DTI offers tips on avoiding text scams

Text scammers are more likely to increase now that Christmas season is fast approaching. Their style is to offer quick cash, or a house and lot, or a new car, even if the recipient of the text message never took part in a raffle. Example:

We are glad to inform you that you have won P650,000 thru PGMA. Claim ur prize, call now. I’m Atty. Garey B. Aquino from BSP Info Department. DTI Permit #3920.

I think many have fallen for such scams. Which is why, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) gave us some tips on how to detect such frauds (from Yahoo News):

First clue: the source of the text message is just an ordinary 11-digit mobile number instead of the special four-digit numbers.

Second clue: the message would claim that the recipient won in a raffle they never knew they took part.

Third clue: the message urges the recipient to claim his or her “prize” quickly. The DTI said promos usually give the winner 60 days to claim the prize.

To report a text scam, call DTI Direct Hotline at 751-3330. You can also file a complaint on their webste.

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is the executive department of the Philippine Government tasked to expand Philippine trade and industry as the means to generate jobs and raise incomes for Filipinos.

For other types of scams, click here.

Last modified: Aug 12, 2014

405 Responses to “DTI offers tips on avoiding text scams”

  1. LYRA says:

    Hi, everyone! I’m Lyra working in Saudi. I recieved a scam message in my roaming number today at exactly 12:13PM philippine time. Here it goes like these:
    Congratulations!Ur sim no. had won (650,000.00)Thru electronic Raffle draw last /05/27/2009/ Frm PGMA.Charity Foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas “handog Pangkabuhayan” to claim ur prize.!Pls.Call me now!!I’m SEC,GABRIEL C. SINGSON Frm.BSP Info.Dpt per-DTI#0422 Series of 2009.
    His Cell phone number is +639097923885
    Anybody who knows how to report this scam to DTI and Smart please.. your help can save many filipinos who will become a victim of that scam and that person who is doing it.

  2. Terry says:

    May nahuli na ba naman na ganito?

    Wala naman tayong proteksyon sa mga ganyan. Khit may nabiktima na, wala pa ring nahuhuli.

    Para que pang mag-report, di ba? Wala namang magagawa ang DTI or kung ano mang sangay ng gobyerno. May nahuli na ba?

    By the way, kakatanggap ko lang ng text na ganyan kya andito ako. Galing ung txt dito: 09199404453 at 09275411655

  3. noel says:

    Hello everyone,

    Just received a text scam yesterday july 20,2009 the text said; you have won 40,000$ under electronic raffle DTI permit #3264 series of 2008 text by ZENY Padilla and saying i have to claim the prize in 72 hours her cell # phone is 09283055144 hope you may block this # and cannot victimize more OFW who had a roaming number.
    Thank you,

  4. noel says:

    kailan ba tayo
    magkakaroon ng batas to stop scam text? hope legistator to do something
    to punish these people
    thank you!

  5. khristine says:

    Comment by Khristine on July 28, 2009 @ 12:59 pm
    I just receive 30 minutes ago a message saying “Congratulations!Ur Mobile# Had Won Php.950,000.2nd Price Winner Thru Electronic Raffle draw Frm:PGMA.Charity foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinashandog Pangkabuhayan to Claim ur prize.Call me now i’m Atty.ARNEL R.VILLAFUERTE frm:BSP Info.Dept. Per-DTI#0422 Series of 2009? -+639072216661…(that’s how he exactly texted)…How can you believe such text?It seems that the person who texted is not a Professional! I am working here in Riyadh and he texted my Roming#

    Kindly make an action for this SCAM. What if they text a problematic or uneducated person? what will happen to them?

    Please update me via my email whatever happens to this issue.

    Thank you.

  6. lebon says:

    Please beware of this scam:

    (Notice)from: APFI or Asa Phil’s Foundation lnc.Ma’m&Sir Congrat’s ur simcard # had won in our 2nd anniv. thru elec/draw worth of P680,000.00 when the APFI have Nationwide fundraising Activities last:07/28/09 dti permit # 0061 Series of 2009. 4 m’re dtl’s Pls, call me now! Sec: Eugeñio N. Roque

    From Cellphone Number: +639277072670

    Your action would be appreciated. Thank you.

  7. lebon says:

    Please beware of this TEXT SCAM:

    Last 08/02/09 Ur cell# had w0n P500,0O0+N70 Unit frm:PCCNS DTI-#9170 Series of 2009.Please call me n0W 2 claim ur prize.I’M ATTY.MIGUEL G. LOPEZ.

    From cellphone number: +639067634416

    Please take action, as a public service to our Kababayans. Thank you.

  8. jojo says:

    Please beware of this scam:

    (Notice)from: APFI or Asa Phil’s Foundation lnc.Ma’m&Sir Congrat’s ur simcard # had won in our 2nd anniv. thru elec/draw worth of P680,000.00 when the APFI have Nationwide fundraising Activities last:07/28/09 dti permit # 0061 Series of 2009. 4 m’re dtl’s Pls, call me now! Sec: Eugeñio N. Huerte

    From Cellphone Number: +639277072484

    Notice the name and the cell phone number changes. This has to stop!

  9. Rayster says:

    heto din akin. Received it around 8pm:

    (Notice)From: APFI or Asa Phil’s Foundation lnc.Ma’m&Sir Congrat’s Ur Simcard # had won in our 3rd Anniv. thru elec/draw worth of P580,000.00 when the APFI have Nationwide fundraising Activities last:08/25/09 dti permit # 4668s-09. for m’re dtl’s Pls, call me now! Sec: Arthur M. Teves.

    Cellphone no: +639215546818

    Any of you guys tried calling the said person? Ano kaya sinasabi no?

  10. sixths3ns3 says:

    DTI’s verification of permit number through text is not working. We have no protection against these scams. Even if it does, what would they do to them? NOTHING! It’s up to us. Inutil ang gobyerno natin, ganito kaliit na bagay lang di pa magawan ng paraan!

  11. anjean says:

    i receive the same text today. i thought this would be the answer of my financial burden but when i tried to google the information that i received from the sms of 00639075249897 Atty. Alex C. Mendez, i found out all these are just crap.

    well… thanks to information technology i found out that this is just a scam.

    God is watching Alex… Goodluck to you.

  12. jcruz says:

    Just received the same message from +639072470562.

    I tried calling DTI but all their call agents are busy “daw”.

    I tried going to their website to report this but there isn’t a facility to file this complaint.

    I think they should actively go after these scammers. Giving warnings to consumers is not enough.

  13. Alvin says:

    just received txt message right now..!!! i have won 650,000 through electronic raffle from PGMA Charity foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Handog Pangkabuhayan to claim ur prize call me now! Atty. Rex C. Mendez from BSP info.Dpt. Per- DTI#0432 Series of 2009… his cellphone # 09096124860…=[ WALA BA TAYO MAGAGAWA SA GANITO KLASE PANLOLOKO…!!!=[ KAILAN PA KIKILOS ANG MGA TAO NA DAPAT UMAYOS SA GANITO KLASE AT SISTEMA NG KALAKARAN SA ATING LIPUNAN!!!=[ TAMA NA ANG PAIMPRESS KAILAN AY AKSYON HINDI KOLEKSYON!!!=[

  14. che says:

    Saan b ako pwede mgreport ng scammer. Just received txt message “musta . e2 n bgo ko roaming number. ngkdperensya ung dati. nga pla mgpapadala ako jan next week. ingt kyo lagi”. Alam ko scammer un kc nbiktima n ung friend ko dati. hihingi un ng load after mo mgreply. ngreply ako s knya sabi ko alam kong manloloko sya tpos ngyon tx n sya ng tx n prang nangiinis pa. pinupuno n nya inbox ko with the same tx message.
    Please report this to DTI. cp number nya: 09275806764 kkbwisit

  15. Bel says:

    Hello everyone,

    I’ve received a text message yesterday October 19,2009 this is the message content: Mabuhay! The CFPhils Div. OFC informing your roaming # had won 40,000$ during electronic draw Pangkabuhayan 2009 para s kababayangg OFW/OCW..CFPhil…RCPC Bldng. 8th Floor, Roam 803, Makati City, Philippines as per DTI permit #3264 series of 2009: Call rightnow Rhea Palmares her cell # is +639393844228. After 1 day they sent another text message saying I have to claim the prize in 72 hours . When I called them they said I need to send 750.00$ on the Wester union for the money transmittion Fee. Then after 15 minutes they said I will recieve the money for the same Wester union. Now I asked them why should I need to pay the said amount. If I am really a winner then they will send the money. So meaning it’s just a scam.

    Please do something about this.

    Thank you,

  16. sashiki28 says:

    i also received a number of text scams from fake winning entries to a message telling me about a roaming number and that the texter would send money, etc.

    i guess it’s better not to reply to these scumbags coz they’ll just keep on bugging us. just IGNORE these idiots and take note of this blog post’s guidelines about a typical scam.

    it’s also difficult to trace these scumbags since it’s quite easy to buy sim nowadays coz it’s very cheap- hence, disposable.

    even if we want to text these scumbags to scram or leave us alone, they’ll surely just bug us with other tactical messages to get the better of us and our money.

    just ignore them even if you feel like cursing them.

  17. CAmz says:

    to report this kind of text scam… call dti hotline or visit their website.. i received also a text scam today using dti#3920 but when i check the promo the sponsor is globe and my number is smart…i want this number to be blocked +639392442561

  18. VER says:

    Hay Nako kailan pah kaya mah tatangal pang scam nila aq nga fresh nah fresh eh ngaung nov 6 2009,e2 pah cnb nia v-prss charty fund.congrats.ur Sim#had won 3rd prize php./530.000,by elctrnic cmputer rffle draw .Dti 039.series of 2009 4 mre info.Pls callme nw Im Sec.JOHN RAMA
    halata nmn nah scam kc wrong spelling kc ang pag kakaalam q maayos ang pag kaka type nila ng message,nga pla e2 ung #sna ma tawagan nio at ma detect nio para nmn ma dala nah cla.09182348890 tnx…..

  19. Louie says:

    Let’s all do our share and report every incident as much as we can.
    I just received one this morning.

    Cellphone # +63-935-982-5411

    “Congratulations! Ur Sim# Had won 2nd prize Php 980,000.00 thru electronic raffle draw last NOV/23/frm: PGMA Charity foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas “Maagang Pamaskong Pabonus” To claim Ur Prize Call me now!! I’m Atty. Armando G. Mercado frm BSP INFO Dpt per DTI# 0346 Series of 2009.”

  20. Jamie says:

    Eto rin kaka tanggap ko lang ngayon another text scam sabi sa text:

    “Auditors of PHIL. CHARITY FOUNDATION nforming u that ur sim no. had won Php950,000 2nd prize winner, 09,NCR/DTI #0438 PLS CALL ME NOW Im MRS. JESSICA L. SANCHEZ.”

    Text scam from mobile number: +639263747506

    Two times pa nag send ng message ha. Paki blocked din ng number na yan.
    Thanks and more power

  21. Josephine says:

    well we are all aware of this scams..ika nga ng kramihan, wlang manloloko kong wlang magpapaloko..kya nga u binigyang ng Diyos ng utak pra mag isip..so b4 believing to something lalo n kong pera, pag aralan muna kong totoo o hindi db…madali taung maniwala s kong ano2 but come on’, common sense nlng..mukhang pera at nasisislaw s pera ung napapaniwalang nanalo cla s raffle..ano un nanalo ka s lotto ng hindi nagtataya.cra ulo ba ang mga nagpaparaffle ng lotto n bigyan ka ng prize kong di ka nman bumili ng coupons nila…hay nman ang tao..mag isip nga kau..un lng un…

  22. edward says:

    hello everyone! just want to report this early morning..i received this message:

    Notice: Ur sim no. Had won (P680,000)thru electronic raffle draw fr:PGMA charity foundation w/ Banko Central ng Pilipinas “Handog pangkabuhayan”! to claim ur price call me now i’m ATTY. Dick B. Verano frm BSP info Dpt Per- DTI#3920 series of 2010.

  23. edward says:

    hello everyone! just want to report this early morning..i received this message:


    Notice: Ur sim no. Had won (P680,000)thru electronic raffle draw fr:PGMA charity foundation w/ Banko Central ng Pilipinas “Handog pangkabuhayan”! to claim ur price call me now i’m ATTY. Dick B. Verano frm BSP info Dpt Per- DTI#3920 series of 2010.

    let us unite to stop scam

  24. lucy says:

    A message from CP # +639058205233, dated March 21, 2010 @ 07:20:26 hour, Sunday, says:

    Congratulations! Ur sim no. Had Won (Php.650,000.00) thru electronic Raffle Frm PGMA Charity Foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas “Handog pangkabuhayan”! to Claim ur prize.!Call me now!! i’m Atty. Rex C. Mendez from.BSP Info Dpt Per-DTI# 0432 Series of 2010.

    Could we require the service providers to filter messages and disable the sender’s number/s? Better still, make these people answer for their acts.

  25. yuri says:

    i just received a text from Atty Rex C. Mendez stating that I won 950,000.00 and i know that it is a scam….09127172865…………………please beware about this kind of text that you will be receiving………….don’t believe it because IT IS A SCAM.

  26. Loren says:


  27. jobelle Arciosa says:

    I receive a txt from Sec.Rhea Palmares Mabuhay!!! The CFPhils,special Div.Ofc.n4ming ur roaming# had won $40,000.00 during our electronics raffle draw pangkabuhayan 2008 para sa kababayang OFW/OCW..CFPhils…RCBC Bldg.8th floor room 803 makati city,PHIL./as per NCR-DTI permit# 3264 series of 2008.

    gusto kong ireport FELIPE EMBUSCADA pinadalhan k xa ng U$355 tru western union.
    cp#639206560806 or 639298722477

  28. jiboy says:

    hello po sa lahat ako rin po ay naka tanggap ngayon ngayon lang ng text galing kay ATTY.MIGUEL G. LOPEZ na ako daw ay nanalo ng p650,000.00+n99 unit from: pccns dti-# 8251 at ako po ay naasar sa scam ako po ay inyo sanang tulungan dahil may nalaman ako na madami at mga 5 sila na gumagawa ng scam na ganito at ndi pa natutukoy ng kahit na sino madami na silang nagamit ng number na pareparehas ang pangalan eto po ang numero +639268517399 at mayron din po itong kaparehas sa pangalan ito ang pangalawang numero na may kaparehas ang pangalan

  29. jiboy says:


  30. JAckie says:

    Hi ,
    I recieved a text fr this #09162691636 telling that i won $40,000 fr.CFPhils: MSG: The COACommitteeis giving you 72 hours to claimn your prize b4 it will be forfeited. Pls Contact Nw! Sec. Nancy Chua. Is this Real? Or r they just doing a SCam? Well if this is not real pls stop them they are not funny.

  31. nikki hipolito says:

    i recieved a txt msg from diz # 09064861021 saying ” congratz! ur roaming # was very lucky! 2 claim ur $40,000 from central bank phils. call me ryt now! sec. nympha salazar 09212876728. this is exclusive 4 OFW & CTW.”received on d 28th of april at 12:22pm

    also said “special project division office, GMA-foundation of the phil. san rafael, annex bldg malacanang manila philippines”

    deyr also asking for $1000 to claim d price “western union phils. reciever Kena lim moril. address #1261 G/F ngolvnu bldg ayala ave cor legaspi sts makati”

    and bfore i sent d money it said dat ” attention winner,kindly settle d processing charge of ur $40,00 b4 d activation of those 8 MTCN (dey gave me some numbers) sender: mike tan puno.

    plz respond if this is a scam,coz deyr asking for a lot of money and dey kip on calling me.. plz call ASAP

  32. nikki hipolito says:

    plz call or txt me if it is a scam coz dey’ve been calling me for two dayz now… diz is deyr # 09212876728/09064861021
    my number is 0435485054-international // 09156770045-roaming
    plz contact me immediately!!

  33. ofelia says:

    nang-hihingi lng pala ng load yan….at sabi tatawag sa main office ng M.Lhuilier…..tinawagan daw si Jeff F. MadrigaL manager daw ng M.Lhulier ito #0939789536…….tapos naKausap sabi mag hulog daw akO ang Php 2,500 and then 20 min. makukuha ko na daw ung Php 650,000…..

  34. elvie cagadas says:

    this few mins po my nag send d2 sa cellphone ko i2 po ung msg nia
    congratulations!ur sim no.had won (phip.650.000.00) thru electronic raffle from pgma charity foundation w/ bangko sentral ng pilipinas” handog pangkabuhayan”! to claim ur prize…!call me now …!atty rex c.mendez from.BSP info.dpt per-DTI#0432 Sderies of 2010

    sana po kong sino man tong nag send ng ganitong msg sana di ka maging masaya sa ginagawa mo…! grabe ka….hindi kaman mgbayad ngaun sa amin sa na victima mo.. kay god ka mgbabayad at i know alam ni god kong gaanu kasama ang ginagawa…?

  35. elvie cagadas says:

    i2 po ung number ng ngtxt sa akin..+639096124860 number of rex c. mendez a lier …

  36. lindabie says:

    http://www.pinoyscambuster.blogspot.com/ text scam buster, a guide to scam-free Philippines

  37. leslie says:

    im working in dubai u.a.e my family got scammed akala nila ako ang nagtxt sa kanila at cnabi ko daw n bagong roaming number ko yun and nagpa load daw ako woth 500 pesos at the following day ay nanghingi n nanghingi ng pera sinabing may masamang nagyari s akin n kinailangan ko ang pera n yun not to mention how much it costs ang naibigay nila sa sobrang pagaalala nila ipinangutang pa nila ang pera i dont know kung paano nila naipaabot s scammer ang malaking halaga n yun.lately ko nlng nalaman nung napatawag ako. i hope dis will not happen sa ibang tao….. please be aware

  38. VC says:

    I received a text from +639282353766
    It says:
    Congratulations! Ur sim no. Had won (P950,000) thru electronic raffle draw fr: PGMA charity foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas “Handog PANGKABUHAYAN”! to Claim ur prize.! call me now!! i’m Atty. Cristine C. Garcia,frm.BSP info. Dpt Per-DTI# 3920 series of 2010

  39. Leonard Javier says:

    I receive a text from +639097457902
    It says:
    Congrat’s Ur sim# had won(PHp860,000.00).! “handog pangkabuhayan” ni.(V-Pres.JOJO Binay)Call me now.!I’m atty.Rico C. Gonzales.Per-dti#2308s’10.

  40. Mary says:

    I have also received the same text scam from this number”09394605275″
    The message goes like this…”Notice frm your sim #! had won a (950 000)thru electronic raffle draw fr. PGMA Charity Foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas”Handog Pangkabuhayan”to claim ur prize pls. call me! Atty. Frencess B. Handaya frm.BSP info.Dpt Per-DTI#3920 series 2010″…i almost believed it..but im glad ive visited first the internet and researched about it so now i know that it is just a scam…..

  41. nene says:

    cnakareceive din po ako ng scam last june o2,2o10 na nanalo dw ako ng 850,000.oo ito po yung # sya daw si atty.jose G.Tan ng bangko sentral info dept.ito yung # nya +63921458463 dhil dito nga ako s dubai kailangan dw mgpdala ako ng pera s western union pra don s charge s pagpapadala ng prize s akin .at iadres ko dw iyon kt RAMIL C.FLORES HARIZON STREET MALATE METRO MANILA at pra maniwala dw ako twgan ko dw si VENUS AYALA branch manager dw sya ng western union ito namaqn yung # nya+639284658934 mtpos kong magpdala na endorse n dw n atty ky venus ang unang cheke at asikasuhin nlang dw iyon s COA COMMISSION OF AUDIT dhil nga mlking pera dw iyong ipapaDALa nila at bhumihingi ulit cla ng malaking halaga pra don s papeles doon na ako kinutuban na nanloloko lang sila AT Sabi n venus pwede ko dw tagan si ZENAIDA P. ATIENZA ng Coa dept.ito yung # n zenaida +639993795329 sana maiblock ang mga # na iyan dhil mlaki na iyong nawala s akin at sana mahuli iyong si RAMIL C FLORES n iyon dahil sya iyong nag wiwith draw ng pera s western union sana ipawanted iyan s lahat ng branch ng westrn union at s lahat ng money transfer n branch sana din aksyunan ito ng mga taong nasa gobyerno kung pano matigil ang ganitong uring panloloko.lalo na iyong nasa bangko sentral ng pilipinas,nasa COA at s western union

  42. cathy says:

    I just got a text messages: CONGRATS! UR SIM# HAD WON (P780,000) THRU ELECTRONIC RAFFLE DRAW handog pasasalamat MR. NOYNOY C. AQUINO. to claim your prize, pls.call me now!! I’m atty. (JAMES MORALES) BSP info.Dep.per- DTI # 3920 series of 2010 His contact# +639124149108. I dont know yet kung ano nga hihingiin nila sakin kapalit ng prize ko. pero iverify ko sana d2 ang mga binigay na info at nakita ko marami na pala naka post na katulad nito.

  43. dominic says:

    i would like to report this number (0926-6129520) texting this message- Congratulations!ur sim no.had won (php.650.000.00) thru electronic raffle from pgma charity foundation w/ bangko sentral ng pilipinas? handog pangkabuhayan?! to claim ur prize?!call me now ?!atty rex c.mendez from.BSP info.dpt per-DTI#0432 Series of 2010.

    Even my mom received a message like that and its irritating. please make some action about it

  44. Rinas says:

    i just got a text msgs; CONGRATULATION! last’06/31/2010 ur cell # had Won! P550,000+N81 Unit from:PCCNS DTI-# 8251 Series of 2010 please call me now! IM atty: TAN LOPEZ, pwede po paki block e2ng Contact number nya para wala n po sya ibang malo2ko.

  45. Nathaniel says:

    my mom just got a txt message; CONGRATULATION! your sim won (P950,000) + House and Lot. from:PGMA together with Bangko sentral ng Pilipinas(BSP). Please claim ur price immidiately. im am ATTY.Laarnie A. Garcia of BSP. per-DTI#3920 series of 2010.

    Can anyone tell me how do they do this even though its not working??

