List of Libreng Tawag and Charging Stations for Yolanda survivors

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Globe, Smart and Sun Cellular continue to provide Libreng Tawag (free calls) and Libreng Charging (free charging) services in Visayas. Below is a list of locations where you can call and charge your phones for free.

T – Libreng Tawag
C – Libreng Charging
Both – Libreng Tawag and Libreng Charging


Tacloban, Leyte

  1. Globe FOBN, Brgy. Naga-Naga, Tacloban City, Leyte (T)
  2. City Hall, Poblacion (T)
  3. DOLE Compound, Trece Martirez St., Tacloban City, Leyte (T)

Ormoc, Leyte

  1. Smart Retail Store, Sixto Pongos Bldg. Aviles St. (Both)
  2. City Hall, Poblacion (T)
  3. Smart Retail Store, Sixto Pongos Bldg. Aviles St. (C)
  4. Globe Sales Agency Office near Ormoc City plaza, Leyte (Both)
  5. Globe switch, J. Navarro St., Ormoc, Leyte (Both)
  6. Globe FOBN Bantigue, Ormoc, Leyte (Both)
  7. DOLE/OWWA, Ormoc, Leyte (T)
  8. Ormoc City Plaza (C)


  1. Palo Municipal Hall, Poblacion, Palo (T)
  2. Leyte Learning Center, Poblacion, Palo (T)
  3. Hindang Municipal Hall (T)
  4. Andok’s, Poblacion, Palo (T)
  5. Tanauan (T)
  6. Tacloban City Hall (T)
  7. Jaro Municipal Hall (T)
  8. IC Abgao, Maasin City (C)
  9. GT Mambahao Maasin (C)
  10. FOBN Maasin City (C)
  11. GT Maria Clara, Maasin (C)
  12. GT Macrohon (C)
  13. GT Pob. P. Burgos (C)
  14. IC Tangkaan P. Burgos (C)
  15. GT Bunga P. Burgos (C)
  16. GT Bontoc Southern Leyte (C)
  17. IC Sogod Southern Leyte (C)
  18. IC Lilo-an Southern Leyte (C)
  19. GT Nahulid (C)



Western Samar

  1. Marabut Municipal Hall (T)
  2. Basey Municipal Hall (T)


Eastern Samar

  1. Smart Cell Site, Poblacion, Borongan (T)
  2. Guiuan Airport (AM); Tanghay Lodge (PM) (T)
  3. Guiuan Airport (T)
  4. Guiuan Municipal Hall (beside police station) (T)
  5. Quinapundan Municipal Hall (T)
  6. Hernani Municipal Hall (T)
  7. Maydolong Municipal Hall (T)
  8. Dolores Municipal Hall (T)
  9. Immaculate Concepcion High School, Guiuan – across Guiuan Municipal Hall (T)
  10. Viva Commercial Center, Guiuan (T)


Bantayan Island, Cebu

  1. Smart Cell Site, Sta. Fe, Poblacion (Both)
  2. Smart Cell Site, Sta. Fe, Poblacion (C)
  3. Sta. Fe Port (T)
  4. Municipal Hall, Poblacion (T)
  5. Cultural Center, Poblacion (T)
  6. Madridejos Municipal Hall, Madridejos, Poblacion (Both)
  7. Smart Cell Site, Bantayan, Poblacion (C)
  8. Smart Cell Site, Madridejos, Poblacion (C)
  9. Brgy. Poblacion, Sta Fe (C)


