriel L. Cahilig // October 15, 2012 at 3:26 pm //

    Smart Gentlemen:

    How can I retrieved my erring ATM PIN? Said ATM PIN is the same with my w-PIN. When transacting with said w-PIN is also okay.

    Thanks & God bless!

  120. Why is dat if mag t’transfer ako ng money sa smartmoney account ng friend ko laging sinasabi “Request not processed. Generic cards not allowed in transfer”. ANIMAL sakit sa ulo!! Bat sila nagbibigay ng account # kung sinasabing generic cards pala yun! Sobrang misleading kkuha ka ng smartmoney di mo pala mggamit! Scammers pala tong smart ehh! Kaya yumaman ng husto make sense? Kainis!

  121. magkano po ba ang dapat na laman nang smart money card bago makapag-withdraw. pinadalhan kasi ako nang friend ko tru smart padala kaso hindi ko mawithdraw yung 250.00 nabawasan lang yung balance ko sa pag check

  122. ronnie reyes // November 27, 2012 at 1:09 am //

    paano po makakakuha ng void check? ito p kasi ang kailangan, para maproseso yung pera. ito yung email nila sa akin. (Unfortunately the transfer was rejected by your bank, due to Invalid A/C number. In order for us to transfer your funds successfully, we need you to send us a copy of a voided check or bank statement with all of your valid bank account details for validation.) paki sagot naman po agad.salamat


  124. *** Mel *** // December 4, 2012 at 3:12 pm //

    Guys… Read instruction/manual booklet with your New Smart Money Mastercard… it is written there that it MUST BE ACTIVATED before using the card… Follow the instruction first, if you can’t just call their hotline 15177 on your smart sim… like what I did and I am using my Smart Mastercard… my Paypal , Moneybookers were verified thru this card…

  125. Shalini Carlos // December 13, 2012 at 8:29 pm //

    Hi,i used smart money card to purchase online but it was always denied even though i unlocked it many times.What’s wrong with it?.when i checked my balance,my load was gone,as in zero.i called customer service,it says it’s there.What’s the truth?I’m worried.

  126. Hi, I have filed an application form online, but they didn’t get back to me or anything, so I think I need to go to wireless center, but my question is, how long do I get my smartmoney card, do I have to wait long, how many days or I can get it right away?. Thanks

  127. bakit po ganun hnd ako mkawithdraw ng pera s smart money card ko.. b4 i am using passbook..kaso b4 pasko nag transfer ako ng pera para makawithdraw ako anytime..gosh.. ilang bdo atm machine sinubukan ko laging unavailble.. so un bumalik nalang ako s smart store..sabi nila try ko daw ulit..wala pa din.. til now hnd pa din ako mkawithdraw .. hassle talga… HELP.

  128. Can i reload smart load wallets using my smart money account?

  129. GOOD DAY! My concern is about the UNLOCKING of the smart money card. I’ve already unlocked the card for withdrawals, transactions and etc., but the card is still not letting me withdraw my money neither purchase items from shopping malls. Thankfully, I’ve got some cash in my wallet in case of emergency. It didn’t work! hahaha. My question now is, where can I actually get my money if the card won’t let me buy anything? or i have to unlock everytime I make transactions? thanks.

  130. Hello ‘

    share q lang po bout my issue,im currently out of the country,now my concern is:
    ung w-PIN q ba is still the same when i make withdrawals thru ATM machine? furthermore, do i need to reload my smartmoney mastercard to make online purchases such as buying tickets & etc..
    and i also read from other articles(sites) that smartmoney can be used internationally coz its affiliated with CIRRUS and also connected with BDO now my question is:

    *everytime na mag widraw ba aq using atm machine kailangan q ba i-unlock ung account q using my mobile to make online transaction?

    *do i need to reload my smartmoney mastercard to make online purchases such as buying tickets & etc..

    pls help me with my concerns
    looking forward to get some feedback and infos.
    godbless us all..

  131. christine // March 9, 2013 at 2:23 pm //

    may itatanong lang po sana ako tungkol sa smart money card ko. kasi every year po kasi ako kinakaltasan ng 200 pesos sa account ko. para saan bayun at saka pwde ko paba yun ma claim or makuha ulit. at saka pwede ko bang magamit sa grocery ang smart money card ko?

  132. pununako // March 14, 2013 at 5:31 pm //

    -Nawawala balance
    -nakakaabala; pabalik balik sa Center
    -walang Customer Service na makatulong



  134. Pintootsra // April 16, 2013 at 12:39 pm //

    Ang daming NEGATIVE review nito. balak ko pa naman mag smart money..hays!

    Buti pa globe gcash. Napakadali!!

  135. Pintootsra // April 20, 2013 at 11:54 am //

    Mga peeps, ask lang ako, kapag ba nagregister ako sa smart to have my 16 digit account number, makakatannggap na ba ako ng money even though wala pa kong smart money CARD?