  46. Trizia says:

    I am working in Dubai and this morning I received a text message saying “Congratulations ur smart OFW # had won Php 950,000.00 thru electronic raffle draw fr.:Pres. Aquino Charity foundation with Banglo sentral ng Pilipinas – Sender Atty. Ricardo Perez fr. DTI permit 3920 series if 2010. tel # 00639306808334″, I called the number asking him if it is true and he said yes, and so to claim the money, He asked me how, I said bank to bank, but he insists on sending it to western union ASAP, and that I need to pay 750 dhs (Amounting to 9,500+ pesos) to them, and after 5 minutes i will received my money. Nag isip lang muna ako coz 1st – He insists na western union ASAP and not Bank to Bank which is safer din,2nd- He wants me to do it ASAP? what’s the rush? 60 days yan alam ko, 3rd – Why do I need to pay them 700dhs before I will receive my money??huh?! —- now He keeps on texting me pa rin, i don’t answer na po – sana ma block na lang ang simcard nya para di na siya maka victim pa uli,,ung iba sa atin ay gullible – money nga naman yan … muntikan na ako maniwala, coz i just bought my roaming simcard last week.! Please Ingatz lang Po… and to “Atty.” Ricardo g. Perez – GOD KNOWS …

  47. Trizia says:

    Hi ! in regards to my previous e-mail , (above) , this “Atty.” Ricardo G. Perez did not stop sending text messages to me asking me to call him back … so naiirita na po talaga ako , para matigil na, i called him and told him to stop sending text messages to me,and that i know that it’s a scam, I told him na mas sobra ang dating ng karma sa kanya, and that Pilipino pa naman sya, kapwa Pilipino nya naman ano! Sinabihan ko rin sya na tigilan nya na ang maling ginagawa nya at nakakaistorbo sya ng tao, Agad agad po syang humingi ng tawad and sorry sya ng sorry .. and Inamin nya po na hindi totoo ang lahat at gawa gawa nya lang.. haaaaayyyyy…buhay…talaga naman!! tsk tsk tsk…walang magawa yung ibang tao ..manloko na lang ng kapwa …

  48. robert says:

    Just recieve a txt message saying i won 950,000.00 Pesos from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas electronic raffle draw as per DTI# 3920, and wanted me to contact a person Named: JOHN PAUL B. Gonzales immediately to claim my prize.
    This type of scam can only be stopped thru everyone’s help by giving alert to all we know so that they dont become victims of these criminal minded people.
    DTI = Please do your job in accordance to your mandate and if you cant please admit it and the government should abolish it for being ineffective to protect the innocent victims. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  49. robert says:

    Sorry forgot to mention the cell # who send me the txt message. Its: +63 9298867063.
    DTI = Please do something!!!!!

  50. jared says:

    i think these stupid guys should be tracked to put an end to this fraudulent activity..
    i just received a text msg from this num +639359764916 stating:

    Congratulations! Ur sim no. Had won (P750,000.00) thru electronic raffle draw frm: Aquino charity foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas “Handog pasasalamat”to claim ur prize! Pls Call me now!! I’m Atty.PETER C.ONG frm. BSP Info. Dpt Per-DTI#3920 series of 2010

  51. Shella says:


    I recieved a text message yesterday afternoon saying that my sim card # won a 750php handog pangkabuhayan from PRESIDENT NOYNOY AQUINO
    I almost believed it im currently in China now so he said i need to send him money for the processing worth 5,000 peso. His name Atty REX H. MENDEZ. Im glad i visited the website so i found his name here though the middle name is different but surely its him. It is quite similar to YURI and LUCY text message recieved.

  52. glen says:

    Hi, everyone! I’m glen working in rural bank. I recieved a scam message in my cell number last july 17, 2010 at exactly 4:57PM philippine time. Here it goes like these:
    Congratulations!Ur sim no. had won (6760,000.00) 2nd prize winner handog pangkabuhayan by (noynoy aquino0.Charity Foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas “handog Pangkabuhayan” to claim ur prize.!Pls.Call me now!!I’m ATTY. WENDY M. TAN, dti NCR # 61400-2010
    His Cell phone number is +639108301966
    Anybody who knows how to report this scam to DTI and Smart please.. your help can save many filipinos who will become a victim of that scam and that person who is doing it.

  53. junard says:

    nag text sa akin c jean v uy,na nanalo daw ako nang 2nd prize na 480,000 last 07/16/10 ngayon kailangan ko raw mag padala nang 4500 par daw sa charges sa western union,ngayon tumawag naman ako kay venus ayala para mag on line daw so tinawagan ko ang western union sa makati.walang pangalan na venuz,kaya kayo mga kababayan saan man kayo sa mundo wag kayomg mag papaloko sa mga taong ito.

  54. junard says:

    ito ang mga numbers nila venus ayala 09056426956 and jean v.uy 09056426056 (PCFI-SPD NCR DTI permit no.01401s-2010.SEC,REG.NO.O00-01873) KUNG MAARI LANG PAKI BLOCK ANG MGA NUMBER NILA.

  55. Ludy says:

    Can the government and Communication services such as Globe, smart, sun, talk & Text, or other networks stop scam by registering the sim card owners to detect the scammers. just received 2 diff. scam this week. one says, nanay patay na po si lolo from 09098926950 and from Atty Peter C. Ong w/ sim no 09128504593 saying I won 750,000.00 from aquino foundation raffle promo.

  56. markamps says:

    Matindi talaga mga scammers ngayon. Dami na nilang paraan. Try nyo po basahin to


    some tips para maiwasan ang text scams. :)

  57. JR says:

    Hi fellow OFW…i’m JR, just arrived 2 weeks ago (July 14, 2010)…just as i opened my roaming phone on the way to immigration, a txt msg came in that Pres. Noynoy Aquino greets me and my roaming number won 2million peso as electronically chosen…i’ve been out of the country for 4 times as an OFW and each time i came back here even for a vacation, i receive a msg like this.. just ignoring it(aside from they are using a cp #), my reason is, i’m the winner, why should i call them…they should call me…RIGHT??…the DTI were right, they will ask you to claim your prize as quick as possible…coz just this morning i received it, from another #, that i should act now or my prize will be forfeited and donated to DSWD…to the point that, as i said…i’m just only 2week yet now here…so don’t be fooled by this people…life’s really hard these days that’s why people do nasty things to other people…and yah, Government should do something about this…like, publish this at once to media or tv so everybody is warned..once they got a complaint, publish it so we are aware…right??

  58. JR says:

    Regarding the matter of ….”he change his roaming sim or #”… and “i’m in an accident”…issue…i already adviced my family eversince that if this happens, they have my Saudi line, my saudi #…txt me or call me direct to that line to confirm before doing any action…coz even if this is true happen to me..for sure my colleagues, my filipino co-workers or my company will reply to them to inform that it really happened…my family told me that it really happen to them…a lot of txt msg came…but since i adviced them…till now,since i left the country 1999, 4X back and forth, nobody got any money from us…hope my advice can help my fellow OFW…and GOVERNMENT PPPLLLSSSSS!!!!…do something…

  59. JR says:

    and here’s 1 thing my sister told me…she receive a msg that “o napadala ko na ung package, my sapatos jan, chocolates, mga sabon at alahas..my mga pangalan n un, wg nyo na pag-awayan pa…eto n nga pla bago kong roaming #..loadan nyo nga ng 500 para makatawag ako…” but since i said i adviced them, my sister with a tricky mind replied and asked questions..”kung ikaw ang brother ko, ano tawag nmin d2 syo sa haus… at anong meron sa April **,**** “…lakas ng guts mgrply…not answering the 1st questions but the 2nd he answer that its my birthday…wrong…its a date that only the family members know…tricky and helpful right???…so again, train your family also for there own safety….

  60. JR says:

    and for the Government, hope these suggestions of mine make sense…since the starting point for arrival is in the airport, why not put a recording tape with voice over na “o sa mga bagong dating OFW o banyaga man…bka makareceive kyo sa inyong mga CP na my ganitong promo..wag po kyong maniwala jan..scam po yan..para sa karagdagang kaalaman pumunta sa help desk na nasa loob dn ng arrival area (english and filipino)” something like this propaganda..para at least frm there aware na kagad lahat ng dumadating..db???..

  61. bhoy says:

    just received txt. Congrats! ur sim won 2nd prize winner worth of Php 580,000.00) Thru Electronic Rafle draw last aug./01/2010. Frm: PRES. BENIGNO AQUINO 3RD. “Handog PasasalamaT Pangkabuhayan”. To claim ur prize. Pls. CaLL me nw I’m Cherry H.Montez .. frm: BSP INFO DPT. per DTI#0243 Series of 2010…

  62. Chris says:

    Dba pwdeng aksyunan ang mga ito hulihin s akto tulad sa bitag ang aga-aga , i just received this kind of scam from this no: +639261169038 pang apat n sim na gamit ko lahat nkkreceive ng ganito..

  63. hobbit says:

    hi i just received text scam from this no.: +639351249528
    na i just won 980,000 php from handog pasasalamat from BSP
    sana mahuli na ang gumagawa nito nakakaloka na sila

  64. SOL says:

    NOTE!! From BSP if you will not call 2 claim your 2.M php we will 4feited ur prize. then we will select another one winner 2 transfer this prize, if lack of interest. Call now urgent Atty. Chito C. Marga #09293770637. ITO PO YUNG TXT NILA. PAKI ACTION PO.

  65. jennifer says:

    i just received also today ng text scam s roaming number me saying”congratulations ur sim no.had won (650,000)thru electronic raffle draw fr (BENIGNO “noynoy”AQUINO JR)FOUNDATION/BANGKO SENTRAL (HANDOG PASASALAMAT)”2010!TO CLAIM UR PRIZE !CALL ME NOW!!I’M atty.Rex C.MENDEZ.Frm BSP INFO.dpt per DTI -NCR permit no.1921 series of 2010!THANK YOU!HP#09076124527.then ask which one daw i prefer to recieve the money.i said bank to bank or western is ok.pinatawagan nya sa akin yung name JASON B.GAMBOA magbigay galang daw kc yun daw ang releasing manager ng WEstern Union ng Makati na sya magprocess ng transfer ng pera dito sa Singapore.HP#09128069659.sa conversation me sa kanila they are trying to talk taglish pero pamali mali pa rin naman .they told me na call daw ulit dun kay jason after 5 min after i forwarded to both of them my details.then after that they explained na meron pa daw convert charge yung pera to Sing dollar na 1% so 6,500 pesos bago daw ifinal yung transaction at isend daw yun sa kanila thru western union din sa representative ng POA.insist ipdala agad today sa kanila.sagot me wala me cash na ganun kc lah pa salary asawa ko.insist nila even daw partial na lang kc nakikiusap daw kc di nila control yun kc prize fr government so issue agad.Cngot me na ow talga po eh pag western anytime naman pwede kunin yun at the same time pag mga prize ganun eh till 60 days pwede wait at pwedeng tax free yun at no charge kc prize nga.duda me hus2 even partial daw muna at send ulit me and refundable naman daw based sa makukuha me amount.cnabi me na lang tawag me ulit next morning para mtransfer yung charge .sinusure pa talaga nya sa akin n send me and wat time para matext nila sa akin yung name nung person na kukuha.sabi asawa me dont believe too much pagtext pa lang nung Rex specially na pregnant me ng 32 weeks delikado .Grabe talaga sa atin mga raket pag di tayo known sa raket nila at marunong din paikot madadali talaga tayo at mapapaniwala.Sana aksyunan ng goobyerno natin etong mga eto kc kawawa naman ang mga madadali nila.Mga taong ayaw magbanat ng husto ng buto para kumita ng malinis at legal.Thank you

  66. jennifer says:

    sana naman aksyunan na eto ng gobyerno at batas natin and dapat yung pag buy simcard nakaregister na sa bawat bumibili at gagamit like dito need id o passport pagbuy sim at may limit para madali mdetect mga nanloloko.

  67. jennifer says:

    luckily nakapagisip me agad na iccheck dito sa internet yung promo name and wow bumulagAGa sa akin mga experience ng mga kabayan natin na ganito.aksyunan na dapat ng gobyerno ,batas natin eto.AT PLEASE INGAT MGA KABAYAN BAKA MALOKO KAYO.AT SA MGA TAONG GUMAGAWA GANITO RAKET MATINDI KARMA DADATING SA INYO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. tsk3 says:

    Got the same message yesterday from +63910 908 8026 which says ur sim no had won P780k through electronic raffle draw:fr(BENIGNO “NOYNOY” AQUINO III) Foundation/Bangko Sentral”(HANDOG PASASALAMAT)”2010″ to Claim, call me now! i’m atty rafael b rodriguez from BSP info dept. per DTI NCR permit no 1921 series of 2010.

    I replied with “no one falls for this you fuckin’ fraud!” haha!

    I just feel sorry for those who wasted their time calling and falling for this scam. I believe the gov’t can’t really do anything bout this. Everyone can get a prepaid sim just from anywhere. They can easily throw the sim that they used to send those messages. Only way to bust one of them is if you will pretend that you believe them, get undercover cops behind you when you meet them and ‘claim’ the money. Just like what we see on tv! hehe!

  69. Nina Jose says:

    …i know that the text is a scam… just curious on how they would give the prize so I called the number and the man says that “Ako po si Atty..? ni Sec. Dizon… ” after his opening spiel, told him how he got my number and he said it’s from “NTC po mam, National Telecommunications Company” instead of saying Commission (dun pa lang palpak na). He offered 3 ways to get the prize…Western Union, Bank, forgot the other one coz I’m not paying attention to what he’s saying…then asked him: wala sa DTI ang number ng permit nyo po… ang sagot nya: ” di naman authorized ang DTI para makialam sa amin, ano interesado ka ba sa presyo?…” sabi ko na lang na “naka triangulate na ang frequency nya at magtago na say…at wala akong pakialam sa pera nya at madaling kitain yun dito…” eto number nya: 639-262-947324. alam ko na mura lang ang sim card dyan sa atin… pde nya palitan agad ito.

  70. Nina Jose says:

    ingat din yung mga nasa Pinas.. baka akala nyo may mga nagpapanggap ng txt na galing kunwari sa pamilya nyo sa ibang bansa at nanghihingi ng load at kunwari may bagong sim na nabibili dito sa ibang bansa…

  71. steve says:

    notice: frm BSP. congratulations! ur sim no. had won(850,000) tru e.raffle draw: w/ bangko sentral ng pilipinas” to claim ur prize! call me now!! i’m amando m. tetangco jr. tagapangasiwa ng bangko sentral frm.bsp info. dpt per-dti#3920 series of 2010

    pakitrack po nitong num. +639208335324

    para matigil ang mga ganitong scam. thanks.

  72. abegail, canturna says:

    30 Oct. 2010

    Im lyn working in Hongkong, I received a text message to my roaming sim. I know that this was a scam and hoping that somebody will catch these totally idiot human being for cheating somebody. In these message says (congratulations!! ur sim # won P250,000.00 from Binay Fund.handog Pangkabuhayan OFW. 4 more info! call me now Atty.E Binay. And they even put the DTI permit # 4280 series/2010.

    Ito po ang #+639056005407

  73. sheila says:


    i just received a text message today letting me known that i have won in the affle worth 580,000.00 and i should call certain Atty.Rico Binay,auditor of Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office.i know for myself that i will not be a victim of this scam but i’m concerned for others who might be trapped by this bogus raffle draw.Thank you very much.

  74. khim says:

    Congratulations! Ur sim no. had won (760,000) Thru electronic Raffle draw by : (KRIS)AQUINO!!! Foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas “handog Pangkabuhayan”! to claim ur prize.! Pls.Call me now!! im atty. RICO C> GONZALES. Frm.BSP Info. Dpt per-DTI#3920 Series of 2010.

    His Cell phone number is +639094871031

    … sana nman pu mei mgwa qau !
    hanggang qelan kmi magiintai nah mbigyan niu kme ng mgandang blita 2ngkol dian !
    ndi nman qau nagcckilos !
    hanggang alam lng qau pro d niu mkuang ptigilin ang mga scams nah ean !

  75. Jayson Ramos says:

    I received a text just now it goes like:

    “Congratulations! Last 11/07/2010 Ur Cell# had won! P650,000+N99 unit from: PCCNS DTI#3231nseries of 2010 please call me now! Im Atty: MIGUEL G. LOPEZ”

    Beware of this number: 09262562292

  76. JABBER says:


  77. rax says:

    i received a text from cel no. 09122680090 it says:

    “From centralbank Maam/sir ur simcard # won 650,000.00 Pasalamat by. Manny Pacquiao. To claim ur prize call me now, im sec: NEIL A. CHUA. DTI permit # 0886s10.

  78. Raymond says:

    hi.. i just recieved a txt that goes sumthing like this.
    “Congrats ur sim# had won 2nd prize winner worth of (Php 880,000) “Pamaskong Handog” from (NOYNOY AQUINO) Charity Foundation. Draw 11/22/2010 to claim ur prize call me now! I’m ATTY. JAMES B. LOPEZ frm BSP Info. DTI NCR# 2642 Series of 2010.

    Cel #: 09264622445

    ….. Please take note of this NUMBER and NAME.. I dont know how they got my number, I dont even know how they got an idea to txt me. YOU, DTI people, you know what to do to these SCAMMERS. Kindly Please do YOUR JOB!!! If you are really DOING ur JOB. DO IT NOW.. DO IT!!!

  79. i receive txt from cell no.09103211498 at 6:39 am the txt said that congrats ur sim#had won 2nd prize php(760.000.00) hyandog pangkabuhayan ( by noynoy aquino) 2 claim ur prize call me now….atty.rhea c mendez.dti ncr#61400 s-2010….and yes i did call her and she asked for my complete name and address and yes coz i am stupid i gave it to her cos i believed her and omg!b4 i claim the prize i need to send money thru LBC for charge online it cost 7600 so yes i did send to this person arnel borela…..and after i gave the control number she said i just wait for 30 mins.to process the paper coz its a big money……and sbi nya skin much better if i go home first kc medjo matagalan pa ang pag process ng pera so umuwi ako and tiningnan ko sa website ung name na nkalagay rhea mendez and OMG! maraming reklamu bout scam txt daw na marami na naluko bout this so ang ginawa ko bumalik agad ako sa LBC. at pina hold ko ung pera at im lucky talaga kc mahina cla at di pa nila nkuha so tumawag uli sa c rhea at nagalit bkt daw kinuha ko ulit ang pera ko……so isa lng masasabi ko muntik na ako nabiktima sa scam txt pero i spent 1200 for my trike and task sa lbc and load for rhea….oh my lord sana mahuli na cla

  80. jocelyn says:

    nktanggap dn ako ng txt message saying that i won 580,000.00 sa isang sim card electronic draw thru attorney sheryl c. palcon..and she wants me to call her ryt away pra daw mprocess agad ung papers para mkuha daw agad ung prize..but i ignored her,kc i myself know that i did not join any raffle draw like that..DTI # 2880 s,2010..

  81. cess says:

    i’ve just received a text message from atty. Rico T. Davong daw in my new barangay phone of talk and text..
    he said that my sim won 760,000 pesos via electronic mail.. honestly, i believed him at first coz i called him after i received the text msg. and he said that he is true and i can get the money directly from bangko sentral ng pilipinas and to prove that he was telling the truth he said that he’ll never collect any amount from money from me…
    i dont know if i’m going to believe him or not, he didn’t ask me to send anything or what.. he just told me to bring valid requirements to prove my identity and being the true owner of the number..

    please give some advice please regarding this one..

    thank you!

  82. annaliza f. cadell says:

    i just received a tex message telling me that i had won 650,000 pesos, all i had to do to claim my money was to purchas 5 pre paid calling cards for computerized confirmation that i was who i said i was. the message was as follows, congratulations last nov/28/10 ur cell #had won 650,000 + laptop 3rd winner, raffle promr from (PCCNS Company:DTI13709s10 please call me now im atty, carlo v diaz, address p8 com tower pccns office 49th floor 6795 international, ayala avenue makati city, yanpo complete address ng company ma’am the message came from this number 09164880353.

  83. Nem says:

    I received a text and it says that:
    Congratulations! Last’12/04/2010 Ur Cell# had Won! P550,000+N99 Unit fr0m:PCCNS DTI-#8231 Series! Of 2010 please call me now! IM Atty: MIGUEL G. LOPEZ ..
    is this true??

  84. Musarapa insiang says:

    I have read the comments. Eh kung lokohin dn ntin cla?hehehe.. We’ll send them a KPTN which is gawa gawa lng ntn..hahaha. Nakakarcve dn ak ng scam pero i just neglect it! Kung mautak cla, ako o tayo rin!dba?

  85. i just received a tex message telling me that i had 2nd prize won 760,000 pesos, dec.7 2010,handog pangkabuhayan by.(noy noy aquino) from atty. RHEA C. MENDEZ.dtincr#61400 S-2010,

  86. Dee says:

    Yep I just received a text today about this too and this is exactly what it said:

    Maligayang bati Ur Sim# won. PHP 850,000.00 2nd proze wnr thru electronic raffle draw TODAY/ 2010 “HANDOG” pangkabuhayan frm:V-Pres. JOJO BINAY Charity D FUND” TO Claim UR prize. Pls. call me now. I’m Sec. REY. B. DIZON/from: BSP.INFO DTI-NCR Permit#0886 ser 2010.

    this is the number where it the text come from: +63-9058600798

  87. Dee says:

    Yep I just received a text today about this too and this is exactly what it said:

    Maligayang bati Ur Sim# won. PHP 850,000.00 2nd proze wnr thru electronic raffle draw TODAY/ 2010 “HANDOG” pangkabuhayan frm:V-Pres. JOJO BINAY Charity D FUND” TO Claim UR prize. Pls. call me now. I’m Sec. REY. B. DIZON/from: BSP.INFO DTI-NCR Permit#0886 ser 2010.

    this is the number where the text came from: +63-9058600798


  88. jezelyn says:

    oo kahapon me nag txt sa asawa q ganyan nga

  89. Florante says:

    I just received a text this night from cellphone# 09352101799 , saying:

    “Congrats Ur Sim#Had Won 2nd Prize Winner worth of (Php750,000) Pamaskong Handog Frm (NOYNOY AQUINO) Charity Foundation w/BSP Draw Dec/11/to Claim ur Prize call me now! I’m Atty. Clarisse F. Gonzales Frm BSP Info.DTI NCR#2642 Series of 2010″


  90. lory says:

    dec 19,2010,nanalo daw aq ng 700.000.00,sa pamaskong handog pangkabuhayan ni jojo binay,grabe talaga ang mga scam ngaun mamamatay n sana kau…..

  91. Karryl says:

    I also received a message from 09483441881 like this:

    Congratulations! Ur sim no. had won (P750,000) thru electronic raffle draw fr: AQUINO charity foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas “Pamaskong Handog”! to Claim ur prize.! call me now!! i’m atty James B. Lopez. BSP info. Dpt. Per-DTI#3920 series of 2010:.

    How could I win as fast as this. And in fact I didn’t join any raffle draw. So I am telling everyone not to believe in these text scams.

  92. arnilo nombrado says:

    jst recieved from atty. rico c. gonzales bsp info. dtp, per-dti=3920 ,says i jst won (950,000) from handog pangkabuhayan by kris aquino wd bangko sentral ,,, and he wants to call right now ,,, what a joke ,,,,,,, you watch out for this scam still at large very contiguous.

  93. lona says:

    once again, rex mendez operating his job, hope many filipino wont believe this, when you receive txt scam message, ask yourself if you joined this raffle, if not, then that is a scam. simple. hindi naman tayo bobo masyado para maloko ng kapwa natin eh. dalawa lang ang tao sa mundo, manloloko at nagpapaloko.