  1. Mactan International Airport (T)
  2. Mactan Airport, Cebu (T)
  3. Cebu Naval Base (T)
  4. Mactan Airbase, Lapu-Lapu City (T)
  5. Bry. Tinago Gym, Cebu Evacuation Center, Cebu City (T)
  6. Ramos Gym, Cebu City (T)
  7. Capitol Gym, Cebu City (T)
  8. Looc Gym (T)
  9. Express Call Office, Bogo Proper (Both)
  10. San Francisco Municipal Hall, Camotes Island (T)
  11. Medellin Public Market (T)
  12. Hagnaya Port (T)
  13. Medellin Town Hall – solar powered (Both)
  14. Gun-ob National High School, Lapu-Lapu City (Both)
  15. Babag 2 Covered Court, Lapu-Lapu City (Both)
  16. Tinago Covered Court (Both)
  17. Bogo City Sports Complex (Both)
  18. Looc Covered Court, Mandaue City (Both)
  19. Sta. Fe Municipal Hall (Both)
  20. Guadalupe Brgy. Hall (Both)
  21. Capitol Parish Gym, Escario St. (Both)
  22. Ramos Gym, Ramos St. (Both)
  23. Bagbag 1 Gym, Lapu-Lapu City (Both)
  24. GT Antigua, Brgy. Antigua, Borbon (C)
  25. Gt Liki,Sitio Tagaytay Brgy. Liki, Sogod (C)
  26. GT Caduawan, Mt.Campatanit Caduawan, Tabogon (C)
  27. GT Valladolid, Sitio Upper Tawug Brgy. Valladolid Car-Car (C)
  28. GT Langtad, Brgy. Langtad Naga City (C)
  29. GT Pob., Naga South Pob. Naga City (C)


Negros Occidental

  1. Poblacion Toboso, Negros Occidental (Both)
  2. Public market, Escalante City, Negros Occidental (Both)
  3. Public plaza, Cadiz City, Negros Occidental (Both)
  4. Globe cell site at Cabahug St., Cadiz City, Negros Occidental (Both)
  5. Aguilar Subdivision, Sagay City (C)
  6. Brgy. Old Poblacion, Escalante City (C)



  1. Batad Municipal Hall (T)
  2. Carles Municipal Hall (T)
  3. Estancia Municipal Hall (T)
  4. Malbog Hospital, Balatan, Iloilo City (T)
  5. Jesus Colmenares District Hospital, Brgy Malbog, Balasan
  6. OWWA Office, Region VI Office, 3rd Floor, Robinson Mall, Mabini Street, Iloilo (T)
  7. Western Visayas Cyberlink Inc. HUB, Shoppers Avenue, Valeria Street (T)
  8. Globe Telecom Office in JM Basa Street. (T)
  9. Zarraga Municipal Hall (T)
  10. Dueñas Municipal Hall (T)
  11. Passi Municipal Hall (T)
  12. Barotac Viejo Municipal Hall (T)
  13. Lemery Municipal Hall (Both)
  14. Concepcion Municipal Hall (Both)
  15. San Dionisio Municipal Hall (Both)
  16. San Rafael Municipal Hall (Both)
  17. Banate (Both)
  18. Sara Poblacion (T)
  19. Anilao Municipal Hall (T)
  20. Ajuy Poblacion (T)
  21. Estancia Poblacion (T)
  22. Dingle (T)


  1. Old and New Capitol, San Jose (T)
  2. Boss Radio, San Jose (T)
  3. Lauan Municipal Hall (T)
  4. Brgy. Yapo, Barbaza (T)
  5. Bugasong Municipal Hall (T)
  6. Culasi (T)
  7. Libertad (T)



  1. Roxas City Hall, Poblacion, Roxas City (Both)
  2. Dao Public Market (T)
  3. Mambusao Municipal Hall (T)
  4. Panit-an (T)
  5. Pontevedra (T)
  6. President Roxas (T)
  7. Roxas City Hall, Poblacion, Roxas City (C)
  8. Roxas City Plaza (in front of cathedral), Capiz (Both)
  9. Ivisan Municipal Hall, Capiz (Both)
  10. Sigma (Both)
  11. Dumarao (Both)


  1. Smart Cell Site, Old Buswang, Kalibo (C)



  1. Odiongan Commercial Center, Liwayway St., Odiongan (T)
  2. Brgy. Progreso Este, Odiongan (T)
  3. Erhard System Technological Institute, Odiongan (T)
  4. Brgy Limon Norte, Looc (T)
  5. Brgy. Limon Sur, Looc (T)
  6. Odiongan (T)



  1. Coron Town Proper (beside 2GO office) (T)
  2. Culion Town Proper (T)

[Source: Smart, Globe] – Updated December 2, 2013

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