SMS Abuse

iPhone iOS Bug Open to SMS Spoofing

Posted on by Caroline Siñel in SMS Abuse

A hacker, who goes by the name of pod2g, discovered a bug in the iPhone that allows SMS spoofing. This bug allows anyone to send a text message and make it appear as if it came from a friend, your crush, the president, your mom, the lottery, the bank, or any other source. [...]

TigerBot – SMS Controlled Android Malware

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SMS controlled Android malware named, Tigerbot, has been recently uncovered by NQ Mobile Security Research Center, in collaboration with Dr. Xuxian Jiang’s team at North Carolina State University. This malware can record phone calls, send SMS messages, upload the device’s GPS location, and reboot the phone. [...]

Types of Text Scams

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Text scams - everyone has probably received at least one. But they just won't stop. According to the NTC's One-Stop Public Assistance Center (OSPAC), the number of text scams the agency has received has increased to 55% since 2008. That was two years ago when the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) gave us [...]