  94. miss says:

    i received txt msg “ur sim#had won 2nd prize worth of (PHP750,000,) handog pangkabuhayan frm. (NOYNOY AQUINO)charity foundation w/
    Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Draw Jan./13/to Claim ur Prize Call me now? I’m Atty. Ricardo F. Gonzales Frm. BSP Info. DTI-NCR Permit#6142 Series of 2011.

    from this number +639359759655

    today lang ito nangyari 5 mins. ago lang. sana lang mahuli itong mga manloloko na ito.

  95. jamila says:

    first year of the month.I just recieved a message from this number 639059037161 jan 18 2011 at 02:44p.m..congrats!ur sim# had won 2nd prize winner worth of Php.580,ooo.oo thru electronic raffle draw last Jan 14,2011 from pres AquinoIII foundation.handog pangkabuhayan to claim ur prise.pls call me nw,Im sec.Alex H.de lima from:BSP INFO DPT per-DTI#0243 series of 2011 once again congrats.pwedi ba huwag kang mangistorbo nang kapwa mo lalo na kaming naka roaming sayang ang load namin sa iyo……grrrrrrr

  96. Cez Dee says:

    Hi, got similar message last 14th January 2011 @ 6:08PM, actually the date of my flight back to my work assignment. I’ve been away for quite sometime so I have no idea about what the sms was. I did call the number to verify. I spoke to the guy and he was a bit persistent and convincing by using lines like: “I will not be wasting my time talking to you if this is nonsense.” Since he knew I was still within the Phil. territory, he advised me not to divulge the information until I am in my final destination, and to call him back immediately. After that call, I verified with my sister and she warned me not to pursue as there no such thing but a scam!

    Please refer to the sms I received from +639493795561

    Maam/ Sir, Congratulations! Ur SIM # had won the 2nd Prize of worth php850,000.00 fr.Aquino Charity Foundation & Central Bank of the Phils.”HANDOG PANGKABUHAYAN”To claim,pls.call me ds. # now! I’m ATTY.RONAN O.ANG.

    Hoping these names and numbers will be totally be guarded and blocked by the authorities to avoid further damage to our fellow Kababayan’s who have been working so hard for their families back home.


  97. Jel says:

    I received a text message from the person whose name is Jessa Cruz that I won 2nd prize worth of P950,000.00 with DTI permit# 008141 and she would let me call her on her cellphone. This money accordingly was from the Pres. Aquino Foundation, Inc.

    As i browse google and check the name of Venus Ayala, of 6750 Ayala Office tower, Ayala Avenue. I found her name on the subject Text Message Fraud Philippines/Wazzup Manila Philippines dated April 10, 2008. Until now? she is still on the scam??? So please, government authorities, find a way to stop these scammers.

    I called her, i said i will send money thru your foundation but not on the name of the person… but she insisted to send it thru Layla Alvarez, their Department Cashier.

  98. boboy says:

    another scam text message from +639094902579. Kahit sa roaming pinalampas pa.

    Ang masasabi ko lang ay inutil ang tagapamahala sa National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).
    Walang nagawa sa pag control sa mga scam na ‘to. Kahit bata pweding bumili ng sim card. Kaya nga patuloy ang ang pag abuso sa mga txt messages o kahit sa death threat ginamit na.

    What are you doing NTC? – No Tracking Control or INUTIL.

  99. Hi Everyone…
    I also received this kind of message saying ” Congrats d Spc Proj Div Ofc n4ming u dt ur roaming # hd won $40,000 USD via elctrnc raffle draw 4 d benefit of OCW/OFW. Call 09283059263 ryt now. USec Nympha Salazar.” I called and talked to a guy I think a Fag answered and said that I have to call back before 9AM the following day to confirm my winnings. I said wow… well anyway curious as I am I called my brother back in Pinas and asked about this text message I received and he said its a SCAM and searched the net so I found this blog… I know that by publishing their numbers will also help others to be aware of this long standing scam going around… and never to pay money and give other details to these scammers….

  100. Alvin says:

    Congratulati0ns: Ur sim no. Won (P580,000) frm: BANKO SENTRAL NG PILIPINAS W/ press. BENIGNO AQUINO FOUNDATION. (handog pangkabuhayan this year 2011) toclaim ur prize. Call me now!! I’m Atty.Rafael B. Rodriguez ! BSP INFO DEPT, per-DTI NCR permit no, 3546 series of 2011.! Thank you.

    Sender: +639106378324
    Message Centre: +639180000622

    – Copied verbatim from my cp (pati mga wrong spelling)

  101. Warrior says:

    The message I received is the same as above Foundation of NOYNOY AQUINO W/ BANGKO SENTRAL…

    The fucking Sender is using a name ATTY.MANUEL L.MORALES From BSP info. Dpt. DTI#3920 series of 2011
    Mobile # 09077344955

    NTC Never stopped this scam. This problem is not new to us this has been happening since 2000 and it’s almost 10 years from now..The Philippines can’t stop any crimes from happening and that is Normal maybe because the Gov’t is BLIND and DEAF they are just good in talking in the Media so that people will say WOW!

  102. jerry of tanauan bat says:

    i received a message from sec.rey b. dizon of bsp info dept daw cya last night at around 8:30pm. he told me that i won the amount P850,000.00 from the foundation of VP Binay…
    to the government offices na patuloy na ginagamit ng mga taong ito paki gawan nman po ng action….


  103. matthew says:

    yesterday i received a text from miguel g. lopez he said congratulations!last3/31/2011 ur cell#had won!p650,000 plus a n99 unit from ccns dti-#8231 series!of 2011 please call now!im atty: miguel g. lopez his number is 09164801817

  104. Cynthia Bea says:

    another scam from Atty. Rex C. Mendez or same person with Alex C. Mendez : received today 4/1/2011 the message goes this way: Congratulations! Ur sim no. had Won (PhP 650,000.00) thru electronic raffle from PRESIDENT BENIGNO C. AQUINO Charity Foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas “Handog Pangabuhayan. to claim ur prize. Plz call me now!! i’m atty. Rex C. Mendez frm. BSP info. Dpt Per DTI #0432 Series of 2011. cp no. 09097206176

    Attention!!! Proper authorities and Gov’t agencies please do something about this. this king of scam can tarnish the good name of our gov’t agencies and the leadership as well who are trying to have good governance.

  105. Madz says:

    To whom it my concern:

    I want to inform you that im always receiving this kind of scam message: below are the details and pls. do necessary action:

    “Congratulations! ur sim no.had won (P850,000) thru electronic raffle draw fr: Aquino charity foundation w/Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas “Handog pangkabuhayan”! to claim ur prize! plz. call me now! I’m Atty. JEFFREY B. TAN.BSP info.Dpt.Per-DTI#3920 series of 2011.

    Maraming na cguro ang naluko nito..ginagamit pa ang “Aquino at BSP”. kawawa ang mga inosenteng tao na mauto nito.. pls.pls… make a quick response for these kinds of issues…

  106. i have received a message telling that i won 890,000 “handog pangkabuhayan frm noynoy aquin0 charity foundation w/bangko sentral ng pilipinas draw april 14/to claim ur prize call me now?i’m atty.ricardo f. gonzales frm bsp info.DTI-NCR permit#6142 series of 2011.,,.d poh aq naniwala ng search aq agad s text scam,..,he

  107. Lucifer says:

    Hahha! nakakatuwa naman, I just received one like this today so here it goes:

    Notice From:Central bank Ma’am Sir Ur Simcard #Won (650,000.00).handog pangkabuhayan by MANNY PACQUIAO. to claim Ur prize call me now i’m sec. ALEX A CHUA.. DTI permit#0886 2011

    received at 6:59 am

    my question: is anybody working on this..? this is fresh u can capture these scams if you like..

  108. Lucifer says:

    ooh btw… the cell phone number is +639352102462

  109. CAROLINA Z. ILARDE says:

    alam nyo ba ako rin ay nakatanggap na nang ganyan akoy hindi nag papaniwala dyan dahil hindi totoo yan mga walang magawa yan mga lukoluko yan ito pa nga ang pag ka sabi congratulations ur sim no. had won (php.650,ooo,ooo) thru electronic raffle frm president benigno c. aquino charity foundation w/bangko sentral ng pilipinas “handog pangkabuhayan to clain ur prize plz call me now i’m atty rex c. mendez frm bsp info. dpt per-dti#0432 series of 2011

  110. jim says:

    (+639166594301)this is the sender of text messages told that my roaming number had won 40,000.00 us dollar through PANGKABUHAYAN 2011 for OFW/OCW as per NCR DTI # 1054 said to me call now to Sec. Zeny Padilla with a contact number (09091353101) at RCBC Bldg. 8th flr.rm-803 Makati City. Parang totoo nga ang text na ito dahil nagbigay ng address at pangalan ng kokontaking magaasekaso sa napanalunang dolyar pero ng kontakin ko ang number nito wala sumasagot kaya utusan ko sana ang pamilya ko na mag claim ng napanalunan ko at ng magresearch ako dito sa website na ito ay medyo duda na ako na scam pala ito.Paki aksiyonan po ninyo ito at ng maagapan at mahuli ang nagsend po ng scam na ito, at dapat na ma trace agad upang mahuli at di makapandugas ng aming pinaghirapang pera dito sa ibang bansa.Maraming salamat po.

  111. judith says:

    hi !! i just received the same txt msg about an hour and here’s wat it says .. maam sir ur sim # had won php:880,000,00 frm:BSP/PCF (HANDOG PANGKABUHAYAN) TO CLAIM DIS. CALL ME NOW. ATTY. MIGUEL A. LOPEZ (BSP INFO HEAD) DTI-NCR#2695S’11 .. frm.cell # 09103094467

  112. steffanie co says:

    meron din nag txt skin he said that he is Atty.Rex C. Mendez in his messae he said that
    “congratulations! ur sim no. had won (php.650,000.oo)thru electronic raffle .from president benigno c. aquino charity foundation w/ banko ng pilipinas handog pangkabuhyan to claim ur prize. plz call me now!!i’m atty.rex c. mendez from.BSP ”
    he also asked 4 my name , age , and number..
    and i made a mistake my brother sent all of that information..

    how bastard is that man…

  113. Tess says:

    My name is Tess and I am in Canada. I received a text message from Sec. Antonio Ferrer, auditor of Philippine Charity Foundation DTI # 1344. Its stated in the text message that my sim number just won 2nd prize draw of 950,000.000 on March 17, 2011. cel no. 639093135619. Second text message from Atty Fe Dela Cruz DTI # 13442011 cel no.639398778314.

  114. Philene Delgado says:

    hi, good day..

    im philene,working as fdw here in singapore..last month(april), I received text scam from this Rex Mendez having this # +639097206176,the text text message says that i won 650,000k pesos, but i ignore it, until this may 19, 2011,i received again almost 7 messages came from this Atty. Christine Wong w/ the cell #+639089893556, w/c it says that i won 950,000(wow,,much bigger than the last 650 of Mr. Mendez.and guess what,she’s asking me to call her immediately,wow)..what i only want now is to stop this very undescent type of bussiness..hope this problem of some other ofw may be given a solution as soon as you can..thanks a lot.

  115. pimilyn says:

    omg……….may nagtext din sa aming ganyan mrami na pla ang nloko sana mhuli na cla sa knilang panloloko buti nlang tinignan nmin itong google manloloko nga tlaga ………….. iba iba pang pangalan ang gmit wow……..gling nio….buti mtalino kmi………

  116. Jerie says:

    today i received a txt msg from Atty Ricardo F Gonzales @ +639359759655. Here’s the msg: Congratulations U sim # had won 2nd prize winner worth of (Php. 880,000.) Thru electronic raffle from President Benigno C Aquino charity foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas ” andog pangkabuhayan to claim ur prize please call me now.. I’m Atty Ricardo F. Gonzales frm.BSP. Info.Dpt.perDTI#0432 Series of 2011.. My foot. he ask me where can he send the money..and i was a fool to believe it so i txted him my full name and address as well as my rooming #.. Then now i did check from DTI and it is only a scam… wala n bang magawa ang mga pinoy at nanloloko n sila ng kapwa nila mga Filipino? Kailan kaya sila mahuhuli?

  117. remchuaquico says:

    hello evryone,
    katulad din po nyo, i just got a tx mesg this early morning about a Claim Call..from # +639051540564
    NOTICE TO CLAIM You are hereby advised to Call Claim for having Won 760,000.00 Simcard Rfl frm PAGCOR Phil. DTI #6874 series 2011 .Sec. Noel M. Mendez Info. Dept.
    what i did was to get to the websIte ng DTI and here i read this SCAM tru tx messaging..Be smart po mga kabababayan…wag nyo na po cla try tawagan..just go sa internet and research po..ingat po tayong lahat..GOD BLESS US ALL..

  118. Sittie Maani says:

    Manloloko c CHERRY H. MONTEZ mag-ingat gamit nya number 09359429438

  119. pina ka simpleng solusyon,e rehistro lahat ng mga sim.tingnan natin saan sla kukuha ng sim na magamit nla pra d2.

  120. CAREFULL says:

    SCAM=( Congratulation! ur sim no. had won (p 950,000) thru electronic raffle draw frm:(NOYNOY AQUINO) Foundition w/Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas ?Handogpangkabuhayan?!to Claim ur prize.! call me now!! im ATTY. ALIX C. MENDEZ frm.BSP info.Dpt Per- DTI #3920 series of 2011
    SCAM CELL NO: 639077344955

    Sana mahuli na ang mang LOLOKO ?..

  121. lanilyn says:

    hi to everybody and to the victims of scams:
    Ako’y Pilipino na nilloko rin ng isang Pilipino. The message came from Atty. RICARDO F. GONZALES. My friends be aware of his number 09496207983.

  122. Joel says:

    I was here in KSA, Al Jubail recieved from my roaming stated “Congratulations! Ur sim no, had won (P850,000)thru electronic raffle draw by: (KRIS) AQUINOfoundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas “HANDOG PANGKABUHAYAN” ! to Claim ur prize.! call me now!! i’m ATTY. RICO C. GONZALES. frm. BSP info. Dpt Per-DTI # 3920 series of 2011

    from: +639496747032


  123. JUBAIL TA?ANG says:

    HAIY NAKU NPAKADAMI na tlgang manloloko sa mundo!!!!!!!!!!
    ktulad sa mga experiences nio nkariciv din aq ng gnyang txt messages.
    from atty.miguel g.lopez.
    mga ngpapaikot ng mga tao para lamang sa knlang mga pansariling kgustuhan.
    wag pu sana tayong mgpadala sa mga kagandahang knlang sinasabi.

    puro pasa kalye pa sila mga di nmn tunay!
    sa mga kapwa ko studyante maging mpsgisip tau nang sa ganun hindi tau maisahan ng mga BULLSHIT na ,mga taong yan.

    humanda kau my kalalagyan din kau sa hukay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. jhoei says:

    09359433051..track nyo kya location ng mga animal na yan wla clang kwenta sa mundong ibabaw…my pa congrats pa shit!!!!!!!!!!

  125. anna says:

    talagang laganap ang scam na yan I wonder why paano at kanino nila nakukuha ang number ng bawat tao? sana gumawa na ng paraan ang gobyerno natin kasi ginagamit pa pati pangalan ng pangulo natin sa mga gawaing ganito? so sad na marami pa ang naloko paano malaking halaga ba naman, kailangan na talagang sugpuin na.Sa mga taong nagscam “hindi na kayo naawa sa mga nabiktima ninyo ilang bukas, buhay at ari arian pa ang sisirain ninyo?sana makonsensya naman kayo

  126. muna says:

    kaganina lang poh ngaun june 25 2011 may negtext samin na nagsabi na your sim number had won 8oo.80.ooo pesos blah blah blah….im atty. carlo a. mendoza please call me now tapos nang tinawagan nmin ang manlolokong yon sabi nya magkita daw kmi sa lbc mag dala daw kmi ng valid id at 2 calling card na smart buddy tpos ngaun nag internet pa ako kasi titingnan ko kung tutuo pero nung nakita koh ang sobra palang tao ang nabiktima sa hayop na mga anlolokong mga yun dapat doon patayin mga buyset manloloko ng kapwa tao

  127. Camz Ramirez says:

    Kaka receive ko lng panibagong txt msg about sa scam na to.. Nanalo daw ako ng php880,000.00 2nd prize.. Like pang apat ko na ata makarecv ng gntong txt.. Atty Ricardo f Gonzales of bsp daw lol.. Sana maaksyunan ito agad kasi ilang taon na tong txt scam na to.. Buhay parn ung mga nambibiktima at patuloy prin clang nanloloko… (09265878446 ang gamit na cp number na ipinang txt sa akin)

  128. francis jamolin says:

    bat nga po pala walang batas naipapasa laban s mga mandarambong nato..kkatuwa lang s nagtxt nato[09077848729]pinag internet mpa q..para mlman identity ng mga scammers..

  129. Anna says:

    hayz may nagtext din sakin ngayun lang july 18 8pm e2 number ng kumag na ito 09488037308 “” notice from pcso with central bank of the philippines, Congrats!ur sim# won 2nd priceworth(850,000) pesos. pls call me now!! im secretary Ryan F. Chua DTI#7003 Series 2011. i think scam din 2 katulad ng iba aksyunan na!!

  130. jim guar says:

    Please HELP me STOP 2474 from sending text messages.
    Everyday they’re sending 4 senseless messages, which are automatically deducted on my Smart account.

    2 months ago, I saw an ad from StarWorld (one of the largest cable tv shows based in HongKong) in our country, featuring downloadable music, games, wallpapers thru SMS (text).
    So I subscribed to it given the credibility of StarWorld.
    Later did I know that I felt I’m duped, I was barraged with text messages daily without the said downloads at all.
    All I get are nothing but plain deductions on my load.

    I am not really fond of downloads thru text messages, except for this one, because I have such high regard and trust for StarWorld.

    I hope this will be STOPPED as this will continue on to dupe more people. It’s really unfair. Thank you so much for reading my letter and hopefully, looked into this matter.

  131. lei says:

    hay ako din nk receive ng txt n nnlo ako ng 950K sa roaming number ko….. galing kay atty. roy lopez w/ #0904871039. mga manloloko!!! makakarma kayo nyan!!!ngtatrabaho kmi ng mlinis while kayo nanloloko at pgkakaperahan kmi!!!

  132. Jem says:

    650.00 + N99 Unit daw nanalo ako? aw! buti na lang nagsearch muna ako about dito. Loko talaga! Amp. Name MIGUEL G. LOPEZ daw.

    09154499800 number nia.

  133. angelicapellosis says:

    i received a text message that i won P580,000 from phil charity sweeptakes. name given alfredo t. lopez. and cellphone 09301794593

  134. bulacan says:

    july 24,2011 time17:02 nakatanggap ako ngaun ng txt galing kay atty.carlo v.diaz buti naresearch ko agad d2 n scam lng pala wag paloko eto #09173897917 AT txt nya. congratulations!LAST JULY/23/2011 U’R CELL#HAD WON P550,000+LAP TOP FROM:PCCNS DTI NO.3417 SERIES OF 2011 PLEASE CALL ME NOW! I’M ATTY. CARLO V.DIAZ (guys tadtarin ntin ng txt say SCAAAMMMMMMMMMMM now o pakiblock ntin sim nya)

  135. bulacan says:

    mga scam texting 2migil n kau eto n karma nyo!

  136. eugene says:

    Hi i have received a text message it goes like this From:(CENTRAL BANK OF THE PHIL?S.) CONGRAT?S UR SIM# HAD WON,(880,000.00) FOR 2ND PRIZE WINNER DURING 73RD GRAND ANNIVERSARY RAFFLE DRAW JULY 15, 2011 DTI # 2198S?10. INFO. SEND UR NAME /ADRESS/AGE/WORK/.PLZ CALL ME NOW. I?M ATTY. JAMES CORTEZ RC.0018. pls. i just need some advice. his cp no. is +63482540587

  137. Catrina says:

    I received a message from 09389742815 (July 29, 2011 11:42 PM)

    load mo cell ko 150 #09166975805, naki text lng ako

    manloloko ng tao hating gabi pa….

  138. rosuen diane says:

    Hi, Ask ko lang po kung may active na grupo para mahuli at maparusahan ang mga “text scammers or mga “fraud” na ito. Sa tingin ko po kasi hindi sila mahuhuli kung iba-block ang mga sim card nila, napakamura po ng sim ngaun at maaring sa mga biktima nila mismu nanggagaling ang mga sim card na ginagamit para makapanloko ulit ng susunod na biktima.

    Nais ko po sanang makibahagi sa programang inihanda o inihahanda para mahuli ang mga ganitong uri ng panloloko.

    maari nyu po akong iwanan ng mensahe sa email address na promptzite@yahoo.com o tawagan sa numerong 0917-3963918.

    salamat po

  139. Michelle says:

    Hi i received a text message last August 6, 2011 unfortunately my number was new i don’t know how they get it.. it says that
    —> Congratulations! Last 8/4/11 your sim# had won 650,000 +1laptop from PCCNS CO. Electronic raffle draw. DTI#5868 series 2011 pls. call me now. I’m Atty. Edwin S. Lopez, here’s his contact# 09276527748..

  140. susan says:

    I RECIEVED A TXT FRM.#639496585308 hi, i received a txt yesterday Aug.9 2011,said Congratulations.Ur sim no. had won[950.000]thru electrnic raffle draw fr.charity foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.’Handog Pangkabuhayan “to claim ur prize call me now.I’m Atty.CRISTINE G. WONG frm.BSP info.Dpt Per-DTI#3920 series of 2011. when i called them they said i need to send 353.00 dollars thru western union for the money transmission fee daw so im thinking bakit me mag bibigay eh i won nga eh di cla ang mag process di ba.and im here in saipan. nagsearch ako at eto nga this is a scam.

  141. nestor sabida says:

    There is privately funded concerned citizen group heading a private investigation on the syndicate behind these text scams since the government is doing nothing about it and are probably coordinating with the NBI with the investigation. May mga leads na sila. Matagal na rin pala ongoing ang investigation na ito and may finally have an entrapment soon. Lets wish for their success and help the investigating team by sharing details about experiences, may research team na din kasi on this. Thanks!

  142. ddodz says:

    calling the attention of DTI and concerned offices yah tama yung sabi marami na nabibiktima ng mga scammers na yan so why not make a law for them para matigil ang kabulastugan nila how many times na nakakaresib ako nga alert na my number won how come wala naman ako sinalihan na promo minsan sinasakyan ko seguro nakakahalata din bigla nalang nawala wala ba tayong monitoring jan for the scammers na yan kawawa naman yung naniniwala sa kanila

  143. cyan says:

    today i received a txt msg from Atty Ricardo F Gonzales @ +6394825491. Here?s the msg: Congratulations U sim # had won 2nd prize winner worth of (Php. 880,000.) Thru electronic raffle from President Benigno C Aquino charity foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas ? andog pangkabuhayan to claim ur prize please call me now.. I’m Atty Ricardo F. Gonzales frm.BSP. Info.Dpt.perDTI#0432 Series of 2011

  144. cyan says:

    please beware of this number +639482549132 Atty. Ricardo F. Gonzalez

  145. […] call now MANUEL ACOSTA of Phil. Info. Center on this #. [received from a relative's phone]More details on the raffle scam here.New Roaming Number Scam – a type of scam where the con artist claims to be a close relative […]

  146. mcforce says:

    this number 09053109211 text me a while ago, for another text scam-Atty. Miguel G. Lopez be aware of this num and name..

