GCash Mastercard upgraded with EMV now available

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GCash has upgraded their GCash Mastercard with EMV chip technology. The EMV chip can provide better security by protecting the card against counterfeit frauds or from being replicated. Aside from the EMV upgrade, GCash Mastercard can also be requested to become Beep enabled. GCash has been issuing new GCash Mastercards upgraded with EMV since October 2016.

GCash beep Mastercard w/ EMV

For Php 210, subscribers can avail of GCash beep Mastercard with EMV, while the GCash Mastercard with EMV costs Php 150.

To apply:

  1. Go to a Globe Center or to any GCash caravans listed on their website.
  2. Fill up the GCash Service Form.
  3. Register to GCash. Skip this step if you are already have a GCash account.
  4. Link your GCash Mastercard to your GCash wallet by dialing *143#. The Globe representative will assist you in linking your card.

GCash Mastercard is an ATM debit card, which means it can be used not only to withdraw cash but also to shop & dine from stores and restaurants where Mastercard is accepted.

[Source: Yugatech and GCash on Facebook]

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1 Comment on GCash Mastercard upgraded with EMV now available

  1. Anecita San jose January 12, 2017 at 6:09 pm

    Hi got a problem with my gcash since it was already linked to another number.so customer care advised me to change my card.my question is why is it there’s no available gcash mc in sm tunasan.i still have to go to sm southmall.