  136. Sa mga nahihirapan kumontak sa hotline, mas maganda po tumawag ng mga 10pm-11pm sa 15177.

    Mas maganda pag may smart money card kasi maiiwasan mo ang malaking charges na 2% ng iyong ipapadala lalo na kung malaki ang iyong ipapadala. P5 per transaction ang charge kada withdrawal.

    Once na may smartmoney # ka na, pde ka ng makareceive ng padala.
    Naghahanap ka ba ng NBA Shirts, couple shirts at iba pang personalized items? puntahan ang aming FB. Niwrekx Digital Print Shop.

  137. Cristina // June 21, 2013 at 8:42 pm //

    how do I unlink my smart money card from my mobile phone no# coz i lost my cp so what do i need to do coz my transaction will be seen on my cp so i need to change cp number to link again..what can i do

  138. its been one month since i applied for a smart money card, the representative from smart communication already called me and validated my account but sad to say that until now i haven’t received any text message from smart on when to get my smart money card. I really don’t know if my application was approved or not.Badly need your help.Thanks!

    d f*ck dba? imagine, nanggaling mismo s number nla un tx tapos wla daw s system nla, tumwg ako s hotline at nagpunta s center pero wla sila magawa, SCAM!!!! ayw ibalik un pera q…

    d hell, smart money, U hav 2 do something about it!!! its either n-hhack ang system nyo or scam ang company nyo!!!!!

    u hav 2 giv it back otherwise ipapa-media ko kau!!!

  140. hi how can i know if my card is already activated?

  141. I forgot my pin, how to locate my pin?

  142. GUYS UNG HINDI MAKAPAG PAGANA NG SMART MONEY CARD, NASA SIM SETTINGS PO YUN. Everytime na gagamitin niyo online, go to Sim Settings > Smart Money > Internet Txns > Unlock. Unfortunately, we have to do this everytime we are gonna use it online.

    Source? Well, I had been buying apps from iTunes, Google Play Store and many more online merchant stores. Try it guys! :)

  143. Palagi sinasabi sa itunes na security code is invalid daw po. I need help asap please :(((

  144. tama si bebs scammer nga ang smart gaya ng BDO panay kaltas di naman ok ang transaction. Tulad yung applcation nila sa android minsan di gumagana at wala pang reloading features.

  145. Mukhang pera talaga ang smart, sabi 2.5 pesos ang transaction 5 pesos naman sa inquiry at buy a load lang ang 2.5 pesos.

  146. yung cellular base ng smart money sobra kung kumaltas sa roaming


  148. hello, ask ko lang kung pwedeng mag transfer ng money online from BDO to other person’s Smart Money account? pwede ba yun?

  149. to smartmoney management… i guess your system had a problem. Two days ago, my smartmoney accnt has been deducted of 900 hundred pesos without making any transction.I heard more complaints from the other smartmoney users for smart pera padala. nakakaloka ang pasimpleng sistemang pagnanakaw nio sa amin …you need to upgrade your system.

  150. Hey there! Ask ko lang kung kailangan pa ba kumuha ng smart money mastercard? Kasi parang it’s too much work because I only need to use this in one transaction. Pls respond. Thank you.

  151. na-receive ko na ang smartmoney mastercard ko..papaano ko marereceive naman yung atm/card pin ko?

  152. rasniyah sumndad // November 27, 2013 at 4:03 pm //

    tanong ko lang po sana kung pano ko makukuha un confirmation ng smart money.. may nagpadala kc saken.. ndi pumasok un confirmation ng samart money pero nabawasan un balance ko… ano po kyang dapat ko pong gawin… please help…

  153. matatanggap po ba agad nung tao na pagpapadalhan ko yung pera pag pinadala ko sa smart money account nya kahit wala ung reference number??asap..

  154. saturnino // December 1, 2013 at 2:53 am //

    hnd po ako mkpag send ng money ..panu po ba to?? kc pag mag tra2nsfer ako my nka sulat na “ERROR IN PLUG-IN DATA..

    plz help me nman
    dko kc mgamit card ko.

  155. kailan ba mag online system para sa smart money card? kasi last Dec. 3, 2013 pa daw nag offline yung system hindi ako naka withdraw sa atm.. pls… help…..

  156. I wished to get one but after reading all these comments, I don’t even feel reading them any further. This Smart service appears to be a mere scam or perfectly incompetent.

    Anyway, just one question. For example I have 1000 load in my smart money, then I purchase an item online worth 900. I will pay through my smart money as a master card. WILL IT DEDUCT AMOUNT SAME TO PRICE (900) OR WILL IT CHARGE AN ADDITIONAL “CONVENIENCE” FEE?


  157. Agree and like very much this comment….”ang dami nag popost dito. Wala namang taga Smart na sumasagot. ANo bang silbi nitong mga post eh wala naamng sumasagot sa mga tanong natin. Okay sila sa advertisement na ganito ganun pero pagdating sa customer care, WALA? Do you agree guys?