  147. avelino ebora jr says:

    congratulations ur sim #. had won 2nd prize winner worthof (php. 880,000.)thru electronic raffle Frm. president benigno C. aquino charity foundation w/ bangko sentral ng pilipinas to claim ur prize. pleas call me now. l’m atty.ricardo f. gonzales frm. BSP info. dpt per-DTI#4269 series of 2011.

    txt ito skin ngayon lang din.. eto po ang no. 09482540565

  148. Oliver Cuevas says:

    I have just received one today from +639487047196. it said, ” OCW’s Charity foundation nformed u dat ur cell# won p850,000. 1st prize winner. “handog pabahay sa OFW! Call now I’m Atty. Lauro C. Baja from OCW. info.dept. DTI.4588s2011.

    Lucky me! hehehe

    madami sila! nd lang isa mga kapatid.

  149. Mia Tan says:

    Just received this text 3 mins ago:

    From Centralbank: Ur SIM# Won (750,000) donated by Cong’s: MANNY PACQUIAO. Pls Call me Now, I’m Atty. Mike C. Mendez. DTI permit #7956 series of 2011.

    Sender of Scam Text: +639069221404

  150. bryon says:

    guys! beware of this # 09464375046 just this moment an additional text scamer he is atty.Rafael B. Rodriguez.

  151. Francis de Cavite says:

    Globe 3G congrats you for winning a 4G iphone in our network. To claim your prize plz call toll free# 09165397749 per dti ncr permit# 2838 series of 2011

    from the same nos. as above

  152. jeferson romulo says:

    Congratulations Ur sim no.Had won (P780,000)thru electronic raffle draw Fr:)BENIGNO “NOYNOY” AQUINO the 3rd.)Foundation bangko sentral “(HANDOG PASASALAMAT)2011.!to Claim ur prize.!Plz,send ur/name/age/add/work and plz-Call me now!!!Im atty.Rafael B Rodriguez.Frm BSP info Dpt |Per-DTI NCR permit no.1921 series of 2011 thank you ito po no nito 09216780132 SANA PO MA BLOCK NA NO NYAN AT MABIGYAN NG KAPARUSAHAN ANG MGA GUMAGAWA NYAN NA PANLOLOKO!!!

  153. jeferson romulo says:


  154. JBM says:

    From:(BSP) CONGRATS! Ur sim# Won of Php 950 000.00 as a 2nd prize winner. To claim prize call me now, I’m Atty. Henry Tan
    DTI-NCR Permit no. 1059

    Yn.,., see beware sa mga scam txt na marerecv n mga gnyan.,.,

  155. Ronel says:


    At humingi po siya ng 870.00 na prepaid card, at 4,100.00 sa LBC Address to:

    Cristopher B. Bonite
    Harizon St,. Malate
    Metro Manila

    Pls DTI Paki aksyon lang po

  156. Tonet says:

    Masasabi ko lang po na ingat lang po tayo, wag po basta-basta maniniwala sa mga text messages na yan, sa hirap po ng panahon ngayon lahat po gagawin ng mga sindikato para maka kuha ng pera…yang mga tao na niyan mga patay gutom yan..mga hayop..

  157. Tonet says:

    ireply niyo lang po,,pero kapag humingi ng kung anu-anu wag niyo po bibigyan.

  158. acucxhayne says:

    hi im suzanne i was recieve a tx scam dis morning .
    her message .
    Congratulations!ur sim no. had won (php.650,000.00)tru electronic raffle frm PRESIDENT BENIGNO C. AQUINO Charity foundation w/ bangko sentral ng pilipinas “handog pangkabuhayan.to claim ur prise.call me now !. im atty. jessie m. morales frm. BSP info. Dpt per-DTI #0432 series of 2011. her #09125017536

    gosh nagulat po ko s tx nia .
    wla nman ako cnslihan n raffle bkt ako nnalo .
    DTI pls actionan nio po sna ang mga tx scam n yan !!
    mntik n ko mnwla . haha

  159. lovely says:

    i also received this kind of text scam. Is says “Congratulations! Last 10/30/2011 Ur cell# had won! Php650,000+N99 frm: (PCNNS) DTI# 8659 series of 2011. Please call me now! Im Atty. MIGUEL G. LOPEZ” Text received from 09152008736.

    This person is asking Php2,700.00 worth of load and money to process the transfer of money. And I have to send it to JAMA A. PLAMA through Western Union, Isulan Branch, Sultan Kudarat, Philippines. He also said that this promo is approve by COA, DTI and BIR.

    I search on the internet if whether this ATTY. MIGUEL G. LOPEZ is a registered lawyer but I found out that he is not. And so it is obvious that this is a scam.

    This ATTY. MIGUEL G. LOPEZ is still calling me. So beware.

    TO NBI; Please investigate and include this kind of people in your watchlists namely: MIGUEL G. LOPEZ and JAMA A. PLAMA.

    TO DTI, COA, BIR: Your Department is being used by this scammers. What are you doing to stop this?

    TO LAWYERS: Will you allow this scammers to use your profession in this kind of activities.

    TO WESTERN UNION, CEBUANA LHUILLIER AND LBC KWARTA PADALA: Please check if JAMA A. PLAMA is receiving money in any of your branch. PLEASE REPORT IT TO THE AUTHORITIES if you find out.

    TO CONGRESS, SENATE AND MALACANANG: What are you doing to solve this kind of scam? Are you not gonna make a law to stop this? Or if there is a law, is the law strong enough to stop this? Or is the law implemented properly or not?

    TO CONCERN CITIZENS: Do not stop spreading the news and report immediately if there is a text scam. In our own way, we can help stop this scam.

    TO ALL: Let all be vigilant and BE AWARE. If you happen to encounter this MIGUEL G. LOPEZ AND JAMA A. PLAMA. PLEASE REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY TO AUTHORITIES.

  160. richard says:

    hi im richard perido isa po aq sa naloko my nag txt sken na that ur num. W0n 780 thousand knuha nla bu0ng addresS ko at pangalan bka gmitin nla ito sa panlo2ko at sbi pa nla pra ma claim ang pera dw na npanalunan q bumili dw ako ng 3 talk n txt card ila2gy daw nla sa cheke,,mga manlo2ko tlg cla ang pangaln daw nya aY : SEC. Anthony L0pez e2 num. Nya 09097363234

  161. Cone says:

    Hi I’m Cone isa din po ako sa mga naloko my nag text po sa aken, ito po ang message nya: From: Central Bank of the Phil. Ur sim # won 650,000.00 2nd winner during Pamaskong Handog Draw2011 to claim pls. call I’m Atty. Lea Mendoza DTI # 3556s-11. at agad ko pong ekenomperma sa enternet kung tuto ba ito, at nung tinawagan ko po sya pinakoha naya yung pangalan ko at nalaman nila at baka gamitin nila ung pangalan ko at ung address ko na laman din nila pagkatapos po non sinabi po nya na sya po ay taga Central Bank at para po na claim yung price ay kailangan po daw na magpadala pa ng liabilities sa LBC 3,500 po daw at sinabi nya na hangang bukas lang po daw 7:00am lang po at kung di po pakapadala i uulit po daw ang draw sa iba…. e2 po ang # nya 09465006416

  162. J says:

    i received an sms of the same message.. i replied “just deposit it to my account. account name “go f–k yourself” and mail it to “your moms a-S” :)

  163. zafar says:

    hi every one,

    same here,they snd me sms and this is what they says. Congratulation ur sim # had won 2nd prize winner worth of (php 895.000)Maagang handog PAMASKO from (NOYNOY AQUINO)Charity Foundation w/ BSP Draw last Nov.17/to claim ur prize call me now! I’m Atty Ricardo F.Gonzale frm BSP info.TDI NCR#5639 Series of 2011…ito pla mobile # n ginamit nya +639264622445 alam kong mahirap hulihin ang mga taong ganito kc alaga cla ng mga makapangyarihang tao s gobyerno…iilan lng ang totoong ng mamalasakit s mga ksambayanan nila.. cguro mabilang lng s daliri…

    You must do something about it,dnt let this things get worst and worst…

  164. Hi DTI,

    This is Arcl john Travina fom Iloilo,. . Yesterday my mother recieved a msg from a person naming ATTY. JAMES C. FLORES. . .he asked my mom to send PHP5,000 in his account. . . he’s msg goes this way:

    (Congrats) ur SIM#won Php780,000. 2nd pize winner draw last night. To claim your prize, pls call me now! I’m At. James C. Flores. Per DTI#5247seriEs of 2011.

    Grabe kung makapng loko ng tayo!!

  165. LUCKY says:

    GUD DAY DTI!!!!!

  166. Roberto Sainz Jr. says:

    This is Roberto R. Sainz Jr.Ormoc City,Today I recieved tx message from this person named ATTY. Donato A Madrigal,DTI Number 0886s10

    (Congrats) ur SIM#won Php650,000.

    Grabe kung makapng loko ng tao!!Pls Check these People nagdala lang ng dumi sa ating bansa ng Pilipinas.

  167. john says:

    Ako po ay nkatanggap ng txt scam noong Nov.16,2011 n mula daw kay Cong.Manny Pacquiao sa knilang 23rd grand anniversary. draw Handog pangkabuhayan eh2 po ung >>(Notice) Ma’am/Sir Congrat’s ur sim# had won worth of Php.500,000.00 2nd/Prize winner during our 23rd grand anniversary. draw last.Nov/14/11. Handog pangkabuhayan. By Cong’ (MANNY PACQUIAO) to claim ur prize pls call me now! im atty:LEAH B. TAN .. DTI/NCR Permit no#6083 Series of 2011.mgingat x scam na ito pabago bago ang icp ni atty:Leah B. TAN.kya nhalata ko n scam ito.

  168. john says:

    (Notice) Ma’am/Sir Congrat’s ur sim# had won worth of Php.500,000.00 2nd/Prize winner during our 23rd grand anniversary. draw last.Nov/14/11. Handog pangkabuhayan. By Cong’ (MANNY PACQUIAO) to claim ur prize pls call me now! im atty:LEAH B. TAN .. DTI/NCR Permit no#6083 Series of 2011.
    Babala:wag maniwala kay atty:LEAH B. TAN #09161975350

  169. atnat says:

    cno ka gumagamit ka pa naman ng atty. FE DELA CRUZ auditor ka ba ng PCF nanalo ba ang asawa ko ng 950,000,00 2nd draw today are u sure maawa naman kau sa mga taong nag papawis para lamang kumita ng pera d ba talaga mahuli ang tao na ito

  170. Hermilee says:

    Hi I have received a message like this:

    “Congratz! Ur sim# had wib 2nd prize winner worth of Php.580,000.00 thru electronic raffle draw last dec. 10, 2011. From Aquino Foundation..Pamaskong Handog Pangkabuhayan..To claim you prize.. Pls. Call me now Sec. Anita H. Go from: BSP Info Dpt. per – DTI#0243 series of 2011″

    the cell number of the message above/sender is :0930-9401-346


  171. edelyn cubio says:

    i received a text last dec.04 from attorney miguel S. lopez and he said dat i won 650000 + laptop free raffle from pccns dti3709s11…..at sabi nya tatawagn ko daw xa
    so, i decided 2 call him dn aftr that..he said n bumili daw ako ng 3 prepaid card n tag 300 ung bawat isa…para mregstr n daw ako at m claim ung pera..
    but d ako nag pauto kc kng talagng nanalo ako d kailangan n ako ung tatawag para m cnfmr n nanalo ako..sanan poh ang gnitong uri ng manloloko ai ma aaksyunan kaagad…..para ma2ruan ng leksyon ang mga taong ito….

  172. maggie says:

    This is the text message i recieved from Mr. Anthony Lopez(09051936647)…………Notice frm:PCSO w/ Central Bank of the Phil,s.Congrats! Ur sim # won 2nd prize worth (Ph 780,000.00)Pls call me now!I,m Sec.Anthony Lopez DTI #7003series2011..so i called him right away and talked to this Mr.Lopez and he doesn’t sound like an educated person and he asked me that if i want to get the check 780 thou pesos, i have to send 20 thousand pesos thru western union to commission on audit with some name……..and he said this is not a scam this is real..so after that he asked me if im willing to pay, i said yes(but for sure not coz i know its a scam)..and he said ok and when…so i said 2morow coz everything was close now hir in canada offices western and i asked him if i can get his name and he got mad at me and i told him i have an uncle who’s a detective and he can go and ask for ur name in there and he just hang up!!!!!!:)..lokohin mo sarili mo mr.Lopez if u have family maatim mo bang pakainin ang pamilya mo ng nakaw!!!!!!!!!!!:((((well gudluck sau!!!

  173. Lloyd Lebumfacil (STUDENT) says:

    meron nag txt sakin d2 ngayun lng 12/13/2011 11:40am
    here’s the text…


    mabuti na lng at na try ko eh open sa google about central bank of the phils raffle draw and i saw puro pala mga panloloko ang nagaganap. sana mahuli na ang gumagawa nito…

  174. Lloyd Lebumfacil (STUDENT) says:

    ang number pala na ginamit na nag Alias ATTY. BERHEL B. DE JESUS ay 09183883438

    To all: pag may ng txt sa inyu. pls be aware niloloko lng nila tayu

  175. Emmad says:

    Received Txt scam messages that i won 2nd price P950,000.00.Pls .call me:Atty Lito Mendoza -09463031638 12.12.11
    -09466472488 12.12.11
    Atty Lyndon G.Cana -09212818715 12.19.11
    Atty Rey A. Acosta – 09464895049
    I will email DTI regarding these scam txt messages.Ingat lang tayo.

  176. Amelia Eluna says:

    I just received text message saying: D’ auditors of Philippine Charity Foundationin formed you that your cel# Won 950,000.00 2nd Prize Winner “HANDOG PANGKABUHAYAN at MAAGANG PAMASKO” to claim your prize Pls. call me Now I’m Atty. Rey T. Osmena..from BSP Info. Dept.Per!DTI# 0422 SERIES of 2011 (his number is +639481381307

  177. nards catamora(OFW) says:

    beware of this person atty.rafael b.rodreguez his cell no.639265878376.

  178. Rei Daclison says:

    hello.. i also received a scam message.”CONGRATULATIONS! Last ’05/01/2012 Ur cell # had won! P650,000+N99 unit from: PCCNS DTI-#8231 Series! of 2012 please call me now! I’M ATTY. MIGUEL G. LOPEZ” please be aware of this 09155790126.

    another one: “CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your # WON TOYOTA AVANZA w/ 300 thou via electronic last Sept. 30, 2011. For details, please call now Albert Dee. OF Phil.Info.Center on this #. please be aware of this number 09161037054..

    sana mahuli ang mga taong ito at matigil na nag panloloko nila.

  179. Dhina Thuto says:



    DIAL NOW!!!

  180. Gap says:

    I also received a txt message from +639381462162 and +639464880699 a couple of times last year it said something about PAMASKO handog ni President Noynoy Aquino, and that my number won 300,000.

  181. elaine says:

    spam message na na-send sa akin.

    Notice from: Central Bank
    ma’am/sir Congratulations!
    Ur Sim # Had won 2nd prize winner worth of Php.650,000, Thru Electronic Raffle.
    Pamaskong Handog frm. Cong. MANNY PACQUIAO To claim ur prize Pls. call me now I’m Atty. Jason B. Chua frm:
    BSP INFO DPT. per-DTI.#0243 series of 2011.

    sender of spam: 09358689806

  182. jere maya says:

    eto pa isa sec anita h. go frm BSP INFO DPT. per DTI#0243 me series of 2012 (year scamming) pa lintek ang galing manloko.

    eto cel. 09156663845

  183. Winnie Dee says:

    Mobile #: +63946311335
    Content: D’Auditors of the Philippines Charity Foundation informed u dat ur cel # won P950,000.00 2nd prize winner Handog Pabahay at Pang kabuhayan sa mga OFW! To claim ur prize pls call Atty. Recardo G. Perez from: BSP Info. Dept Per! DTI #.0422 SERIES OF 2012.

  184. weirdzal says:


    Scammer Numbers: 09239353159 / 09323561379″SunCellular:
    You’re the one Selected Postpaid Plan Given 50% Discount Billing, to get your 50% Discount Billing just forward 17-digits secret code to 2292. You will receive 17-digits secret code on next message.

    50 09323561379 9999

  185. Concerned Citizen says:

    Eto scammer to, please make some action on this number, they are taking advantage of people everywhere, relentlessly;

    +639462168583 – Atty Armando Santos raw pangalan nya, nanalo raw ako ng Php880, 000, LOL

  186. Concerned Citizen says:

    This one came from a certain MR. ARIEL DE OCAMPO, sabi nya me raffle raw PSCO, “magtarget ng 500 at magrambbke ng 200″ – +639464229569

    Eto namang isang to anonymous, kunwari kilala kayo sabay sabing “eto bagong roaming # ko at hingi ng load” – +639125857769

    When will these scammers STOP???

    Hopefully some action will be done now

  187. nis says:

    spam ba ito using 3 digit number?

    From 09105650933
    Maam/sir, Ur sim# won 500smartload Handog pangkabuhayan by: Cong. Manny Pacquiao to claim your prize just type 500 and SEND TO 343. promo is availabe w/ in 24hrs dtiNcr#1344 REf.340866828092

  188. Atty Ray De Quiroz says:

    Yesterday at around I also received such scam message, details of which are below. Even lawyers are not immune to scam messages. The scammer’s number is 0905 942 6975.Hope Globe will take action into such perfidious entities.
    SCAM Content:
    Congrat’s, Ur sim# had won (Php800,000.) 2nd/Prize Winner’s Handog Pangkabuhayan Fr0m:(B.S.P) To Claim pls call me now.I’m Atty,RAFAEL A, PERER. DTI3828 s’2012.
    Time: 2/1/2012 4:45:38 PM

  189. jun says:

    hi guyz!!! buti na reaserch ko ito at nababasa ang mga comment nyo.. nakakatanggap din ng msg. ang kaibigan ko na si roger,here in medinah saudi arabia noong february 02,2012 5:30 pm po ang oras sa pinas.
    ito po ang text msg:
    CONGRATULATIONS! Ur sim no. Had Won (Php.650,000.00) Thru electronic Raffle From: PRESIDENT BENIGNO C. AQUINO Charity foundation with Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas “HANDOG PANGKABUHAYAN from PAGCOR “2012” to Claim ur prize PLS. call me now. ATTY. WILLIAM B.CHUA from BSP Info. DEPARTMENT PER-DTI # 5791 Series of 2012. Cel no. +639105460102.
    Sana po mahuhuli po niyo sila para wala ng ibang kababayan nating mabibiktima,lalo na sa ibang bansa sa ganitong text scam… hinihingan po siya ng halagang Php. 3,500.00 at ihuhulog sa western union,bukas ng umaga sana ipapadala yung hinihingi buti nalang na research namin ito at nag comment. paki.research nlng ang mga taong ito.. salamat!!!

  190. Zevannoj says:


  191. Criss Ibardaloza says:

    Scam po me ari ng number na yan. wag kau maniniwala nghihinge ng load. 09276126619

  192. glen says:

    yung mga ganyang klaseng tao wag patulan kc mga sira ulo mga yn wala mgawa di kc nkpasa s bar exam

  193. teejay says:

    i received a message from Atty LAURO C. BAJA with CP# 09167652095 saying that he is from DTI Legal Counsel saying that “OCW’s Charity Fund inform u dat ur CP# won P850,000. 2nd price winner for OFW. Pls. call now I’m Atty. Lauro c Baja. DTI. PER. 9973s’12. i really don’t know if this is a scam or what. he asked me all the details about me, including my passport number and smart phone number and saying that i have 2 options to collet the winning prize from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas in F.B. Harrizon Street, Malate, Manila. The first option is to claim it personnaly and the other option is thru Western Union and told me they will give me some updates tomorrow morning, February 27, 2012. just would like to know from DTI office is this is true. I gave him all the details regarding my phone numbers, OWWA certificate number and passport number. i’m very much worried about this because i really don’t know about this scam issue. i just know it just now from my friend.

  194. felix says:


    I got this kind of message too.

    tips sa mga nakatangap if still in doubt. verify your DTI permit# sa link below.


    who ever owns this site thanks! but still we need to report this since its going on for several years already. this has to be stopped before they get more victims.

    let the NEWS reporter know this will be a good start since the government didn’t do something about this.

  195. Tang D says:



    Congratulations! Ur Intn’l Globe Roaming Simcard# Won 2million pesos, During our anniversary handog pangkabuhayan Raffles draw! frm Central Bank of The Philippines call GOV. AMANDO M. TETANGCO JR.,TAGAPANGASIWA NG CENTRAL BANK, CONTACT # 09263222255, Call me now to avoid forefeiture. DTI-NCR PERMIT #0928.

    This jerk called my number earlier to check if its a working number, and when i ignored his messages and call, he sent another message the following day….grabe anu ba to…inside job….kasi yung sa globe na OFW roaming, nababawasan ang load mo kung may nagmisskol…tinitipid ko pa naman yung load ko kasi tinetext ko yung nanay ko….inubos nila…wala talagang konsyensya….

  196. john says:

    congratulations ur sim nuber won 500000 feb.15,2012,frm new pagcor & central bank of the phil.fndt’n.call me 4 for more info iam dir leah cruz

  197. nash says:

    TEXT Spammer


  198. James says:

    Just received same text message from 09351138847: (Congrats)!Ur SIMcard#won Php780,000.2nd prize winner draw last night.To claim ur prize,pls call me now!I’m ATTY. JAMES B FLORES.,Per DTI#5247series of 2012. Just ignored it and search it on the web para mashare and warn others. Ty

  199. Rye says:

    Hi! BEWARE OF THIS NUMBER AS WELL: 09496673783.

  200. andrew b. ilagan says:

    i received a text scam from this mobile no:09467505460. the text scam goes like this: NOTICE FROM:

  201. Paul says:

    Another text scam from atty carlo v diaz. His phone number 09158731696.

  202. hagibis says:

    pls block ds number:9069652005…she texted me…as d same (scam) stories above…I called her and told her straight forward na ” ikaw ay isang manloloko!!!” scammer!!! right there..she hang up! pls. just ignore all of these text mssgs. nd report to d right govt. agency..but the question is? saan nga ba dapat mag-sumbong! at aaction ba agad sila???

  203. Duh says:

    natatawa ako sa nagsabing inutil ang gobyerno dahil walang magawa sa mga text scam. bakit, may batas ba na dapat irehistro lahat ng sim card? bakit, papayag ba ang lahat sa ganitong setup?

    FYI, di po ito sa DTI nirereport kundi…. sa NTC. walang kakayanan ang DTI magblock ng sim card kasi wala naman ito sa mandate nila :P

  204. Ann says:

    hi.. eto rin +639302402517

  205. PANGET says:


  206. pist biatch says:

    i received a text message from this number +639261188757 saying “CONGRATULATIONS ur Sim # won Php. 750,000.00 thru electronic raffle from
    PCF w/ Central Bank of the Phil’s. Call me now I’m SEC. RYAN C. DIAZ. DTI permit # is

  207. nova says:

    i also received a msg..from roy L. chua that i won 950k. in bangko central.. the number is #09484446058 BSP/info.dept.DTI/7779.s2012

    plz detect that.. person.. to avoid other people from being scammed…

  208. JENILYN MANALO says:

    i just received a txt messge frm PCCNS an hour ago . so i ran to a net cafe asap.. as i read your msg here. i dont kno wat to fil .i am xcetd a little bit nervous and doubtful. but as i go through this mssge . i am proud to say that im already one of da luckiest person hu wont .. ill support this . txt scam for all of my life. cos i knew this company will change my life and will change my family’s lifestyle .. first of all i am thanking to this company i am so happy.
    and most of all GOD! I PRoMISE ill go to da church and give big donation to our church which is undr renovation.
    i am from mindanao.. away from the company i guest im so lucky.. i did by this simcard
    and its bcos all about GOD! AND PCCNS ..
    GODBLESS to all!

  209. mhee says:

    Hi everyone.. just to inform u na may bago namang text scam that I won a total of 75k from global remittance of ofw.. to claim the prize, need to call sec. Gregory L. Domingo..under dtincrp#- 5179 series of 2012..

    I wonder baka pede nga ko manalo esp mostly satin nakakareceive ng remit from family abroad.. plus mismong sec pa ng DTI ang nagtxt but on second thought… Its a scam y?? first they are using an 11digit cellphone number.. 2nd, they use the sec name para makatotohanan kuno… but check the permit number sa site ng DTI…5179 sa txt pero sa site ng dti its ARTWORK PING-A-PRIZE PROMO…haha…huli na diba? kaya better check.. lastly, if u really won.. they will call u at ipublish pa yan… di thru text lang…

  210. concern cit. says:

    Just today my two frends received two messages from two fools saying that my frends won over half a million peso…

    Please beware of the ff. numbers :

    0917-27144643 (ruzzel miranda)
    09065492493 Att. Chin chua….

  211. yzha says:

    i recieved a msg. from sec. anthony lopez is it true ba?? he said i won 780,000 his no. 09051427809 i dont know if maniniwala ako o hindi

  212. yzha says:


  213. Lyka says:

    I just received a text message, indicating that I won php780,00. The message goes like this:

    “Frm (pcf) or Philippine Charity Foundation. Congrat’s the owner of ds no#. Ur sim# had won (php780,000) 2nd prize winner sponsored by congr.MANNY PACQUIO.isang handog pangkabuhayan. To claim ur prize call me now sec.ALFREDO M.AYALA dti-permit#2787 s’2012.”

    I know I never joined any raffle or what not so I googled this PCF, only to found out several complaints about this text scam. I’m just wondering how and where they got our mobile numbers?

  214. jonathan says:

    i recieved a text scam from +639064544139 said
    congratulations! last may/01/12 ur cell# had won P850,000 from PCCNS/DTI-NCR Permit # 8472 series of 2012 to claim ur prize! call me now. Im Atty.MIDAS MARQUIZ.
    so please help if is true!

  215. Tina says:

    Got an sms just now, from phone number 639061140455 “Congratulations! Ur sim no. Had won (950,000) thru electronic raffle draw frm:(NOYNOY AQUINO)foundation w/Bangko Sentral ng Philipinas “Handog pangkabuhayan “! to Claim ur prize.! call me now! i’m ATTY.JAMESC.MORALES frm:BSP info.Dpt Per-DTI#3920 series of 2012″

  216. Shiela says:

    I received a text scam from +639169245781

    Notice from: DTI ur sim # won php 850,000.00 fro, Global Remittance of ofw/bsp to claim your prize. call me now. Im Sec. Gregory L. Domingo (DTI)permit # 5719 S’12.

  217. Shiela says:

    I received another text scam from +639359082626

    Notice from: DTI ur sim # won php 850,000.00 fro, Global Remittance of ofw/bsp to claim your prize. call me now. Im Sec. Gregory L. Domingo (DTI)permit # 5719 S’12.

    Reporting 2nd attempt.

  218. I Recieved text from Atty. Noel G. Reyes celphone no.09261114223 It says: Ma’am/Sir, ur sim# had won Php.780,000.00 From:BSP/PCF ( handog pangkabuhayan)To claim ds. call me now( Atty.Noel G. reyes,(BSP) INFO- Head) DTI-NCR #9596,S12..God Bless you Tampa Atty. Noel G. Reyes grrrrrrrrrrrr!

  219. Lolita says:

    scam pala yan.. kala ko nanalo ako!! :( ung pala scam!!!! buti di ako nag pa loko
    nang hihingi sya ng load na 100 pesos png tawag dw sa LBC un pera…

  220. Lolita says:

    at tinawagan ako ng 4 na beses malapit na nga ako ma convince… naiyak ako sa tuwa… ung nalaman ko disapointed ako

  221. rafael says:

    I just received a text
    message, indicating that I won
    php650,000,00. The message goes like
    NOTICE. From: GMA Kapuso Charity Foundation 73rd,funding, anniversary
    Ma’am/Sir Ur Simcard #Won (650,000,00). pesos/TO claim Ur prize ,PLEASE Call me now I’M ATTY’/JAIMIE C BASTIAN, DTI/ permit#0866s12.
    ito # nya

  222. ruth says:

    hai nko marami tlagang manloloko.. dapat clang patayin…. shit nla.. may nagtx din saakin sabi”NOTICE FROM: CENTRAL BANK maam /sir congratulation ur sim #.had won 2nd prize winner worth of (php 880,000) thru electronic raffle from PRES. BENIGNO C.AQUINO charity foundation w/ BSP”handog pangkabuhayan sponsored by: cong MANNY PACQUIAO to claim ur prize plz call me no w im atty ricardo gonzalez from BSP info dpt per DTI#9523 SERIES # OF 2012

    SHIT NLA……….

  223. Mavs says:

    Scam Message:
    Congrat’s Ur sim # won 780,000,00 from: BSP/PCF “Handog Pangkabuhayan”To Claim ur prize Call me now!I’m Att.ALEX B. PINEDA frm:BSP info Dpt per-tDTI#2568S’12
    Scammer’s Mobile Number: 09261688811


  224. Piram lee says:

    sana to all people who dont avoid to text like this, i have won a 2nd price 550,000 pesos grand winner 73rd grand anniversary draw. my suggestion, are you not afraid of god na mangloko lang kayo? remember, all people do not live forever, lahat tayo mamatay din. thank you. . . .

  225. Matia Rod says:

    The new tactic of text scammers nowadays is that they’ll text you–pretending that they’re someone you know overseas who changed their number and offer you a ‘prepaid load business’. They’ll tell you to buy 500Php prepaid cards that will be sold to their colleagues 1200Php each. I almost fell into their tactic because she was able to introduce herself as someone I really know! Good thing I was able to notice the difference in the way they compose their message and ask her some questions to confirm my doubt. So I just play along with the scammer who is very persistent, telling me that she’s willing to wait for the pin# until I send it and even ask me to buy 12 prepaid cards because she already have buyers.

    So I advice you to always be on alert! Never believe the so-called business if you haven’t communicated with the real person via call or Facebook (I asked the scammer if i can send the pin# to her fb account but told me that i shouldn’t because Fb is very vulnerable to hackers) or with his/ her relatives. This is the scammer’s number just in case she text you too: 09166212861, 09163771396.

  226. ginalyn says:

    manahimik na kayo sa mga scam ninyo baka gosto ninyong iriklamo sa malacanang.ilang bisis na ako naluko sa ganyan.ha nanalo raw ako mag sarado na kayo.wow thru electronic raffle daw charity foundatio0n w/bangko sentral ng pilipinas.atty.jef g tan.ng bsp dti.#3920,2012.alam mo mag sal sal ka nalang dyan sa kubita ayos pa wala pang kaso.

  227. Dhonna Lapido says:

    I received recently a txt message that I won P950,000.00 from Manny Pacquiao Foundation “Handog Pangkabuhayan sa OFW dti 2447 coming from mobile no 00639102992281 and claiming to be.Atty. Noel V. Ponce.Please kindly look and investigate this to avoid future possible victims

  228. Marlidel Solis says:

    another scam this morning JULY 11, 2012.
    MANYAKIS itong tao na ito,bukod sa panloloko sa text malibog pa….

  229. Klariza Den says:

    the following are mobile numbers i have noted. all have sent me, and i’m sure many others, with lures of winning or pretending to be somebody i know who is asking for cellphone loads:


  230. Abi says:

    I received lots of those text scams already but I just ignored them. Another thing that I do is search the internet about the details in the text like the DTI number.

    The only way to detect who owns the mobile numbers is for the network providers to have the names of all their customers and the mobile number given to them to be registered. It will be easier to search who owns those numbers.

  231. Chris Jose says:

    I received this afternoon today stating Manny Pacquiao Charity Foundation draw for international roaming by Globe and contact a person named Alex Porminto with a cell phone number and DTI NCR Permit and series number…we know they can say anything but where do they get my number?

  232. gilbert says:

    5 po ang sim card # ko.3 n ang nanalo 560k,650k at 750k.ang yaman ko n sna kung totoo ito.kya lng ang dami nilang ngtitxt ng mga panloloko.pls.po wag n wag po kyong mani2wla.

  233. jan says:

    just received a scam from cellphone # 09265048945
    saying I have won 880,000 per dti#9523 series 2012,
    sponsored by Manny Pacquiao
    to be claimed with atty Ricardo F Gonzales, former BSP info dept.

  234. yanaliao says:

    Just received a scam from cp no. 09058200208

    It says that I have won 850,000 per dti#5719 series 2012,
    sponsored by Gregory L. Domingo of Global remittance

  235. wishtiao says:

    from: 09056571617


    Congratulations Ur.sim.#.Had Won.2nd.prize winner worth.of.(PHP 650,000)Thru.Electronic Raffle frm.PRESIDENT BENIGNO.C.AQUINO.Charity foundation.w/Bangko.Sentral ng.Pilipinas “Handog.Pangkabuhayan to Claim.ur prize.Pls.call.me.now.I’m Atty.RICO.C.LOPEZ.frm.BSPInfo.Dpt per-DTI#0432 Series.of.2012.

    -never bother to waste time with these scams.
    -its very obvious.
    -try not to be stupid and dont dwell on wishful thinking.

  236. angel says:

    hello !!!

    hahahaha i’m a victim of a scam like the others!!!!
    eto ung txt ng craulong un hahahaha….

    (NOTICE) your sim# had won 580,000. In our 2nd aniv. preraffle draw last aug. 30, 2012 from san miguel corp. by jean c. lopez.

    oh! db gnmit p ang san miguel corp. para lng s klokohan nla…
    tinawagan nga aq eh kso ung kausap q ayw mgpklala at nd p fluent in english k loka!!!!!!

    oh s mga mbbktima wg kaung pnwla ok…

    lhat ng bagy pnag hihirapan wg umasa s panloloko ok!!!

    please help us to block this # 09287052772


  237. rod says:

    sir pakiblock na lang po tong simcard no. na to kaktxt lang sakin kahpon pakiblock nalang po para hindi na po makapagpalaganap ng panoloko ito po yung txt sakin.

    Number: +639276279942
    Congratulations UR sim# had won 2nd prize winner worth of (php.850,000) thru electronic raffle draw fr0m.VILLAR
    F0undati0n w/BAngko Central ng Pilipinas. ”handog pangkabuhayan” to claim ur prize please call me n0w.I’m atty.Ricardo F. Gonzales(BSP info Dpt.) per -DTI# 2916 SEries of 2012.
    Time: 05/09/2012 12:06:38

    kayo na po sana ang bahala salamat.

  238. juvy says:

    notice from puerto princesa underground river. mam/sir congrats ur cel # had won (280,000) as a 2nd winner electronic raffle draw from ppur on sept/06 to claim ur prize call now ds # 09423772141// tel (280)1197764 for info from manager LEA V. GALE dti ncr permit # 2409 series of 2012 thank you.

    isang katotohan? o isang kalokohanan? kayo nlang po bhala. salamat

  239. mia says:

    I got one too. Congratulation! Last sept/12 /2012 U’r cell# had won! P850,000 + 1Sony laptop 3rd winner from: (pccns) dti#7330s2012. Please call me now! I’m Atty. Carlo V. Diaz. My # is new and i haven’t joined to any raffle draw. From 09267247631. Kindly do something to avoid such scam and no one will be a victim. Thanks!

  240. reynaldo says:

    yesterday nabiktima rin ako ng text scam.

  241. adonis says:

    May nagtext rin sa kapatid ko at ito number nya 09359081832 sabi nya nanalo raw ako 760,000.00 mula sa pacquiao foundation pero humihingi 200 na load para maprocess raw.

    cya raw c atty Miguel f. Leviste at atty Peter C. Lelona.

  242. enting says:

    Salamat po sa mga taong mabubuti ang puso nailigtas ninyo ako sa scam na ito.Sana magkaroon na ng batas na ganito anti textscam.

  243. noel says:

    Received a text from this # 09173455729

    “Ma’am/Sir Congrat’s Ur Sim# Had wOn 2nd Prize Winner worth of Php(850,000.00)+Laptop From GMA KAPUSO FOUNDATION’S Handog Pangkabuhayan Sponsored by: Coca Cola Corp. To Claim Ur Prize Pls. Call me n0w im Atty. Ismael V. Paterno Per Dti- Permit # 6238s’12.”

    haha sa construction p lng ng text alam ng scam.


  244. dada says:

    From 09266030938

    Notice From:Central Bank:Ur Sim# Had won 2nd prize winner worth of (Php.650,000)(Handog pangkabuhayan) by PRESIDENT BENIGNO C. AQUINO” claim ur prize.call me now I’m Atty.alex a chua.DTI#7763s12.

  245. Geric says:

    Notice From:Central bank Ma’am/Sir Ur simcard #Won (650,000,00).handog pangkabuhayan. Pasalamat by.MANNY PACQUIAO. to claim Ur prize call me now i’m sec:ALEX A.CHUA. .DTI permit#0886s12.

  246. ramddeath says:

    just received also a text message awhile ago same as your stories from atty.rafael b. rodriguez…handog pasasalamat 2012 by pnoy daw….well some suggestions…try to contact the person who is responsible and get some informations about them and meet them in one place so that all your queries be answered and also dont forget to bring some gov’t authorities…

  247. E.J says:

    Congratulations! Ur sim no. Had won (P760.000) thru electronic raffle draw frm: (NOYN0Y AQUIN0)foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas “Handog pangkabuhayan”! to Claim ur prize.! call me now!! i’m ATT. JAMES C. MORALES frm.BSP info. Dpt Per – DTO # 3920 series of 2012:

    by cp# 09359080690

  248. joy says:

    u won 850k fom pcso handog pamasko
    dti 0831

    alex Chua
    Ailene Custodio


  249. mj says:

    Ang masasabi ko lng pucha! ang dami dami ng numbers ang mga scammers na yan, sana maKARMA SILA sa ginagawa nila. kung pwede nga lang mahuli sila sa Bitag ei..ng matigil at makulong lahat ng mga punyetang scammers na yan! BWISIT! do not trust this number-09279464885. isa itong uri ng pagnanakaw kea karamihan sa mga magnanakaw gnyan nlng ginagawa nila dhil wlang humuhuli sa kanila, wlang umaaksyon ei. di ba pano na ung mga nagpauto sa knila sila din kawawa nagtiwala sila kagad..hay ano na manyare ? wala pa rin??o come on!

  250. ndi"nag PALOKO says:

    akoh poh ayy niloloko rn ngayon ng manloloko , na nag tatago sa pangalang atty, HENRY H, TAN , from central , bank of the phillipines. DTI # 4149 s “2012 had won 2nd prizes winner of(550,000 php) ang number nya is 09461375072, ang requirements nya sakin is ,bigyan koh raw xa ng blnce sa load nah nagkakahalaga ng 300pesos first requirement plng poh yan’sa number nya mismo na 11digit, para ma claim koh yong prize,.sana poh,. eh mahabag naman cla sa kanilang ginagawa, eh kung sa sarili nila kaya gawin yan mga mga kalukuhan nah yan,, mga mul2 cla sa tao.,

  251. ndi"nag PALOKO says:

    sana poh ay maactionan ang mga ganitong mga pangyayari , nakakaawa ang mga kapwa nating mahihirap na naloloko , at sa mga kapwa ko mahihirap wag na tayong paloloko. alam ko po kaya ng pamahalaang hulihin at matigil na to,,,,, thankzzzzzzzzzzz

  252. melveen says:

    !!!sana po ay makulong ang mga putang inang mga haup na yan dahil akoy na dalihan ng load na halagang 1,000 na load iharap sa akin ang putang inang alyas jissie m morales na yun !!!!

  253. RENE says:

    Ma’am/Sir Congrat’s Ur sim # had w0n P650,0O0 + Early Christmas “HANDOG” pangkabuhayan pasasalamat.From GMA KAPUSO FOUNDATION.to claim ur prize Plz Call me n0W, I’M ATTY.FELIPE L. GOZON/per DTI-NCR per. no. 1649 s’ of 2012

    From cellphone number: +639351001574

  254. Jay-ar says:

    Notice frm:(DTI) Ur Sim# won Php850,000.00 From:GLOBAL REMITTANCE Of OFW/BSP,To claim your prize,Call me now?Im Sec.GREGORY L. DOMINGO (DTI)permit# 5719 S’12.
    Time: 11/8/2012 4:55:39 PM

    from +639063018029

  255. Elmer says:

    I also received a text message a while ago saying that i won a 950k cash in electronic raffle of bangko central..

    Congratulation’s! Ur Cell#won (Php950,000) During electronic raffle of Bangko Central, to claim Plz Call me now! I’m Atty BOBBY C. LOPEZ per-dti-Ncr#2324’s 2012.

    heres the number of that certain person who sent that message to me : (+639461756350)

  256. Mike says:

    Just received a text message saying “Congratulations! from VILLAR FOUNDATION your SIM # won! PHP950,000 2nd price winner, “Handog pang-kabuhaya” raffle promo!DTI0154’12 CALL ME NOW. LYKA RAMIREZ”

    From cellphone number. +639159688814


  257. shello says:

    ,grave may mga tao pala na ganito naka receive dn ako na message na ganyan na nanalo po ako (650.000)manuel lopez daw sya, ito # 09359082487) tao wala puso wala konsensya..

  258. graCe says:

    hello po im graCe mayron po nagpadala ng mensahe sa akin eto po…numero 09128782564 at eto po ang kanyang mensahe
    Congrats ! Ur Sim # Won Php.950,000.00 2nd Prize Draw Last.Nov./20/2012. Pls Call Me Now I’m Sec:Noel A. Mendez Auditor Of Phils.Charity Foundation DTI.1344….ngayon lang po nov.21/2012. at 10:31 am…

  259. Leonila comoc says:

    Ako po c leonila may nagtxt po sa amin na nanalo daw po ang sim ko ng 550,000+laptop ang panagalan niya daw po ay c atty.manuel m. Lopez ,tapoz poh pina punta nia kami sa lbc tapoz po humingi cia ng pera na 4,200,tapoz humingi din siya ulit ng 5,500 ,tapoz tumawag ang babae ang pangala ay sec.teresa v. Diaz tapoz po humingi cia ng 11,000,tapos po sabi niya bukas daw niya ipadala ang pera, sana po klala nio cla,ito mga number nla 09154101556,,09276213203,,09053971936,,,,,kanina pong umaga cla nagtxt

  260. simple but rock!!! says:

    hnd aq ung tipo ng tao na agad nagpa2loko, kya nga nagaaral pra maeducate q ang srili q..

    congrats 2 me kc hndi aq nsilaw sa pera kc myaman na aq sa kaibigan at anjan ang fam q..

    beware lang po xa mga taong mki2tid ang utak..

  261. cathy says:

    anak ng tinapa kailan po ba maaaksyonan ang ganitong kaso?asan na ang cnasabi nyong.batas? Ang dami2 ng naloloko ng mga scamer isa poh aq sa mga nakatangap ng txtscam!!bale kanina lng poh ito plz poh paki.block ng#. .at pd ny0h pa p0ng matrace ung gamit na # kc kanina lng poh nag.sana poh mahuli nyoh na xia..

    Congratulation’s! Ur cell# won(Php 780,000.00) during electronic raffle of bangko sentral,to claim plz call me now! Im Atty MIKE C. LOPEZ per-dti#2324’s’2012

    kung cnuh ka man..mamatay kana sna para di kna makaperwesyo sa mga.tao . .beware poh mga.kapwa. .pilipino.. Wag poh tau mag.papaluko bgoh p0h masilaw. .icp2 p0h muna

  262. Chelsea Chloei says:

    Grabe ha?.. 09053307032, knina lang tinext ako.. Three times nya pang sinent sa akin..

    “NOTICE from: (BSP. Charity foundation.) Nanalo daw ung sim ko ng php850, 000.00 Tas icclaim ko daw and I’ll call him.. I was trying to call that number para pagsabihan, pero hindi niya masagot.. Huh.. Kung pwede nga lang ipablock lahat ng mga ngsscam..

    Please lat us be aware of this..

  263. hi says:

    hi paki patay nga tong att. carlos diaz

  264. zhe says:

    Gud morning,just received a text message saying:
    Ma’am/Sir.Ur Sim# had won.(Php550,000.)’Handog Pangkabuhayan’From:”GMA KAPUSO FOUNDATION”To claim Ur Prize.Call me now!ATTY:ROLANDO L. ANDAYA.DTI NCR per no.6303 s’of 2012. from cellphone #09467984472
    Sana po maturuan na yang mga manlolokong yan,daming beses na rin q nakakatanggap nito,kung maari i block nyo number nila pra matuto na rin.tnx & more power poh!God bless!