  158. Jessielyn // March 21, 2014 at 7:18 pm //

    there is no option on my sim toolkit “My Smart Money” only my name appears. i cannot transfer load. what should i do?

  159. paano po marerefund kung nagkamali ng account number in case ayaw magreply ng napagpadalahan.matanda na kase ang nagpadala.pero ng macheck mali pala yung account number na pinagpadalhan.malaking halaga pa naman mababawi pa po ba yun?please i need reply ASAP. thanks

  160. sa smart official site kayo mag inquire para sure kayo ma assist kayo

  161. makakpag withdraw ka ng pera mo sa mga ATM booth basta my nklagay na master card dun sa ATM booth kasi master card ang smart money :)

  162. maria dela cruz // June 5, 2014 at 11:09 am //

    I already have my smart moneycard(activated) and enjoying processed money transferred (smart padala) all i want to ask is how to apply for an accredited smart padala bayad center in order to process another transaction (e.g. to pay bills to their biller partner) and how i can earn income thru this.please give some advice.As of now, im operating my business here in my house only. what are the requirements to submit. thanks and more power” god bless

  163. rovilyn taguba // July 26, 2014 at 5:20 pm //

    goodpm. i cant transfer my smart money bal to anyone.. i always receive a message with “NO ENOUGH FUNDS” though i already have 800 balance in my smartmoney account.. can anyone help me? pleasee :'(

  164. what this meant Error:E3 xxx

  165. Hi pahelp naman! If kukuha ba ako sa mismong smart center ng smart money card makukuha ko ba sya ng isang araw lang?

  166. Sa mga may problema na Error: E3 xx

    Tawag po kayo sa Smartmoney hotline 15177 gamit po ang cellphone ninyo na nakalink sa smartmoney card, then tatanungin po kayo ng operator tungkol sa details ninyo, anong klaseng cp ang gamit, then sasabihan kayo na wag nyo ibaba yung phone kasi irereboot nila yung system/menu ng smart sim nyo na nasa cellphone. .after 5 mins (yan po yung inantay namin ng gf ko) nagsend na sila ng confirmation na narefresh/reboot na ang sim ko and then ok na wala na yung Error E3 XX

    Suggest ko lang po na wag nyo po ilipat yung sim card na nakalink sa smartmoney card nyo, mageerror po ulit kasi

    This is based on our experience, so chill lang po sa mga may problema na ganito, suggest ko po na wag nyo po tarantahin yung operator para smooth lang yung pag refresh and mawala yung Error E3 XX

    Salamat po :)

  167. @Celestine: Sana hindi pa huli na mabasa mo ito :) May instant card po sila na pwede makuha as soon as you applied for the card

  168. May bank statement ba ang smart money, if so makukuha ko ba ng isang araw lang sa smart? Magkano nga pala ang babayaran para sa smart money????

    Thanks in advance.

  169. can i get the card ahead of time?

  170. hello, if ever ba puno ng pera ung account mo, pwede bang mag withdraw ka ng pera sa atm para makapagtransact ka ulit and pasukan ulit ng pera ung account mo? thank you!

  171. I have a question po. Can I convert my regular load in smart to my smart money?pls help po tnx

  172. Panu po if yung store n pinagpadalhan ay wala n lumipat n at d ko n mhnap yung new place nya pero sknya smart money account pinadala yung pera. panu ko maclaim yung pera? Pls help po tnxs

    Pwede p po ba mretrieve yung padala, mrefund nlng nung nagpadala?

  173. i jz wnt to ask, i used to have smart money card before, but i rarely used it, that’s why i wnt to know if its been deactivated or not,if so, how can i reactivate it, is it possible that its been inactive already?

  174. Satrina mohammad // September 8, 2015 at 5:32 pm //

    Pwede ba gamitin ang smart money sa pag papabook sa flight

  175. forame cabiles // September 18, 2015 at 10:58 pm //

    Hello po pag may smart money account po tapos may pera pa po natira sa load wallet ko sa retailers sim na recycled na po, puede ko ba i transfer ang bal ng load wallet ko sa retailers sim to smart money account ko?

  176. Can I transfer my load to Smart Money as funds? Or convert load to Smart Money? PWede po ba yun?. Let’s say may 1000 ako na load and since di ko gamitin yung load, itransfer ko nalang to Smart Money as funds. Pwede ba yun?

  177. Kukuha p nmn sana ako ng card para dun n LNG mgpdala asawa ko. OK n ba smart money?

  178. Baket di na nagana yung 15177? Unreachable.. do you have an alternative hotline?

  179. roseyesor // January 30, 2016 at 1:38 pm //

    Paano i-link yung smart money ko sa new phone number ko? kc yung ginagamit ko na no. sa smart money ko ay ninakaw so need ko itransfer ang account ko sa new no. ko

    Need ur response pls.

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