  265. Nerissa says:

    Gud evening,just received. A text messaging saying: (notice) ur sim # had won php.550,000.00 last 12/05/12.” pamaskong handog ng millioner’s club in inc.” to claim your prize call me now.im sec.ariel s.lastimosa.from cellphone number 09261340020. Kaninang umga ko LNG po yun na receive .tapos tinawagan ko po at pinaliwanag Nya po kng paano mukha yung prize kaso si kailangan dw mgbayad ng registration patunay na ako yung my ari ng number .2500 po yung hinihingi kaso sabi ko Wla akong ganun klaking pera,tapos talagang piniilit Nya ako mghiram ng pera kc pra maiprocess na dw kgad.twag sya ng twag skin gawan ko ng paraan.kya ngpadala ako ng 300 pesos sa pangalang culopio tee omonos jr.tga Davao po sya.sana po mahuli sla kasi kawawa nmn gya kong naloko.salamat po sana maaksyunan na.

  266. Nerissa says:

    Nung na receive na po nla yung 300 na pinadala ko,Sinabi mgbayad pa dw ako ng 2500 para sa delivery at para matangap ko dw yung napanalunan ko. Bukas dw po tatawag po uli sya.ano pb ga2win ko para mahuli po sya?

  267. Nerissa says:

    Si Ariel s. lastimoso tumawag skin ngayon umga at Sinabi ko Hindi ako mgla2bas ng pera kasi manlo2ko sya. Pero piniilit Nya pa rin na Hindi dw panlo2ko ginagawa Nya.nagalit Nung Sinabi ko wala sya sa Internet at Sinabi Nya sakin ipapablock Nya dw yung sim ko para Hindi ko na dw magamit.so scam nga tlga sya. Sna makulong sya at e2 yung isa Nya pang kasagwat si culopio tee omonos jr.dyan kasi ako ngpadala ng 300.sna maibalik na yung pera ko

  268. may nagtxt po sa akin siya daw si atty. edwin lopez nagtxt sa akin kahapon nanalo po daw ako ng 650,000+laptop from (PCCNS CO.)DTI #0667 series of 2012 hiningi niya po ang number ko sa tm para siya na daw ang tatawag sa akin para mabigyan niya ako ng instruction how to claim the prize..
    tumawag po siya pagbigay ko ng number sabi niya bumili daw ako ng dalawang calling card para ma transfer yong name ko.. permado na po raw ng pangulo ang napanalonan ko.

    kagabi(dec.19,2012) po tumawag siya ulit at kaninang umaga po(dec.20,2012) tumawag rin siya..
    pinapabibili niya po aku ng 2 calling card worth 1000 pesos para after daw non itatransfer niya ang pangalan ko doon at pagkatpos pwede ko na po daw makuha ang napanalunan ko sa lbc branch.paano ko ba huhulihin ang taong to.. kasi alam ko niloloko niya ako..kaiangan ko po ng tulong ..dahil txt ng txt po siya sa akin nalilito na aku..eto po cp number niya#09158728403

  269. Kumi says:

    I received this text message just this morning. Congratulations! from VILLAR FOUNDATION you SIM # won! PHP950,000.00 2nd prize winner, “Handog pangkabuhayan” raffle promo! DTI0154s’12 CALL ME NOW. LYKA RAMIREZ!

  270. ''tong'' says:


    totoo ba to.,? jejeje.,.

    from manny villar foundation your cell (#) had won!
    (php:780,000 + laptop) 2nd price winner from(pccns company)pls send ur name/age/add/work/per dti-ncr permit #7330 s2013. call me now,.! im atty. ( alexis c. tan) thank you,., sana totoo,.jeje

  271. dhang says:

    lagi aqng nkktanggp ng gnyang scam buti mas maurag aq s knla una wala aqng cnsalihang promo pangalawa d aq nauuto ng mga cndikato n yn baka mas magaling p qng mambola s knila hahahaha mananalo k dw tpos ask ng load aq nga walang load loadan q xa hilo k.dpt f nanalo k ung mga charges ibawas n lng db?

  272. janua says:

    Hi I’m januabelle,I just recieved a scam message just this morning 10:06 am saying:Congratulations!
    Last 01/23/2013 ur cell# had won!P650,000+sony laptop frm:(PCCNS)DTI-# 6990 series of 2013 Pls call me now !Im Atty.Miguil G. Lupez….senders phone number is 09163330233…How I wish this could be true HHHHH

  273. Charm says:

    May nag text po sken kanina (CONGRATZ) UR SIMcard # won php 880,000 2nd prize winner draw last night, to claim your prize, pls. call me now! Im MIGUEL A. LOPEZ, per DTI # 5247 series of 2013.

    totoo po ba talaga yan kasi sinanla ko atm ko para jan .. naiiyak na po ako kasi d ko alam kung bakit pinagpalit kop yong work ko jan sana poa matulungan nyo ako..

    worth 5k po ung nagastos ko ngaun…napadalhan ko po xa sa western union ng bali Php.4,670 tapos po bumili din ako ng calling card dq na po alam gagawin ko….help naman po…

    eto po ung cel no. 09305134685

    Raul Puyap yong name na pinadalhan ko…tiga Pasay city

  274. Chard Little says:

    Just received this-

    Congrat’s ur sim#had w0n Php780,000.00 Frm:BSP/PCF (HANDOG PANGKABUHAYAN) To claim Ds.call me now (Atty,FRANCIS C. MIRANDA (BSP)INFO-Head)DTI-NCR# 1723,S’2013;

  275. Chard Little says:

    I sent them this text-

    I reported your number to DTI. They have traced your number through the nearest cell tower- alam nila bahay mo, pre! You’re going to JAIL!

  276. Dan says:

    I received this text message just this morning.Congratz!Ur sim # Won 2nd prize winner Php.780,000 plus 1laptop pls Call Me,Now,I’m Atty:RICA C. PINEDA Audito of Phils,Charity Foundation /DTI,#0065,s 2013.

    This is the cellphone no.0916-979-6281

  277. boomz says:

    I got receive those similar txt msgs, saying that i won, muntik narin akong naniwala i thought totoo. be aware of this number 09099497655: sabi sa text Congratulation! u won 500,000.00 pesos, call me for more info, Im Dir. Mae R. Cuz. DTI#7715, sa anniversary daw ng new pagcor and central bank of the philippines, tapus she send me some MTCN numbers na ang sabi di pa naka activate kailangan daw nag mag send ako ng 6500 para maiactivate ang mga MTCN # sa western union. So i said to myself, it is a scam, people want to get easy money. bakit may mga taong walang takut gumawa ng ganyang gawain, walang konsensya dun sa mga naloko nila. sana magawan ng paraan para madakip ang mga ito. karmahin sana sila, naiinis ako, mapaparusahan sana kayo.

  278. boomz says:

    And she is giving me one name kung saan sya yung mag rereceived ng perang ipapadala ko sana, representative daw Carlo S. Francisco. So sana ma trace ang name na to sa western union. Ayan ang dami na ng mga naloko, kakapiranggut mong pera, na dapat sayo, nakuha pa ng iba. Salamat at di ako naniwala, sa mga nakareceived ng ganitong text, wag na wag po kayong maniwala.

  279. dhyck says:

    putris na si rex c.mendez..madyaw pa galu nyatay da yan sa kanan una…adti kilut…byelbelenen galo sakanan….

    rex mendez…nabubuhay ka d2 sa mundo na walang kaluluwa…

  280. dhyck says:

    from central bank of the phils.malate.metro, maynila Ma’am & Sir ur simcard#won!(php650,000.00) handog pang kabuhayan by: CYNTHIA villar foundation.to claim ur prize call me now!! im atty c. mencez…
    pag xure jud !!!!

  281. hi everyone, i received this morning a txt mssg, it says, Congratulations! Last 02/10/2013 ur cell # had won! (650,000 + sony laptop! from: (PCCNS) DTI #7721S13. claim ur Prize’ Please call me now! I’m Atty. Manuel M. Lopez.

    his number is 09278012357

  282. Len says:

    I had received as well .. This was my 2nd time..ung una Indonesia..this doesn’t only happen in Philippines..it’s world wide..so we need to be more careful..ung una i tried calling them, kahit alm ko na scam..well if u call them they will ask ur acct nbr, ur name..so i had given them wrong name..sbi q,ttoo ba yan? Sbi nla oo, if not kahit report m pa sa pulis..then sbi nla, ok now anung banko branch kba? I didn’t give them ofcourse..i continued cuz i wanna know further, sbi nila anu bangko pnakamalapit jan? Pnta kna dun now pag andun kna tawagan q kame ituturo namin ggwin mo..
    the really wud make sure u get to the bank ASAP.. 

    I went to the police station amd gave them all the details and the nbr i called .. and told them what i was asked to do further… Then i called habang nsa police station ako.. I told them andto n ko sa bangko.. Anyway police officer aq sabay sabi sa kanila .. And i hang up… d na sila nag tex after nun…

    Well if the only way to know if it’s scam is very simple..if it’s a real raffle it shud show GLOBE.. if it shows other nbr means scam na un…  But kht pa galing s GLOBE halimbawa, need prin i confirm mismo sa Globe pra cgurado..  Sure hndi gnun kdali magpanalo ng 2milyon ..

    Well if halimbawang ginawa mo eksaktong gsto nila, habang akala mo trinatransfer nila yung pera , un pala kinukuha na nila yung laman ng pera mo sa bangko..

    Marami sila me gawa nito ..kya d mo kgad mahu2li.. Unless pag tnawgan mo cla ask the police to trace them right away…

    We must let our Children first know about this.. Kc sila ang unang mabbiktima pag d binalaan..

  283. Len says:




  284. ariel says:


  285. analyn says:

    Ako din po naloko naang sabi ” congrats. Ur roam#had won$ 40,,000 in pangkabuhayan handog para sa mga ofw by( ay) alfonso yunchengo fndtn.4 more ifo pls. Cal. 09071925039 rowena guanson

    Tapos tinawagan ko c rowena guanson may binigay sa akin na number ni atty.maria karla sy romero..ang sabi need ko daw magbayad ng 15 k yun daw service charges ng money napanalunan ko sabi ko nman wala akong pera if pwede daw partial muna.. At ang kalahati bayaran ko pag makuha kuna ang pera . Pumayag ako at isend ko daw sa account ni norma b.garcia through western union.. Nung pinadala ko na ang partial fee dun sa charges pina antay po ako ng one hour sa labas ng western union para daw ma activate ang mtc reference no. Ko .at antayin ang txt nya .. Nagtxt sabi kailangn ko daw muna mag bayad ng 20 .000 para daw ma acitvate ko mtc # sabi ko wala akong gnyang kalaking pera pwede daw ulit partial .. Ang number po ni atty maria karla sy romero po ay+639184846495

    Sana po ma trace na sila pra sa amin na nabiktima

  286. Dennis Elias says:

    Please help me, my nag alok kasi sa akin ngayong araw nato na nanalo daw ako ng 780.000.00 pesos. wow naman yaman ko na, bukas daw ipapada nia s western ang pera para makuha ko. pero kaylangan ko daw bumili ng 5 smart prepaid card bukas ng 8am ng umaga tas pag nabili kona daw tatawag daw ako sa kanya para sabihin ang gagawin kasi un daw ang requirments at 3 1×1 ID bring daw PAGCOR ang sabi nya CONGRATULATION! UR SIM # HAD WON P780.000.00 2RD PRIZE WINNER FROM PAGCOR TO CLAIM UR PRIZE PLEASE CALL ME NOW IM ATTY ALEX D. MINDEZ DTI#3640S13. please make some action on this number, 09359082410 thay are taking advance of people everywher,relentlessly handa ako mkipagtulungan mahuli lang ang mga manluluko na ito. para wla ng mabiktima na ibang tao please kaylangan ng action agad.

  287. Dennis Elias says:

    congratulation! sim# had won P780.000.00 2nd prize winner from PAGCOR to claim ur prize please call now! i’m atty. alex d. mindez DTI#3640S13. sana naman po ma actionan agad ito ng wla ng mga tao na maari pa maluko ng mga manlulukong ito.

  288. Dennis Elias says:

    ito kanyang #09359082410 8am usapan namin bukas sana sa mga oras na un mahuli na ito.

  289. Jason Lee says:

    I received yesterday a message from this number 09079838860 informing me that my cellphone number won 500,000 php from New Pagcor & Central Bank of the Philippines Foundation then he asks me to call this number 09482199171. At first i was excited but i was confused thinking how.I’d been searched about this raffle and finally i knew it. They are scammer! I hope it will be a lesson to all. Don’t believe easily to those text messages. You have to search it first. I think we have to import a high tech. devices to be able to sustain our security needs and to prevent this SCAM. We have to unite to stop them. To all candidacy of this coming election we are hoping that you’ll make a step for this problem..

  290. Jason Lee says:

    another clue to detect that they are scammers. They are asking 6 smart buddy prepaid cards worth 300 pesos each. Total 1,800 pesos. After that they are asking you to scratch the back of cards then your going to send the number you will see from it. Guys be careful and alert :)

  291. JERIC says:


  292. Emgee says:

    May natanggap din ako ngayon. 11:06 PM.
    IT says that NOTICE: Your sim# had won 2nd price worth of 850, 000. 00 from WILLIE REVILLAME To claim your price CALL ME NOW ATTY. ARMANDO B. CRUZ. (DTI’NCR’PERMIT#2038 SERIES OF 2013. This is the number 09185211323 . Aksyon please, para wala nang maloko pa.

  293. chloe says:

    OMG!!!! kayo rin
    this morning i got a text saying i won P650,000+sony laptop then i tried texting the person then i checkeed the internet and i found this site and apparently it was a scam ugh!!!!! i hate these bastards i almost fell right into the trap thanx for the warning guys shit i feel screwed damn it

  294. glenbaguio says:

    just received this text (march 25, 2013) “Notice from Puerto Princesa Underground….Congratulations your 11 digit celphone # had won P380k AND 1 UNIT LAPTOP (SONY) through electronic raffle..Look for Sec. BENG CHUA..DTI-NCR PERMIT # 2409 series of 2013…from 09323596716….how true is this…

  295. MARK says:


  296. marj says:

    good day po nka tanggap din akuh ng txt scam…nanalo dw akuh ng 880,000 galing dw sa villar foundation….nag karoon dw sila ng fund raising activies….sim card raffle draw,,sec,JHON DE LIMA DW CYA…..muntik na akuh maniwala.bago kuh matangap ang prize kuh…mag bigay dw muna akuh ng 8,800…

  297. Krizzy says:

    hi, just received also a text message this afternoon (April 7, 2013) from this number 09079992221…

    Ma’am/Sir, congratulation’s ur Sim# Win! Php950,000.00 from: TV ( 5 ) Sponsored by! VILLAR Foundation “HANDOG TULONG AT PABAHAY” Call now 2 Claim ur prize. Im’ Atty Cora B. Acozta info Dept.pER DTI Ncr permit # 3920s”13.,

    How true?

  298. kriz says:

    Congratulations! Last/april/10/13 Ur Cell#.Had Won!.(P750,000+1 LAPTOP).unit Fr0m:(PCCNS COM).DTI-#9102).Series of 2013.PLs Call me Now.I’M Atty:MANUEL A.LOPEZ

    Beware of this scam sms

  299. sam says:

    to report this kind of text scam… call dti hotline or visit their website.. i received also a text scam today using dti#5247 but when i check the promo the sponsor is globe and my number is smart…i want this number to be blocked +639305134685

  300. Juns says:

    H! guys,may nagtxt sa akin sya dw ć atty.edwin lopez, he txt me,that i had won 650,000+laptop Here are d numbers.09165559035+09179552938+09173714910 pls. block these numbers

  301. zenaida sena says:

    April 22,2013 at 08;33am Hi!guys,,kakatxt lang din sakin ngaun…
    Note:FROM BANGKO SENTRAL NG PILIPINAS.UR sim#had won 2nd Prize Php.950,000.00 To claim ur prize call me now Im ATTY.RAMON T. CHAVEZ,DTI#2367s13……yan ang txt sakin plz..ito 09182739849 nya,,plz block these number.

  302. Lisa Kunayon says:

    APRIL 17, 2013
    may nagtxt sa akin sya dw ć atty.atty Rey A. Acosta, he txt me,that i had won Pesos950,000, 2nd Pricze from Phils. Charity Foundation DTI#8298-13. Here is d 09428240011 pls. help to investigate this number and block it if need. Thank you.

  303. adan says:

    Hi I also received a message just a minute ago it says he is Manuel M Lopez , anyone have an idea how we can stop them?

  304. louichi says:

    I received many of this texts. We called them but nothing happend. Where is the scam there? How are this people scamming people then?? Just want to know. Coz people post here only messages and complaints. But what does really happen?

  305. louichi says:

    No one in their right mind would give money to receive their prize money. So no one should be scammed by these people right :) when somethings too good to be true. It usually is :)

  306. Helma says:

    May nag text din sakin sabi nya Congratulations! Last May 14, 2013 u’r mobile# had won! 650,000+Laptop 3rd winner from PCCNS. DTI-PERMIT 3308s2013. Please call me now! I’m Atty. DENNIS MANAL. Sabi pa niya bago ko daw maclaim ang prizes ko kailangan ko daw bumili ng 3 calling card ng globe. sabi bakit calling card. diba pag manalo tayo ng mga raffles hindi naman kailangan ng mga requirements diba. Sabi pa niya God is watching us daw.. Scammer lang naman pala..

  307. damaso says:

    may nagtxt sakin na nanalo daw ako ng850k..(DTI)Permit # 5719’s2013,,

    please contact me#09053523532 so that i know what shall i do

  308. Ecil says:

    I too got a text essage from this cp#09302193811.
    Here’s the Message:
    “CONGRATS’Ur sim# won 2nd prize worth Php950,000.00 fr. CF Inc. w/ Central Bank of the Phils. Call me now! I’m Sec.Jecel M. Chavez, claim Div. DTI-PERMIT#7445″

  309. girshela says:

    hi i also received a message ang sabi nya sya dw c atty Mark Mendez and he txt me nanalo daw ako ng Php (650,000+1 laptop.kailangan ko daw tumawag sa knyah …eh dahil sa khirapan tmawag ako …it’z the bggest mstake ang nagawa ko na patulan syah…….. sana myron mka idea 2 how we can stop them….

  310. toni says:

    hi i also received a message sabi nya sya daw c atty. Carlo V. Reyes.he said that i had won 550,000,3rd winner from PCCNS.DTI-PERMIT 8807s13.eto yung number 09268206290.

  311. Paul says:

    Hi I got this message notice) ur Sim#. Had won worth Php(580,000.00) drw-today 2013 “HANDOG PSLMT, Sen,GRACE POE With (PAGCOR) to ‘Claim,pls.call me now! I’m Sec. Clayd B.Araneta Per. DTI#6642 heres the number 09057696100

  312. tan says:

    (Hi I got this notice) Last June/10/2013 U’r Cell# Had won! 650,000 +Laptop 3rd Winner from: PCCNS DTI#8685,S2013. Please call me now! I’m Atty. Noel V. Diaz Thank You

    Nanalo daw ako Via Electronic Raffle.

    Ito yung binigay nyang address Pedicum tower Ayala avenue Makati City

  313. Rainard says:

    Kanina lang po eh meron kaming natanggap na message na sabi eh si Henry Ochoa daw sya tapos nanalo daw kami ng 2nd prize sa PCSO anniversary tapos pinapatawag kami. Tinawagan nga namin tapos yun nga. May sumagot naman tapos nakikipagusap din ng maayos tapos yung instruction naman nya eh BUMILI NG DALAWANG PREPAID SMART CARDS worth 300 pesos each. tapos isend daw yung PIN sa kanya. pagkatapos daw eh magpadala ng 2,800 pesos para sa pagpapadala ng perang napanalunan namin worth 760,000 pesos. ito yung pangalan ng nanghihingi na charge sa pagpapadala. account nya daw to, Ramon S. Gomez.

  314. deniekg says:

    Ma’am/Sir,Ur Sim#had,won. Php650,000.00 2nd prize winner.’from (P.C.F)PHILLIPINE CHARITY FOUNDATI0N.To claim Ur Prize. Pls Call me now,Atty.Ricky.C.Ermita/DTI PERMIT,N0.0070 s’of,2013. 09177543942 2 un. no. na nagtx.

  315. aldric says:

    Hi!! iisang tao lang cguro sia, this morning nakatanggap ako ng message Ma’am/sir ur sim card # won Php650,000.00 handog pangkabuhayan by: Cyntia Villar Foundation, to claim ur prize call me now I’m Atty. robert A, gonzales frm:BSP,Info dept.per-DTI#0105s2013. Here is the number 09067025171. sana karmahin ka… buti nalang d ako nagpaloko pakilala ko tga gapas lang ako ng palay kaya ang hiningi sa akin load na worth 200.. di pa rin ako bumigay dahil alam ko na scam.. paano nalang yong mga kababayan natin na daling mauto? hay bakit may mga tao pa na ganito…

  316. Mikee says:

    I’ve just received text a message from Atty. Lito A. Santos.

    He said Congratulations! Last 06/23/2013 ur cell# had won! P650,000+SONY laptop from PCCNS
    DTI-# 6990 series of 2013 Pls call me now! Im Atty. Lito A. Santos – #639279074978

  317. dunwanted09 says:

    ma’am/sir, Congrat’s. Ur sim #.had won.(Php850,000.0) HANDOG Pangkabuhayayn Frm: Villar Foundation w/Bangko sentral ng Pilipinas:To Claim Ur Priza, Call me.now.!I’m Sec Rhea D Perez. FRm.(BSP)Info.Dept.DTI permit#6326 s’13>>>>(SCAM)

  318. jennifer says:

    nluko aq ng scam txt na 2.dhl akala q0e 220ng nanalo ang sim q0e dhl sa halos araw2x aq0ng ngloload.at ito ang txt ng manloloko.congratulation’s ur sim# had w0n 2nd prize winner w0rth of php (730.000)sponsored by Willie Revillame to claim pls.call me n0w iM sec.rey tan DTI#6784S13.AT ito ang number nia.090797555777.buti na lng nd aq0e nkpgpadala ng 3500 partial lng daw muna ibgay q0e.dapat daw ang babayaran q0e ay 30k.sav q0e wla aq0e ganyan kalaking per0.sumun0d na hiningi nia is 7k.sav q0e mahrap parin ang ganyan kalaking pera.kea nging 3500 na lng.so ngaun 2mawag aq0e sa mama q0e at dun q0e nlaman na nd pla 220.kea pla sav skn wag daw aq0e maingay at wag q0e daw ipagsasav na nanalo aq0e.pnabili pa aq0e ng smart calling card.sa halagang 1500. ,aq0e na 2ng c tanga bumili.at pgkatp0s pntawag ulit aq0e.hingin nia daw ang pin# ng kuling card kz un daw ang hahanapin sa western.kea nkagastos ng 1500.at take n0te hiniram q0e pa ung 1500 na un ha.

  319. jennifer says:

    kea pla sav nia wag daw aq0e maingay.wag q0e daw muna ipagsav na nanalo aq0e.kz mainit daw sa tao ang pera half a milli0n daw un kea wag daw aq0e maingay. ,halos mgkandarapa aq0e sa pgtakb0 mkabili lng ng smart prepiad kz akala q0e chance q0e n un mkbyad ng utang ngaun q0e lng nalaman na scam lng pala un,d aq0e 2migl sa pgseach ni rey tan at DTI ,bglang gulat q0e ng ito ang mabasa q0e.dami na nbiktima.dpat pg2unan din yan ng pansin ng mga batas.para wlang nbibiktimang ta0.

  320. Paulo Marquez says:

    another text scam dated july 3 from atty. jose n. sulayman DTI#9445,S13, i have won 780k form sen. grace poe, handog pasasalamat. cp no.0927-6431185.

    another one…dated july 20, 2013 that i have won 650k plus 1 laptop from PCCNS COM, Atty. Carlo V. Diaz. cp no.0915-6238972

    All of you scammers FUCK OFF! wala kayong magawa sa buhay nyo!

    for the authorities please do something about this!

  321. Vilma says:

    Hi I also received a scam message which is stated as “Ur simcard # Won!(Php650,000) “HANEP BUHAY” from Cynthia Villar. To claim ur prize pls call me now! i’m ATTY DANIEL A. LAGUNZAD”
    cp number 09302198507
    I search for the name and i found out that the person died last 2010. Tingnan mo naman ang mga walanghiya gumamit pa ng mga pangalan na walang alam sa ginagawa nila.
    DTI pls block cp number 09302198507. Walang karapatan gumamit ng cellphone ang mga iresponsable sa pagamit nito. Salamat

  322. mac lester says:

    may nag txt sakin na nanalo daw ako nang 780,000 ngaung araw galing sa bsp ang pcf nid daw sya sana mahuli natung ganitong scam nag pa kilala daw sayng atty. robert b yap

  323. mac lester says:

    tang inang yan ito sabi sa txt

    CONGRATS ur sim# had won 780k 2nd prize from pcf w/ BSP to claim call me now im ATTY. ROBERT B.YAP of BSP. DTIper# 0065 s’2013

    tinawagan ko kc kala ko totoo loadan ku daw ng 300 ung number nya para ma kuha daw ung trace # ng loc. ko ito number nya 09282607307 tas tinawagan ako ito daw ung privacy number nya 09392289505

  324. dennis perez says:

    last night at 8:28pm, I received the ff txt messages from +639484905082:
    “(Congrats)!Ur SIMcard#won Php880,000.2nd prize winner draw last night.To claim ur prize,pls call me now!I’m Atty.Miguel A. Lopez.,Per DTI#5247series of 2013.”

  325. marivic says:

    i recieve a text a few days ago.. and the message goes like this..saying;
    Congratulations! ma’am/sir, last,08/01/13. u’r SIM# Had won!P650,000+1LAPTOP from:(PCCNS)COM. DTI-#270,S13. CLAIM U’R PRICE please call me now! i’m atty:MATEO A. LACERDA,
    and his phone # is=09173714922

    by the way.. please naman matigil na ang mga scams dito sa pinas kasi po nanloloko sila ng kapwa mahirap.. how dare those people who did such fucking things.. sana naman may magawa ang government about this matter..

  326. marivic says:

    and yeah.. the scamer called up and ASK ME..
    if i have a valid identification.. and i said nothing just my philhealth card and he said that i must buy 4 GLOBE PREPAID CARD WORTH 300PHP EACH.. in a total price of 1200..

  327. Kitty says:

    damn scambags!!!
    I jz got a new roaming number and 3 days later i received a text message saying …
    Notice from Central Bank,ur sim card #won(750,000,00).handog pangkabuhayan pasalamat by Manny Pacquiao.to claim ur prize plz call me now i’m atty;Alfredo Tan DTI permit #0886s2013…his # is 09097390754
    Good thing i search first before responding the scambags!

  328. yena vito says:

    i want to report this person doing scamming 09275292299 named use as Atty.Carlo V. Diaz.hope you will blocked this number.

  329. Jhonny A. says:

    Ma’am/Sir paki block nalang po ung no na to,kc my txt sa akin.

    Notice: To the owner this number.MA’AM/SIR Congratulation!your sim# had won 2nd prize winner
    worth of (Php 700,000.00)Handog Pangkabuhayan FROM:WILLIE REVILLAME.To claim your prize call me now,I’m Atty.Dave N. Santos.

    sana po magawan nyo na block ang number nato baka makapangloko ng mga tao. 09061697740

  330. Missy says:

    paki block po ang number na to at pede pakihanap na sya ngaun din ! wla man kaung magawa marami ng nabiktima ! #09064598439 ayan sya sya c ATTY.CARLO DIAZ ! tinawagan nia ako at pinakiusap sa Teller na Si AGNES SANTOS !!!
    paki cover itong lhat ! kumilos namn kayo !

  331. shaira says:

    Me too
    I received two new messages that says:
    Congratulations!Last!Aug-30-13.Your cell# had won! P650,000 cash + 1 Laptop.3RD Winner from :( PCCNS)COMPANY.Per DTI#3397,S13.Claim your prize!Please call me now!I’m Atty.MIGUEL G. LOPEZ.

    CAN YOU PLEASE BLOCK HIS/HER #+639273653245

  332. aleks says:

    Text Scam:

    (NOTICE> From JOJO M. BINAY U’r SIM#have won
    P500,000.00) 09/09/13 pls.Call Ms. Sand Hy Lacierda, at dis #09128038637 (Auditor of phil.Fund) DTI/NCRprmit#4821

  333. joan mendoza says:

    hi im joan mendoza ive recieved a text message yesterday at exactly 8:16 pm september 11,2013
    .NOTICE : UR sim number had won PHP. 500,000 CASH
    prize from SEN. GRACE POE charity found handog pasalmat with PAGCOR .. to claim call me now im sec . JOSHUA B. TAN DTI#.0244 .

    itong lalakeng ito nanghihingi sakin ng smart buddy call and text card amounting 300 pesos ipadala ko daw sa kanya yung serial number pra maclaim yung prize.. tas pinapapunta nya ako sa mga money changer ktulad ng lbc, CEBUANA,etc. nalaman ko lng na nanloloko lng sya nang tinignan ko sa internet yung name nya.. tyka yung nagbigay ng papremyo. ayun mrami na rin nbiktima. .. nlaman ko SCAM NA PLA TO.. TAKE acTION… for this muntik na kme”

  334. jay mclennon fausto says:

    received this message from cellphone # 09268317345 Notice from Central bank ma’am/sir ur simcard #won (650,000.00).handog pangkabuhayan.Pasalamat by.Manny PACQUIAO. to claim Ur prize call me now i’m sec:ALEX A. CHUA.DTI

  335. jasmin says:

    i just received a text msg. a few minutes ago..

    congrats! ur sim # won Php.950,000.00 2nd prize draw last.sept/13/2013.Pls call me now i’m Sec:Manuel A. Lopez auditor of phils.charity foundation DTI.1344

    here’s the number. 09084316758

  336. congrats! ur sim # . had won (P780,000) thru Electronic Raffle draw Frm: BENIGNO “NOYNOY” AQUINO The 3rD Foundation Bangko Sentral “(Handog ng Pasasalamat) 2013 ., To Claim Ur prize ` Plz Send Ur.

    Rafael Gregorio . 37 Years Old . blk 49 Lot 5 Purok 5 Kawal D-D C-City . Pedicab Driver . And Pls Call Me Now

    Atty. RafaeL B. Rodriguez Frm: BSP Info. Dpt Per DTI NCR Permit No. 1921 Series Of 2013
    Thank You.!

  337. Paul francia says:

    Kahapon may nag txt sa akin na galing di umano kay bobby paquiao na nanalo ang roaming sim ko. At ngayon nka receive ulit ako na last day ko na daw para e claim ang prize worth 2million… Ito yung number nya 09353934000. Akalin mo nanalo sim ko ng hindi ko sinasali sa alin mang promo…

  338. eve says:

    hi …i just received a txt message a few minutes ago same from jasmin…txt message says: Congratulations! Your sim no. had won P 650,000 thru electronic raffle from President Benigno C. Aquino Charity Foundation with Bangko Central ng Pilipinas ” Handog Pangkabuhayan 2013…to claim your prize please call me now. I am Atty. Manuel A. Lopez from BSP info. Dpt. Per DTI #5895 series of 2013…his cel #09359081024

  339. ysb says:

    received this txt msg..”Ma’am/Sir ur sim# had won Php 850.000.00 from villar foundation handog pangkabuhayan to claim your prize call me now I’m sec. Gregory L. Domingo DTI# 6849 s”2013…coming from cel # 09208852375.. tulong po to stop this cell No.. para di na maka pangloko pa..

  340. roland53 says:

    naloko dn kmi 2lad nila,,,at nkatanggap kmi ng txt khapon congrats ur cm # had won php.560,000 frm bsp \pcf (handog pangkabuhayan to claim ds.call m now i’m atty. fred t.ayala (BSP)INFO-HEAD)DTI NCR#0022-13 at naloko kmi dalawa pa ang ngtxt sa amin magkapareho pa kaya nong una duda tlaga kmi at naniwala kmi sa knilang matamis na salita kya hndi kmi mpakali at neresearch nmin sa google at dun nmin nlaman na scam pla un. his cel.#09066619809 at ung isa ay 09276845622 kya mlaking psalamat nmin sa website ng google.sna mpancn man lang ito ng gobyerno pra wla nang mloko.THANK YOU!

  341. Edward Mur says:

    Hi po ako din naka tanggap nang ganitong message sa TM number ko kaso nakapag bigay ako ng info ko but money hindi po. check ko sa DTI-NCR permit kaso invalid po yung mga permit nila. please pm me i need help to clean my name natatakot kasi ako baka gamitin nila yung Info ko para mag scam naman at ako yung ma disgraxa. heto po yung scam nya sa akin:

    I win 450,000 pesos + acer laptop.
    Process nang claim is via palawan pawnshop.
    Requirements po nang remittance para ma recieve ko yung code is i need to buy 500 worth globe prepaid load and txt them the code of the prepaid card for my registration. i found out na nag mamadali sila na makuha yung code kasi kailangan daw agad ma send ko yung code ng prepaid load worth 500pesos para ma claim agad. and they use the name ni god pa para maniwala ako.

    Wag po kau maniwala agad sa mga txt. confirm nyo po sa DTI-NCR permit sales



    thanks po…

  342. Niel says:

    0929 887 98 46
    This number also texted me that I have won P650,000 …. (5 times) 9:55AM to 10:07AM 10/23/2013

  343. Singko says:


    “ur 11digit Sim# Had Won’as 3RD PRIZE Winner. Worth P850,000.00. Via electronic draw! During the’ Phil.Charity foundation’ (PCF)25th
    ANNIVERSARY! DTI-NCR Permit#7869s’2013. Send ur RED Age For More info’s and d’tails!Call now, Ds s Atty. Francis D. Quejano. PCF INCHARGE.”

    May anniversary rin pala ang mga kolokoy! Hindi kaya sa mga loading station nakakakuha ng mga number tong mga scammers na to? Sana hindi.

  344. brent regala says:

    atty rex c. mendez… nangloloko na naman… kawawang pangalan ginagamit nitong hijo deputang gagong walang magawang matino sa buhay kundi maghanap ng maghanap ng maloloko…wag kayong pumatol o maniniwala… sabihin nyo na bahala na siyang kunin ang prize at bigyan nyo siya ng full authorization sa prize…

    walang manloloko kung……
    walang ng papaloko!!!!!

  345. rhea says:

    i just recieved a message like that as well from atty james morales..he sounded like tambay not professional.he doesnt even know how to respond in english..hope this scam will be stopped 09267912378 that’s his phone no.

  346. joel says:

    wala cla kuwenta cla mangloloko c manuel loper lagi humihingi saakin load 800.na ito number nya 0917484353…….

  347. joel says:

    sana matakot kayo kay manager nya c ricardo gonzales cla dalawa c manuel loper….akala ninyo totoo mga sinasabi nila? hindi! nagkakamali kayo dahil mangloloko cla sa mga salita wala kuwenta…..?

  348. jhay says:

    Just received a text scam today November 19, 2013 the text said; Ma’am/sir congrats ur sim# had won! Php860,000.00 as a 2nd prize Electronic Raffle of Philippines Charity Foundation Pamaskong Handog w/BSP Malate Manila call me now! I’m Atty. Fransisco V. Gatchalian BSP incharge info, Dpt DTI NCR Permit #0723…from cp#09161147306

    please take action on this…thanks

  349. Jose Vergara says:

    I just received a message and wrote a letter to the organization concerned:

    To Whom This May Concern,

    I just would like to inform you that I received this phone message from a certain James C. Vadez which is quoted below:

    Congrats!!! Ur Sim # Had won PHPxxx,xxx.xx (2ND PRIZE) Pamaskong handog From: PHILSEVEN FOUNDATION! To claim Ur prize, Call me now I’m, JAMES C. VALSEZ (DTI-NCR# 5009,S’13).

    I did not show the actual amount in the message which I believe is a scam. May I ask if your company is really awarding this amount? May I know also the 1st prize of this Pamaskong Handog? If this is a scam and you want to take a legal action against this person, I am more than willing to cooperate with you in prosecuting this person for using the good name of your company. Your quick response to this query will be very much appreciated.

    Yours truly,

    Mr. José M. Vergara

  350. pheng says:

    i received same text scam 780,000.00 daw and to claim the prize call Atty. Rafael C. Valdez(09198682433)…bakit ang daming manloloko sa mundo mga wlang koncenxa mgpapasko pa naman. I knew it’s a scam dahil yong friend ko nabiktima na nito. Am praying na sana mahuli ang mga taong ito para naman mabawasan mga manloloko sa mundo.

  351. jazmyn says:

    My grandfather received the same text, it said that his sim won 750,000 pesos through Phil. Charity foundation. .
    the number was 639057619286. DTI NO. 73435-13
    He said to call him right away, to receive his prize. It said his name was Atty Rey Gozon. Please can u track this number and put these scammers to jail. Its pretty much,obvious that they are tricking us with their transaction plans and make u send money again and again and again until they have taken all ur money because,we,are all too blind to see the fact that they’re robbing us blind. Please send these freaking scammers to jail and make them suffer. Please, Sana matulungan niyo kaming mga nabibiktima nila.
    pwede din po BA itong report Sa police station?
    I want to help my grandfather, he almost had a heart attack for what he saw in his phone. Thank u.

  352. bigbossman says:

    I received a text message saying that my prepaid SIM no. won P/500,000 from new Pagcor & Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas foundation under DTI promo #4280 series of 2014. The sender’s no. is 0923-6680611 & introduced herself as a certain Ms. Sandy Lacierda. She instructed me to call her at 0912-8038637. What I did instead is replied to the message with the word “Scammer”.

  353. daryl says:

    Nakarecieve di po ng ako text from this number:09068257032

    “Ma’am/Sir, Ur sim#had wo Php.560,000.00 Frm:BSP/PCF (handog pangkabuhayan)To claim ds.Call me now(Atty)JOHN V,DELIMA.(BSP)INFO-Head)DTI-NCR#99596,S’14.”

    just imagine po sa text na ito alam mo na nangloloko lang ang mga hayop na ito.all big letter pa ang name ha.ang kakapal talaga.pweehh

  354. florence says:

    feb.6,2014 at 10:00 am
    nkarecieve dn ako kahapon ng txtmessage from this #09096429487
    congrat’z! ur sim# had won (780,000.0)2nd prize from:(pcf)w/ (bsp) to claim call me now! im robert b. yap.of bsp.dtiper#0065 s’2014.

    magaling talaga ang mga ibang tao anu…cheeeeh

  355. chie says:

    just receive a message early this morning from Philippine Charity Foundation sponsored by: mrs. cynthia villar and just a minute he called me saying they pick-up a cellphone number in globe and say”your number is the luckiest”worth 2,800 must be send for bankcard they ask me if i can collect 3pm this afternoon he will call me again by 3pm. he said i won 590,000 and will be interview by ms. korina sanchez after 2 weeks.please help is this another type of scam?

  356. gigie says:

    I just received a text message this morning from Villar Foundation, a handog pangkabuhayan. Saying your sim# had won 2nd prize winner worth of Php 780,000.00. Thru electronic raffle in globe. the texter’s # is 0927-621-7808 his name is Atty. Ramon C. Maceda from BSP info Dpt.per-DTI#024S’14. They asked me to load this # worth of Php 150.00 and text them back with my name, address, age & occupation.Alam ko na itong kalokohan na ito.

  357. gan says:

    I receive a txt message and it goes with….
    Ma’am/Sir, Ur sim#had won Php.780,000.00 frm:BSP/PCF (Handog Pangkabuhayan) To claim Ds.Call me now(ATTy, RECO C.GONDAGALES(BSP)INFO-Head)DTI-NCR#2780,S’2014.

  358. Gigi says:

    i just received a text message, “CONGRATULATIONS UR SIM HAD WON 550,000 + LAPTOP FROM (PCCNS COMPANY) JUST TXT UR NAME:… ADD:…. AGE: WORK… THEN CALL ME NOW, I’M ATTY MATEO A LACERDA DTI#6399S2014… Ito po ang number nun atty lacerda 09052736428

  359. MLPLS says:

    I received a text message after several hours later when I was in our school, that goes like this, NOTICE: (BANGKO SENTRAL NG PILIPINAS) Congrats Your sim # had won (P780,000) 2nd prize winner, To claim pls call me now, I’m ATTY. REX M. ZAMORA. DTI#4847s’14. I asked if it was real. “Yes off course,” he replied. He used two phone #s: 09309238247 and 09982694049 for texting and calling, respectively.

  360. alvin says:

    Congratulations! Ur sim no.Had won (P950,000) thru electronic raffle draw fr:BINAY Charity foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas “Handog pangkabuhayan”!To Claim ur prize,CALL me now!I’m Atty.NENITA TAN,frm.BSP info.Dpt Per-DTI#3920 series of 2014.

    From mobile number: 09083828941

  361. jon says:

    I receive this txt message siad that:

    1/2(CONGRATS Ur sim # had won (Php 780,000)Pnakbuhayan by. MANNY PACMAN PACGUIAO. Claim ur proze. Call me now…Im Atty. Russel B. Miranda. DTI-NCR permi# 3397,s’14

    Her Mobile Num. 09161166569……

  362. neo says:

    I receive a txt message………………………..Ma’am/Sir Ur simcard #Won(650,000,00).handog pangkabuhayan.Pasalamat by MANNY PACQUIAO.to claim Ur prize call me now im sec. ALEX A, CHUA.DTI permit#0886s2014.

    the number of sender;;09351545214

  363. mhia jhade says:

    I received a text, same as what others have received. Omg..its a very big mistake if u believe in that scam…wanted no.09275280394 09276408071..pls be informed that these two numbers are fake agents..pretending shes atty. Teresa v. palma

  364. Sam says:

    I receive a Text message Congratulations! last 04/06/2014 U’r Cell# Had won! 550.000+Laptaop 3rd winner from: PCCNS DTI-PERMIT 7809s2014.
    Please call me now I’m Miguel G. Gomez. ?????

  365. Gyra says:

    I got this message this morning

    >>CONGRATULATIONS!!!Your number WON 350 thou plus TOYOTA VIOS via electronic last Feb.09,2014.To claim it,please call this#and look for Romeo Cabral of P.I.C.

    From: 0917-646-4679
    I called him and hw wants me to call this person Cathy Mortel with a cellphone number of 09277352683..

  366. Vivian says:

    May tumawag at nagtext din sa akin na nanalo daw ako ng 780.00 with DTI permit 1202 S’2014. Call came from Attorney Clint S. Bernal. This style is a different approach pero parehong modus…na lokohin ang kapwa nila pinoy. He told me to buy 3 calling cards (smart prepaid cards worth 300php). Nakipag-bead ako from 3 down to 1 prepaid card at sabi nya ibabawas na lang sa panalo ko. Huwag ko raw ikuwento kahit kanino kasi marami raw taong maninira at sasabihing lokohan lang. hay naku…ang tao talaga basta kumita di baleng manloko ng kapwa.

  367. kimjoy Arquiola says:

    this contact number 09466729814 said that i have won (650,ooo) from villar foundation he is Mr. Ricardo Gonzales, this person calls me everday,and he also gave another number 639466741623 that is Mr. Erwin to confirm that the promo that they gave me is not a joke…..
    I got this message last week…
    and he said that he’s going to call me again on April 19,2013, and also not to tell anybody that i have won..

    I just need help,, because they encouraged me to believe., because of my family financial problem.
    This is my mobile no: 09085757650
    Pls. mam, sir. text me to help what to do.
    Thank you.

  368. Cris says:

    I don’t reply to these texts, but they’re getting to be annoying. sometimes they text in the middle of the night. Hope DTI can do something about these, I’ve compiled recent scammers:
    +639057789970 +639068524294
    +639162156429 +639355986485
    +639051476730 +639159864469


  370. hindi ngpakilala sa akin ang nakausap kong tao ngtex nlng sya sa roaming ko at eto ang Tinex nya ang name ng bldg po ay BANKO SENTRAL NG PILIPINAS DTO NYO NLNG PO AKO PUNTAHAN SA OPISINA PRA SURE N MAGKKITA TAYO AT IBA PNG STAFF NMIN DITO, (2nd tex nya sakin eto ang address na puntahan nyo opisina po namin 3rd floor , rm.301 harrizon st. malate manila.. complete address po yan ma’am… at eto ang number ng ngtex nyan… ( 63 908 384 9747 ) pls beware!!!!! kadugtong po nito ng reply ko jn sa taas po..

  371. Rica says:

    I got this message this morning. It says:
    Congratulations! Ur sim no. Had Won (Php. 650,000.00) Thru electronic Raffle Frm PRESIDENT BENIGNO C. AQUINO Charity Foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas “Handog pangkabuhayan. to claim ur prize. Plz Call me now!! i’m Atty. RECARDO F. GONZALES. frm. BSP Info. Dept Per-DTI #0432 Series of 2014. +639352540938/ Sent: 05/23/2014 6:13 AM

    Yan po ang message niya sa akin at yun number nya at kylan nya sinend. Para sa iyo “KIMJOY ARQUIOLA” huwag kang patangay sa ganitong panloloko lalo na’t may financial problem ka. Lahat tayo gusto magkapera at may ganito din problema. Pero itong ganitong bagay bigla na lang may magtext sau ay di totoo at niloloko ka lang. Alam mo sa puso mo na di totoo yan. Huwag kang maging bulag o maakit sa ganito dahil yan ay talagang SCAM. Yun lang ang maipapayo ko. Huwag mo na lang pansinin o tawagan o itext mo pa siya at baka matangay ka sa matamis niyang pananalita at lalong lalo na huwag kang makipagkita sa kanya o kaya sabihin nya sau na magpadala ka sa Western Union o kanino man bank account. Dahil isipin mo kung totoo ito, hindi ka dapat magbibigay kahit isang kusing. Sana, makatulong din yun mga nabasa mo dito sa mga “Comment” at maliwanagan ka. Maraming salamat.

  372. Rica says:

    Madali kasing bumili ng bagong sim ngayon. 10 pesos nga lang makakabili ka na ng bagong sim card, (yun maeexpired na at inaalok sa mga bangketa). Kaya yan mga manlolokong tao at nagpapanggap pa na Attorney ay kayang magpalipalit ng sim card o number kaya mga kapatid MAG-INGAT po tayo lagi at huwag paloloko dito sa mga ganitong text na dumarating sa atin. Lahat ng klaseng panloloko ay gagawin ng masasamang tao kumita lang. Lagi pong mag-ingat sa ano mang transaksiyon o sa ganitong Scam kahit di sa text. Sa labas man my maraming lobo o aso na kunwari ay mababait at bobolahin. MAG-INGAT PO TAYO LAGI.

  373. Annie says:

    From:Central Bank.Malate. Metro,Manila. Ma’am/Sir. Ur SimCard No#
    Won! (Php880,000.00) Handog Pangkabuhayan Frm.Pres. BENIGNO C. AQUINO III &CYNTHIA VILLAR FOUNDATI0N.w/PCF.To Claim Ur Prize Pls Call Me Now I’m Atty:FRANCISCO B.GATCHALIAN Frm:BSP.Info DEPT.per-DTI#0105 S’2014.

    (my only concern is please help us na ndi naman kami maloko.. i dont know whether if its fake or not. pero sana naman matulungan niyo kami… i just receive this messages this day i hope naman may magawa na kayo about this..)

  374. johnny F. says:

    Hi, everyone! . I also recieved message in my roaming number today at exactly 12:40PM philippine time. Here it goes like these:
    maam/sir:Ur sim card had won (650,000.00)handog Pangkabuhayan”by:CYNTHIA VILLAR FOUNDATION.w/PCf.To claim ur prize.!Pls.Call me now!!I’m atty: RICARDO F. GONZALES. Frm.BSP Info.Dpt per-DTI#4644 Series of 2014.

    His Cell phone number is +639199207282

    I HOPE nman may magagawa po kayo dto..
    thank you.

  375. rubie says:

    i receive a text message this day lang po talaga June 4, 2014 exactly at 12:47 PM from atty. Alex A. Chua of Villar Foundation daw. In his text message it said Ur sim# had won (php650,000) from villar foundation/during “25 Years anniversary” to claim ur prize plz. call me now i’m Atty. Alex A. Chua. DTI#0432-S14.

    His cellphone number is +639472748581

    sana po magawan na po ng action ang mga ganitong scam po..akalain ba namang pinapamadali pa yung pagpapa load sa number nya pra daw po matawagan nya ung LBC na may ipapadala daw silang ganyan ka laking halaga? how the..tapos sabi pa mgpadala daw ako ng 1,500 pesos para daw sa charge ng pagpapadala nung napanalunan ko?? how pathetic he is..

    he said pa na totoo daw po talaga ang text nya? tssss…

  376. Denden says:

    Hi everyone .i also recieved message in my globe no.

    Maam \sir congrats. Ur mobile #won (780,000,00)2nd prize winner Draw\Last night ! Frm;Villar foundation w\centralBank of the phils. Handog pangkabuhayan .to claim Ur prize!Pls call me now im MPA:BENJAMIN B.ADAZA.DTI -NCR #0699 Series of 2014.

    I hope na may action kayong gagawin .
    thank you..

  377. Rona says:

    So I searched for a certain Atty Rafael B Rodriguez and saw he had been in charge of many raffles conducted by our government institutions, lol.

    Just adding my details so that when people google his name, this may be of help.

    He is now scamming to be a part of Villar foundation, still with the same style, saying I won in a raffle bla bla you know the rest.

    His current mobile # is: 09061407893

    Beware and always be vigilant. ;)

  378. Rocky Jay P. Anota says:

    I just want to know if this is for real.
    I just received a message notification from an unknown number with the message as follows:


  379. kimberly R. Diaz says:

    hi nakatanggap po aq ng txt ngaun ngaun lang he said congratulations you have won 780.00 pesos 2nd prize from grace poe foundation plz call me im atty.armando c tan >>
    eto po ung number nia 09105167883
    at eto po ung number nung manager ng LBc daw 09494773608 sya dw po c don juan carlos araneta>
    nkkhiya pong sabhn peo ndala po aq sa txt nia at ngastusan q po ng 2500… plz inform me

  380. Rafael Baluyot says:

    I also recieved a message last week about winning in the “handog pangkabuhayan for ofw”. I have spoken to the person that is said to be Sec. Ana Canlas. I’m still in contact with her. Will there be anyone who’s willing to help catch them???? I have spoken to her this morning and giving me instructions how to claim the prize of $40,000. Is there anybody who can help???

  381. Joshua Elumbra says:

    naka tangap po ako nito…..

    Congrats! ur sim#won of 2nd Prize!win worth Php.750000+XRM/motor
    call me now! I”m ATTY: Alex LIM
    DTi-ncr PRMT#0527s2014

  382. Natanggap ko po ung message nato noong July 29,2014. at the tme (10:26:13 pm).
    The message like this:


    IyAN po sa itaas ung txt nya!
    .Tinawagan ko po sya nang umaga noong July 30,2014.,at humingi sya nang load sa akin sbi nya tatawagan dw ntin ung Bangko Sentral nang Pilipinas., nagbigay nman ako nang load worth of 100 load., akala ko kc totoo na pinagsasabi nya na maaahon ko na ung pamilya ko sa kahirapan un pla wla nangyari,at sinsabi pa nya na huwag lang muna ako pumasok sa paaralan at huwag kang mag sumbong sa pamilya mo para dw pag owe ko ma sorpresa dw ung pamilya ko sa pag owe ko sa bahay!!! at para dw maaga ko dw matanggap ung pinalonan ko po dw.!at un nanga hndi ko inaasahan nangutang ako nang 3,000.00 sa ate sabeth ko.dhil doon,niloko kopa ate em’z ko.,sabi ko sa ate ko na pang bayad sa exam dhil my exam na kmeng isang subject.,at un pina utang ako ne ate sabeth nang 3,000.00., kc sabi ne atty.Gregory L. Dominggo meron kba jan pera para dw pantransact sa palawan na worth of 2,500.00 dhil sabi dw sa palawan na tinawagan nya nasi miss.Grace Dela Cruz nasa main office of palawan sa maynila na kasabwat nya na pang bayad dw sa transactions sa palawan humiram ka dw sa mga ka kilala mo at khit sino para mkoha mo dw agad-agad ung pera.,un na nga nkahiram ako ky ate sabeth nang 3,000.00,ktapos nang mkahiram kna dw nang pera punta ka sa harap nang smart padala bago ka dw mag padla tumawag ako oh mag txt dw.,at un na nga hndi ko inaasahan nahulog ko ung worth of 2,500.00 na pang bayad sa exam ko,.at pag ktapos ko mahulog ung pera tumawag ka dw olit oh mag txt.,at pinapunta nila ako sa malapit sa palawan para mag hintay after 30mins. .,noong after 30mins na tinawagan ako olit nang atty.Dominggo na un.,nasa palawan na dw ung pera ngunit mag babayad dw tayo nang 5,600.00 para dw sa BIR tax pinapahiram ako olit nang pera hndi ko na pinatulan kc nka recieve ako nang txt message sa ate ko na txt scam dw lang yan.,pero hulina sana mapatawad ako ne ate sa nagawa ko.kasalanan napunta lang sa wala ung pera.,hndi pa po alam nang ate ko na ung pang bayad ko nang exam napunta lang sa wla.ung ate sya ang nag papaaral sa akin sana po te em’z mpatawad nyo po ako te.,na malman mo ito na scam ako. dhil akala ko totoo ang knilang sinasabi un pla ini scam na pla ako hndi po sila na awa sa victim of YOLANDA.ako po ay isang victima nang yolanda sana mahuli po sila at mabalik ung pera ko dahil pang bayad ko po un sa tuition ko po sa paaralan,ako ay isang studyante sa Saint Paul School of Business and Law,sana madakip po sila..!!!
    ITONG MGA TAO NA ITO.:Atty.Gregory L. Dominggo at ang kanyang kasabwat na si miss.Grace Dela Cruz na taga palawan dw po.!

    ITO PO UNG CELL # NE ATTY.DOMINGGO nA GINAMIT sa pa e scam sa akin.unang ginamit sa pag txt sa akin:09994885245.
    ikalawang ginamit:09299536347.
    ikatlong ginamit:09299536327.
    pinaloadan ko pangalawan beses para dw mkontak ung BSP at ung taga palawan 09397980913.
    at ito ponman ung taga palawan miss.Grace Dela Cruz:09473748248.,at ang knyang isang # na ginamit sa pagtawag sa akin:09204777157.

    .PLEASE PO !!!!!para wla nang maluko na ibang tao pa,!!!!

  383. Deby says:

    I received a text message which goes this way: Good Day ! This is Mr Arvin Guzman from DTI office. I would like to remind u of your unclaimed prizes ( TOYOTA VIOS & 350 thou) Pls call me now for clarification. Using this cellphone number 09159197855

  384. bien says:

    Lahat yan narereceive nyo txt from anyone na sila daw ayaw attorney or official ng kung anong office or foundation ay puro FAKE, BOGUS, SWINDLER. Ang TOTOONG raffle draws ay pinapakita sa media at walang anuman dpat kapalit na pera para makuha ang cash prize. Ang dapat mahuli yan mga sindicato na bumibili ng listahan ng contact numbers sa mga reload centers or individual na may access sa maraming contact numbers sa kanilang office. Kumikita sila dyan. Bad karma ang babalik sa inyo manloloko!!!

  385. miles says:

    from: # 09108314507

    congrat’s u’r sim# won! (php 780,000.00)
    from : GMA KAPUSO MILYONARYO handog pangkabuhayan . to claim your price call me now!
    atty. ROBERT B. YAP
    FROm. ( BSP )
    DTI # 0432 series of 2014

  386. 15 Sept. 2015 message received.
    >Ma’am / Sir Congrat’s ur mobile# had won 2nd’Prize Winner worth of Php. (780,000,00) Thousand Pesos frm-(Villar Foundation) Handog Pagkabuhay) to claim ur prize pls call me now I’m sec. bobby C. Lopez. DTI-NCR PERMIT#0660 S’of 2014 thank you!

    Bobby C. Lopez +639122422358
    Atty.Shiela F Mendez special authority releasing order deparment of finance cell no. +63-9289854412.

    Ngayon lang yan a minutes ago ng nakausap ko nasa central bank daw of the Philippines. Sayang hindi ko na trace para malaman ang exactly location nya sa pinas. Hinihingi full name ko, full adress, job Title, bank account number, present job complete adress and my position in the company including my roaming number kong saan sila nag txt.

    I am seeking for your immediate action for this kind of SCAM, hopefully na maresolve and mga isuue nayan…

    Thanks and more power…

  387. mary jane dela cruz says:

    mga tamad mag hanap buhay pati pa naman studyante lolokohin!!!!mga walang utak….mamatay na sana kayong lahat mga halal ang kaluluwa ninyo…..san nyo ba nilagay mga kokote ninyo??????????

  388. freddy6 says:

    just recieved a while ago a scam, here’s his number 09158752619 from sn mig corp daw,,

  389. EmiLy says:

    Hi good evening!
    i just want to ask if you know this person : “Atty. George B. Lim”
    he texted me that i won second prize of their program “handog pangkabuhayan”, “maagang pamasko” ..do they really promote this kind of program now? the prize is worth HALF A MILLION..i dont think so if he was a scammer or not but my problem is that i was convinced by this person and i already sent him money up(7000+) and he’s asking for my cellphone to get the conversations or documents in it about the transactions. i dont know what other purpose he had but i just gave my cellphone to him as part of our agreement but he promised to give it back to me together with the prize that i won when i will send him another cash to be paid for sending the money through SMART PADALA ,, he said that’s the last thing that i have to do or make way so that i could get the prize and the phone at last..
    but for now i never send him the cash yet because im in doubt..i was actually thinking these negatives that will happen..i mean what if he was just lying to me? that all of the transactions that we’re dealing was all a scam?
    pls give me a response about this if this program is really true or not because if not, i would not send him the cash for sending the prize..pls. pls. pls….

  390. SHY says:

    HAI GOOD DAY PO AKO DIN PO AY ISANG BIKTIMA NG KATULAD DIN SA INYO LAST FEW DAY`S SUNDAY SEPT 28,2014.Congats! Ur sim # Wonphp.480,000,00 3rd prize.,4 info txt name/age/add/$ and CALL ME PLZ …I`M LYZA DE CASTRO SEC OF ..Phil charity foundation DTI3 1344,s2014… try ko lng po na magtxt d nagreply po ako ,d ko nman akalain n sumagot sa txt ko ano daw po ang complete name ko ,..hangggang sa dumating na ung puntong sumusunod na ako sa pinapagawa nila ,,.Dumating n ung time na nag simula n akong bumayad ng maliit na halaga ,,na hindi ko na nmalayan palaki n ng palaki ang binabayaran ko…umabot na sa puntong 16,800.00 na ang kailangan kong mabayaran dun na ako kinabahan..na ang sabi ng att. daw kuno makukuha kuna daw ung pera ko pag nakabayad n ako don …naku mabaliw -baliw n ako d kna alam kung ano gagawin ko ….hay grav imbis na wla akong problema sa buhay ko…sarap mag P.I ..WLANG MGA MGAWA SA BUHAY NILA …..

  391. Ruzel says:

    Hai po sa nyo, ako po ay isang biktima ng katulad sa inyo noong oct 14, 2014, sa number na 09092780126 congratz ur sim card won 2nd prize worth 850,000 and flat screen samsung tv from smart telecom Plz call me Im atty Bong C. Yap. Then, muli na namang ng.text sa akin noong oct 26, 2014. Kaya noong linggo Nov 2, 2014 I call the number then parang talaga akong napaniwala at binigyan ko pa siya ng load worth 100 kasi nnghingi sya. Pagkatapos, siya nya kailangan daw ng pera para maipadala yung pera kaya ngpadala ako ng 2000 sa kanila sa pangalan ng kanilang collecting rep na si Fred A. Faustino Jr. with his number 09076874015. Ngtaka talaga ako pgkatapos kasi sabi ng atty yap na taga manila sila. Eeh yung pinadalhan q ay taga davao city pala. Kaya ngduda na aq. Pgkatapos sabi nya nasa BIRdw xa nahold yung pa dw yung prize. Pagkatapos tawagan ko daw ang head manager ng BIR manila na si Mr. Leo Braganza 09103934978. Kaya tinawagan q at pagkatapos naman sabi nya na mgbabayad daw aq ng tax para sa prize 1% nun. So, 8500. Sabi nya kalahati lang daw ang bayaran ko noon s0 mga 4k plus. At tsaka tinakot pa nya ako kapag hindi ko daw inasikaso agad. Lalaki daw yung magiging tax at magiging utang ko daw yun. Peo mas taka talaga ako ng sabihin nya ulit na itong napanalonan mo ay handog ng BSP eh ang sabi ng atty yap sa Smart telecom kaya doon hindi na talaga ako naniwala. Isa lamang akong estudyante at naloko talaga ako. Sana naman po ay matulungan nyo ako na mahuli na yang mga manloloko yang. Naubos ang pera ko sa kanila. Buti na lang talaga hindi ako ngpadala para sa bayad ng tax. At buti na rin nabasa ko itong site na ito. Nagpapasalamat talaga ako sa inyo. Hope na i.block nyo na itong mga numbers. Sana naman makulong na sila. Mga manloloko talaga.

  392. rod says:

    isa po ako sa biktima ng mga demonyong scammers na ya tatlo po sila nong una nagtext si romeo angara sabi nya na2lo daw ako ng 560,000 tapos kaumagahan may tumatawag pag tingin sa cp ko si romeo sinagot ko sya sabi nya punta daw ako sa may smart money padala,,tang ina pumunta naman ako nagpadala ako ng
    pera siguro mga 15,000 thousand lahat yon napaniwala nila ako agad tinanong ko pa sa kasama nya na may pangalang michelle trillio maam totoo ba talaga to? tanong ko kasi ako po ang inaasahan ng mga magulang ko kasi may sakit po sila.sabi ko reply nya oo kaya sikapin mong maclaim ito para matulungan mo sila,,shit,,lalo pa naman akong naniwala ngayon araw pumunta ako dito sa 3nidad para ihulog ko sana ang 8,450 para daw sa pangrelease sa panalo kasi meron na sa western union main office makati pero napaisip ako kaya pumunta ako dito sa computer shop at nakita ko itong mga messages nyo, salamat naman at meron ito thanks god diko pa napadala yong pera,,,mag-ingat po tayo mga kaibigan,,hwag maniwala,, ito po mga nmber nila andres daw 09395098522,09204742816 michelle trillio, romeo angara 09202387069 yan po ingat sa mga nmbr na yan,,

  393. jailene says:

    hey guys. im only sixteen. and someone text me that i won 1 million and a car !! and it was like this .Congratulation! ur cel# won 1M & a brand new car in pamaskong handog frm ABS-CBN foundation to claim ur prize pls call me up now! I’m Henry Lopez Jr. dti ncr#3306s’2014.
    then i call the number and the lady said the requirements is to buy a card smart load 300 pesos. and then i said why do i need that kind of load? its a scam again. then the lady said. why did you call me if you wont believe.
    how can i believe in her ee andameng nag lipanang scammer ngayon .

  394. bhem says:

    ako rin po isa s biktma nan muntikan nrin ako akong mkabli ng simcard. buti nga sbi ng kptid ko iresech ko daw muna sa google kong totoo ito . tama nga po biktima ako .. pnapapunta p ako sa bangko central alam nman ng lhat n hindi basta basta mka2psok doon. sna po mhuli na ang mga gumagawa nito .! ok,lang na nloko ako hindi kayu mka2 takas sa batas ng dios.

  395. elham says:

    hai guys i recieve a messege today from PCCSN. they say that . congrats from (PCCNS) DTI.permit#182s14 U’r cell# Had won P650,000 LAPTOP for our electronic raffle last november 30, 2014. to claim your prize kindly send your complete name, age, address, and work after that U’r sent please call me now Im Atty.Carlo V. Lopez.
    4 time he send a messege.
    this is a kind of scam. 09167634133 , this is the number. but i know that this is not the number of Mr.
    lopez. thank you.

  396. stonn says:

    Mine as well, just received recently scam message from unknown!

    ” Congrats!Ur Sim# Won (Php.650,000) + Flatscreen Samsung Tv Frm.(Coca-Cola.Corp).To Claim Ur Prize.Pls Call Me Now!I’m Atty. Hansen A. Tan. DTI3505 S2014. “

  397. hi guys i receive a message last dec. 16 from CYNTHIA VILLAR FOUNDATION. they say that . congrats from (CYNTHIA VILLAR FOUNDATION) DTI.permit#5719 S14 U’r sim# won P850,000 HANDOG PAMASKO. Call me now I’m Atty. TED TOLENTINO.

    Pls. help me if its true???

  398. ranolfo daygam says:

    hellooo..mga gobyerno cnu ba pudi humuli nitung mga nag text ng mgs hanito..”congratulations!your sim# had won php750,000.00 from:villar foundation.handog pang-kabuhayan.pls. call me now.Atty.Alex L. Tolentino.per DTI # 0328s’2015.”..ito young cel# na ginagamit:+639483162449..katatanggap ko lnag ngayun nyan..hope matigil nyu na yan..

  399. RON says:

    i just receive a text message saying:
    maam?sir congrats, ur mobile# won php. (p780,000) 2nd prize winner from GMA.KAPUSO foundation’s Draw/LAST Night from: cong. MANNY PAQUIAO. 2 claim ur prize! plz call me now i’m atty. felipe l. gozon. DTI-NCR #6657 SERIES OF 2015

    TAS tinawagan ko na sabi nya na kinakailangan load ko daw yong cp# nya(09307485809) ng 300php. bagay na ginawa ko naman. gamitin nya daw na pantawag kay atty. alfredo h. ferrer(09203081256) pagkatapos antay ako 20min. pagkatapos nun sabi nya na call mr. ferrer who is the releasing stuff and cash dpt ng bangko sentral ng pilipinas, bagay na ginawa ko ulit.

    sinabi ni mr. ferrer sa akin na if may 8000k ka na gagamitin for such processing… bagay na pinutol ko na usapan via mobile call.

  400. RON says:

    na check ko pangalan ni atty. alfredo h. ferrer sa internet at wala syang profile as a releasing stuff cash dpt ng bangko sentral ng pilipinas…

    !!!!!God do something for this kind of trap.

  401. Jeckilen says:

    I just received a text scam today at exactly 1:24PM.
    their message was,
    /NOTICE/from GMA KAPUSO FOUNDATION/Ur sim# had won 2nd prize Winner/Php550,000.00/To claim Ur Prize! Pls call This#:09282832645 I’m Atty/Alex A. CHUA/DTI#079s15.

    I hope there must have lesson for them to learn not to fraud others…..

  402. Tim says:

    From: 09068433853

    ur sim # had won 780,000.00 from BSP w/AQUINO found. to claim ur price pls call me now i’m atty. Albert chua.

  403. Diana says:

    I also recieved a text message just this morning saying that our cell number won 580, 000 pesos from this number 09433152381.They said that this is a SAN MIGUEL PROMO. They also required Valid I.D and SMART BUDDY PREPAID CALL CARD WORTH OF 300 pesos 4pcs. I think they will use the id card to get information about the person’s life and the call card to catch another victims using the different numbers of the call cards. SO PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE SCAMMERS! Nakakabwisit po kaya yung mga ganyang klase ng panloloko. At saka sabi pa po siya raw po si Atty. Richard B. Tan. What a nice trick! Tsk! But who FOOL scammer will say his/her name. i THINK THEIR PRIORITY IS MONEY AGAIN. I’m grateful that i saw this reports early.

  404. cathy says:

    Oh my ang dami na palang victim ng scam my action kaya???
    kasi ako din nakareceive ng ganyang message
    sabi, Notice from PCF. Phil. Charity foundation sir/ma’am congratulations! you are lucky awinner for ur cellphone #, as a 2nd prize.You won! (560,000) when the PCF, had a national fund raising activities yesterday, March 11, 2015.Please text your name address. for more information call me, Im, MARILYN B. FAJARDO. PER D.T.I. NCR PERMIT #2631 Series of 2015.

    sana naman maactionan!!!para matigil na ang mga manloloko at sana malaman naman namin kung naactionan. thank you!!!

    ang cp no ng ngtxt sakin ay 09309708777,,
    sana mahuli ang mga taong nasa likod ng maraming scam.

  405. Rebecca says:

    amazing fraudulent….today, I received a text about winning money rewards..Thank God I
    never agreed to pay a transfer fee before he send me a code number.


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